Ramen Night in Kimono Ken, Blue Bay Walk

It was Friday and payday, I got out early from my office for a mall stroll. My hubby was still busy with his work so off I toured around at Landmark, Glorietta and finally at kitchen wares of SM Makati. I was so tired and hungry when my hubby fetched me. Spaghetti and ice tea are enough to sustain the grumbling sound in my tummy. But since he was hungry too, he told me to spend our Friday night at Blue Bay Walk.

we are ramen lovers

we are ramen lovers

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Birthday Fun at Ternate Beach Resort, Ternate Cavite

For my daughter’s 10th birthday celebration, we opted to go back to Katungkulan Beach Resort (formerly known as Cavite de Boracay) in Ternate, Cavite for another water fun adventure. Unfortunately, it was closed due to week-long training of the marines. Our Plan B was in Ternate Beach Resort, the nearest resort known for its budget rate and accessibility.

another water fun for Shen's 10th birthday

another water fun for Shen’s 10th birthday

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Pit Stop at Mountain Brew Coffee Shop, Ternate, Cavite

There are many coffee shops sprouting like mushrooms around the country. Whenever we are in a family getaway, my hubby being a coffee lover will sure to chill out once he spotted a unique coffee shop along the way. We will drop by to sit a while and sip the usual mocha frappe or iced latte.

nice place to chill out

nice place to chill out

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Moonlight Resort in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

When my sister abroad went home for a one-month vacation with her family, she told me we will have a family beach getaway. My brother who is based in Singapore came home too for a five-day vacation. This is indeed an exciting reunion with my siblings especially with my sister who got so busy with her work since they migrated to California for almost three years now.

grainy sand makes the water clear... that is in  Laiya in San Juan, Batangas

grainy sand makes the water clear… that is in Laiya in San Juan, Batangas

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Walking and Chilling Around in La Trinidad, Benguet

In haste to reach Benguet in 5-hour trip only, we left Pasay City around 5:00AM. My hubby and my son were on alternate drive. Thanks to NLEX, SLEX and TPLEX for making our trip fast.

The view of the grassy hill and the start of cool temperature served an appetizer for a fresh meal of amazing scenery ahead of us as we were approaching Baguio City.

Benguet's mountain top

Benguet’s mountain top

I thank Noel, my brother in law for inviting us again to stay in his apartelle in Ambiong, La Trinidad, Benguet. To cool down, relax, be invigorated, and again, to visit Baguio’s famous tourist spots. 

If it’s not for my work, I should have stayed longer there like my sister, my Mama, my daughter, my niece Rion and Noel. They already spent more than a week chilling around in the coolest place in the country. This was part of my sister’s refreshing vacation coming from California with her family.

Our lunch was full of veggies. My mom cooked chopsuey with cauliflower, carrots, young corn, cabbages and Baguio beans. With banana and watermelon for dessert. All fresh. Thank you Lord for the healthy lunch.

it's Pao's moment

it’s Pao’s moment chillin’ around 

After our hearty meal and a happy conversation, everyone took comfort finding each place to settle for the afternoon rest. Then it rained. It stopped. And it rained again. My Mama was sitting near the window with her feet in one chair reading my favorite Nancy Drew pocketbook. My hubby and Pao slept to the room. My sister was watching tv. Our two little girls were playing with their dolls.

my hubby chillin' around

my hubby was chillin’ around too

I found my serene moment in the balcony. The view I was looking was a farm with verdant vegetation and lots of pine trees. The weather was so cool and so refreshing. This is indeed a perfect day to relax, a respite from the hustle and bustle of city life.

the view in our window

the view in our window

Relax. This was I guess the last word I uttered before I doze off.

Rain totally stopped by 4 pm. Wearing sweatshirt and cap, me, my hubby and Pao went for a walk nearby.

Our hands were in our pockets as we strolled uphill. This was our first time to be here and it was so nice looking at pine trees everywhere. I would have thought we were in the middle of a virgin forest if not for the concrete road.

me and pine trees

me and pine trees

Benguet is ringed by green valleys and rolling hills. This is what I missed here, its natural beauty and its cool temperature. It never fails to impress me.

But we were surprised to see more houses erected on mountain tops, almost dominating the beautiful landscape. Development is relentless. It was crowded now compared the last time we visited Benguet.

Anyway, this should not dampen my mood. Today, I want to cherish the refreshing breeze of Benguet which I was deprived of this blessing in Manila.

We continued walking and stopped to the highest part of the hill. Our stroll is definitely worth the view. I was delighted seeing fleeting white clouds hugging defensively the pine trees. It heals a weary soul. The stressed out city girl like me was standing there and quietly staring at the view.

Savoring and embracing nature’s finest gift.

Dinner came. Fresh veggies were again served on the table. No crispy and deep fried viands. It was a healthy food. Good for our bodies.

Fresh vegetables, fresh fruits, cool climate. How I love Benguet so much.

After another hearty meal, we went to the balcony. We sat in a mono-block chair swapping stories. The night was so cold and so quiet. There’s enough solitude to contemplate on many things.

Retreating to bed early happens only every time we are in a provincial visit. My buddies were sleeping now, snuggling against the warmth of the blanket. No electric fan, no air-con, all windows were closed. It was soooo cold. The night owl me was the last one to surrender. Thanks to the lizards crawling in the attic, it helped my eyes from drooping fast to sleep.

Good night chilly Benguet!