Dingalan, Aurora: A Fun-Filled Day of Adventure

Packed with exciting adventure and with a beautiful landscape teeming with life, Dingalan in the province of Aurora is an ideal spot for travelers and adventure buffs! So aside from the popular surfing spot in Baler, try considering Dingalan in your bucket list and immerse yourselves in its natural wonders from the rugged cliff, beach, waterfalls, rock formations and caves.


the beautiful landscape of Mountain View

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Ternate Beach Resort, Ternate Cavite

For my daughter’s 10th birthday celebration, we opted to go back to Katungkulan Beach Resort (formerly known as Cavite de Boracay) in Ternate, Cavite for another water fun adventure. Unfortunately, it was closed due to week-long training of the marines. Our Plan B was in Ternate Beach Resort, the nearest resort known for its budget rate and accessibility.

another water fun for Shen's 10th birthday

another water fun for Shen’s 10th birthday

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Pit Stop at Mountain Brew Coffee Shop, Ternate, Cavite

There are many coffee shops sprouting like mushrooms around the country. Whenever we are in a family getaway, my hubby being a coffee lover will sure to chill out once he spotted a unique coffee shop along the way. We will drop by to sit a while and sip the usual mocha frappe or iced latte.

nice place to chill out

nice place to chill out

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The new Kaybiang Tunnel in Maragondon, Cavite

If it was not the headline in Philippine Daily Inquirer in 2013 I would not known Kaybiang Tunnel.  I was hooked reading the article that tackled about the opening of the 300-meter tunnel, part of the 6-kilometer road that connects Ternate to Nasugbu, Batangas. Quite impressive right?


Kaybiang Tunnel shorten time trip for at least one hour

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You’ll be surprised not seeing anymore the signage Boracay de Cavite Beach Resort  because it is now Katungkulan Beach Resort.  It is located in General Lim Marine Base in Calumpang, Sapang 1, Ternate, Cavite.  A three-hour drive from Manila passing Cavitex (Cavite Express).


the signage

It’s my birthday today. My hubby wanted us to go to Batangas or Subic for a swim but I told him that I’m in a tight budget so I preferred to hang out in a nearby beach in Cavite. I was told that there was no such pristine white sand beach here, but when we saw pictures of Katungkulan Beach Resort, we found a place to go.

sand wasn’t that white but it was fine

We were all 14 so we squeezed in a 22-seater jeep which we hired for P3,000.  Good for my hubby, he could relax for he is out to drive our van for the day. We passed towns of Kawit, Tanza and Naic.  From the town of Ternate, it took us thirty minutes more passing the scenic view of green scenery and hilly mountains, Pico de Loro and Puerto Azul.

the green scenery along the way

As I pay for the entrance fee (P100) at the main gate, the kids including my hubby hopped out from the jeepney and enjoyed watching the little monkey in the roof.  Quite amazed of this little creature.hehehe.


they were curious of the monkey on the roof

Children six years old and below are free of charge.  I asked the two officers (one was in uniform) if I could get a discount since it’s my birthday.  They both cracked a joke and surprisingly, they excluded me from paying my share and even parking fee was free! I thank them gladly for their kindness. 

It was two kilometers more reaching the resort.

Seeing a training camp in Katungkulan Beach Resort, their quarters, their uniforms, the trainees and the marines in person sent my spine a feeling of heroism, indeed it was an unusual experience. I only saw these things in movies. Now, it’s for real.

The resort was a small cove. The sand wasn’t white as seen on pictures, it was gray, but with very fine texture. It was comparable to the sand of  Munting Buhangin in Nasugbu, Batangas. Walking barefooted in the sand was very relaxing. We immediately took a beachfront cottage for P350. A young military trainee collected our payment and he issued official receipt afterwards.


cottages in the beachfront

Little kids, Shen, Magnus and Ax hastily run to the water and swim. Waves were buffeting on the shore the time we arrived. It was an overcast morning, praying for the clouds to go away so we can enjoy our water fun.


water activity is what these kids love to play

My hubby, Choy, Lyn and Mama were busy on grilling activity.  Gi and I were busy preparing our food in the table. The teens, Pao, Miko, Pol and Isha joined the kids. Later, I took my cam and had my favorite photo session. This is my favorite scenic spot. See?

the beautiful cove

There is one cottage with videoke (for a fee) but it was packed by singing enthusiasts. Since it was impossible for us to sing out loud (the biritera way) we explored the right side of the resort where we saw marines in an actual water training. We watched excitedly a “live action shoot”.

Shortly after, we walked farther and saw the fan-room area. The sand was finer in this area. Few more walks and we were free from the noisy crowd. We reached the best spot for communing with nature. The tranquility was so defined in here.


the jolly teens rolling in the sand

We stood in a big rock, watched the waves, smelled the fresh scent of the sea and embraced the serenity. Oh, it was a stress-free day! Time to chill and relax.

As we went back to our cottage, we passed by the marines taking rest after their training. Seeing the opportunity, I approached one of them and asked if we could have a photo with them. The officer smiled and gladly said yes. Armed with their armalite rifles, we were all behaved as we captured our memories with these kind-hearted marines. We graciously thanked them for this memorable photograph.

bonding time with the young marines

Lunch was heavy. Later the gray clouds bid good-bye and the sun came out shining.  We all waded in the water.  It was so good to swim because there were no hard rocks on the sea floor not even jellyfish! Daddy, Pao and Shen enjoyed swimming with the waves.  Miko, Isha and Pao knew now the back float stroke. And yours truly learned more the free style stroke. Credit to my hubby for his patience in training me.


the kids want to stay more but we have to go home now

1)     The resort is open for the public.  Everyone could go inside without any marine relative.
2)     There is no canteen here. Only a small store which sells basic goods like, biscuit, bread, soft-drinks, coffee, toiletry items and souvenir goodies.
3)    They do sell liquors and ice too.
4)    Grilling rods are few so it’s best to bring your own.
5)    There is no sink to wash plates and utensils but you can use the faucets near the public shower (near the store) .
6)     No public transportation. It is recommended to bring your own car.
7)     There are vans or tricycles for hire in Ternate town.
8)     Pets are allowed inside.
9)     No corkage fee for foods and drinks.
10)   Tent pinching is allowed.

my souvenir of Katungkulan Beach Resort


  • Entrance Fee:    Day – P100/Overnight – P200
  • Cottage with Roof – P350
  • Table and bench – P250
  • Fan Room with private bathroom – Day – P750 / Overnight – P1,500 (good for 4 to 5 persons)
  • Parking fee – Motorcycle – P10 – day tour, P20 – overnight / For van – P50-day tour, P100-overnight

Contact numbers:  09054613766 and 09167336307

In getting there through Public Transportation:

Take a bus ride going to Ternate town through Saulog Bus in Coastall Mall along NAIA Road.  Then ride a tricycle with fare around P75 per head, maximum of 3 passengers and tell the driver to drop you to the resort.  Since there’s no public transportation here, better ask the driver to fetch you back to the terminal with fare of P100/head .