Lunch time at Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant, SM Mall of Asia

It was an ordinary day but special to me because my son will treat me for lunch at SM Mall of Asia. Coming from their office in Greenhills for an office errand, Pao fetched me in my workplace by noontime. We were both craving ramen and so we looked for a Japanese restaurant from the North to South Wing of SM Moa. After a lot of walking, finally, we stumbled at Yayoi Japanese Teishoku Restaurant or simply, YAYOI.

Yummy treat by my son

Yummy treat by my son

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Minor Climb No. 7: Mt. Batulao

Mt. Batulao is one of the few mountains that are already famous for climbers way back then. It stands at 811 meters with the difficulty of 4/9. It is a minor climb and will take two to four hours to reach the summit. As you walk on the open trail you will be awed to see the stunning scenery of rolling slopes, natural landscapes, and picturesque views of Batangas.


after seven months of rest due to my surgery, I am back to one of my favorite activities

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Being a kid again at Gingerbread House in Alfonso, Cavite

The location of Gingerbread House in Alfonso, Cavite was conceptualized on the story of the siblings Hansel and Gretel who got lost in the woods and later discovered the large cottage made of gingerbread, cakes, and candy owned by a cannibalistic witch.


it was a huge, colorful and beautiful Gingerbread House

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My fast and one-day solo trip in Baguio City

This is my 6th visit to Baguio City. I was tasked by my brother-in-law who is now based in California for some important errand in his hometown. I was so excited for I will be trekking Mt. Ulap with Mang Daniel, my contact trail guide after this is done. Unfortunately, during the night of my trip, he informed me that Mt. Ulap is closed due to approaching typhoon. It was just fine because when I arrived at the bus terminal by 5:00 am, there was a downpour and it was so cold, not perfect for my first solo female hike.


Her name is Star, a gentle and tame St. Bernard dog

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Subic Beach, Juag Lagoon & Tikling Island: Matnog, Sorsogon Travel Guide

Our country, a fascinating archipelago endowed with 7,107 island wonders is truly blessed with the best-kept tourist attractions. Wherever you go, you will discover lots of places to explore that will surely captivate the wanderlust in you. For this summer, we are off on a two-day’s jaunt in Matnog in Sorsogon, to see its rare pinkish sand beaches, and get lost to another pristine paradise island!

Good morning beautiful Subic Beach! :) :) :)

Good morning beautiful Subic Beach!

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Ilocos Norte Adventure: Part 4 – Bangui Windmills and Pagudpud Beach Escapade

Can’t hide my excitement while we were on our way to Bangui Windmills, the prominent trademark of Ilocos Norte. I was here five years ago with my former colleagues, awed and astonished looking at the swirling giants stood firmly like a military army protecting its base. Now I am back with my family and our favorite travel buddies, Froi, Marie, and Abu.

The group

The group

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Paguriran Lake: In My Little Conquer

The nestled lagoon in the middle of an island, a natural sanctuary for giant seafaring turtles, fills with saltwater during high tide.

This was the caption of the March to April 2007 page of PNOC’s (Philippine National Oil Company) calendar with their theme, “Our Undiscovered Country” with the stunning picture of Paguriran Lake in Bacon, Sorsogon. Imagine an enclosed lagoon in the middle of an island? I jotted it down in my brown notebook and vowed to visit it in the future. Below the main picture were small pictures of Vera Falls which I visited last year (so thankful) and the other was Naghaso Boiling Lake (next target to explore), both are found in my humble hometown Albay.


The scenic view atop the jagged rocks

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Kawa-Kawa Hill Natural Park: Rejuvenate Yourself with Natural Wonder

Kawa-Kawa Hill is a 236-meter hill located in California Village, Barangay Tuburan in Ligao City. The hill got its name from “kawa” a local dialect that means a native cauldron. That wonderful shape could be seen upon reaching the crater through walking in a well-paved walkway and passing the five trails of Stations of the Cross.

The amazing Kawa Kawa Hill as seen from the vantage point

The amazing Kawa-Kawa Hill as seen from the vantage point

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Going Back to Villa Sulit at Baryo Hugom, San Juan, Batangas

Panagbenga Festival or swimming in a beach resort? “Swimming!” Pao chose the latter eagerly. Our son is not a finicky lad, he doesn’t care if it’s a black or white sand beach as long as we are all together in a family getaway, that would be it. And so for his 14th birthday, we will go back to Villa Sulit in Baryo Hugom in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas. Cheap resort but with clear water and breathtaking view.


Stepping atop this awesome big rock will bring you closer to nature and this is the reason why we went back to Villa Sulit

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Willy’s Rock: Boracay’s Most Photographed Spot

For our last day in Boracay, we woke up so early to visit the most photographed spot, Willy’s Rock. I coerced my hubby and our kids to visit this early morning as it is at its best for a memorable photo shoot. We will never leave Boracay without a picture with the famous iconic symbol of the island.

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