Hanging Bridge and Balete Tree: Part 5 Baler Trip

Our Baler trip is about to end, but wait! There are still two more scenic spots to conquer! The Hanging Bridge and the Balete Millennium Tree.

Hanging Bridge┬áis located in Sitio Zabali and connects Barangay Tibang and Barangay Sabang. The bridge is actually built for the use of the locals and not intended for tourism. But since the bridge was set in a place visually spectacular, it gained popularity. It is now one of Baler’s famed tourist attractions frequented by visitors.

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Bebel’le Beach Resort in Sabang Beach and Caunayan Falls: Part 2 Baler Tour

After a seven-hour travel time from Manila to Baler, an exciting city tour, and a heavy lunch at Chef Jerry’s Picnic Buffet Restaurant, we now headed to Bebel’le Beach Resort to check-in and to rest for an hour or two before we engage to water fun.

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Hello there Baler-City Tour: Part 1 Baler Trip

When we speak of Baler, surfing initially comes to one’s mind. Right?

Baler, the once sleepy municipality now emerges as one of the top surfing spots in the Philippines. This provincial capital of Aurora which is oftentimes mistaken as part of Quezon Province is not only all about endless surfing in Sabang Beach. It has unspoiled waterfalls, dramatic rock formations, creamy white-sand, and buffeting waves… surely Baler is worth a place to explore!

hello there Baler!

hello there Baler!

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