South Batan Tour in Batanes: 19 Awesome Places to Explore

My tour of Batanes was a far cry from my previous trips to the different places in my country. It lags so much behind the modernization that it does not have luxurious hotels and huge shopping malls to boast. But while it is devoid of modern amenities, the island province emanates charm that soothes, mesmerizes and captivates. Now, that we are in our last leg of our tour, we will savor every minute to feast on other breathtaking sights and to capture memorable memories. 


Marlboro Hills is the most stunning scenic spot in South Batan

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Sabtang Island, Batanes: Exploring its Captivating Beauty

From the boundless hills, green valleys, jugged cliffs, lighthouse, century-old stones houses, Sabtang Island serves up half-day tour of breathtaking scenery, heart-warming road adventure, and surreal feeling of getting back to the glorious olden times.


the stunning green and verdant terrain of Chamantad-Tinan View Point

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North Batan Tour in Batanes: Stunning Places to Explore

We were in high spirits as we started exploring the North Batan, the prelude in our Batanes tour. Prior to this trip, I just could not contain the excitement that I had several sleepless nights imagining our close encounter with the rolling hills, the well-manicured grasses, the vast expansive view of the sea, and the lighthouses. I prayed that our three-day stay in the island province will promise a very memorable escapade considering our month of visit is January, a month where rain frequents Batanes.

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Batanes: 3-day and 2-night Itinerary, Travel guide and Tips

It is bliss beyond description to see a panorama of the rolling hills, rugged coastlines, undulating terrain, and the overwhelming pristine beauty and cool and green surroundings. That’s how I felt when I set foot in Batanes. Dubbed as “Nature’s Playground”, this island province located in the northernmost part of the country affords a natural endowment that will torment you once you bid good-bye to her.

falling in love with the Breathtaking Batanes

falling in love with the Breathtaking Batanes

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