Singapore Trip 2017: Part 1 – My Second Visit

I’ve been to five countries in Asia and so far, the best among them is Singapore when it comes to cleanliness, safety, efficient transport system, environment (pleasant and smoke-free) and language (English as a common language). It simply amazed me how a small country, a once hinterland and lacking natural resources had progressed rapidly. Their jaw-dropping man-made attractions, grand buildings and luxury shopping malls attracted an influx of tourists from around the world. With that, I’m so excited in getting back to the “Lion Country”.


the towering Supertrees in vivid and colorful lights at night

This is my second time traveling solo outside the country. As much as I wanted my family to travel with me, they simply can’t. My hubby was so busy with various projects in his company and my children did not want to be absent from school. Since Singapore is so safe for female solo travelers, I braved this trip and made sure that this is another record-breaking adventure like I did in Hong Kong and Macau!


I’m so excited about getting back to Lion Country with more adventures this time

Singapore is surging with great places to explore. This time, I wanted to see and visit places I had never been to. I will be staying for five days in my brother’s flat which is few distances away from the MRT Station. This saves a lot in my budget. Hotels are quite expensive in Singapore but if you are on a budget there are homestays, apartments, and rooms ranging from P1,500 to P5,000 depending upon your choice of accommodation. 

Stored Value Card

Since I was solo, I’m the boss of my itinerary. I made a keen study of the transportation which I found it now easy as 123. My brother gave me a stored-value card, the NETS Flashpay card loaded with cash that I will be using in MRT, LRT, buses, and grocery stores. EZ-Link is the other card but with limited retail stores to purchase.


I will be using this NETS Flashpay card in public transportation and grocery stores

Promo Fare

Plane fare going to Singapore is quite expensive but I booked in advance a two-way fare via Jetstar Asia for only P6,000. This is another savings for me. Though it was a low-cost airline from Australia I never get scared during series of strong turbulence. Captain announced ahead of time the expected turbulence. Coming from a good experience I won’t hesitate to fly with them again in my future travels. And one good thing is, the seat width in the restroom is wider so the comfort level is better. 


approaching Singapore

Changi Airport Singapore

It was so amazing to set foot again in Changi Airport which is in its 5th year as World’s Best Airport according to Skytrax World Airport Survey. The airport continues to innovate and expands its facilities for customers thus making the travel experience relaxing and memorable.


the lush green in Changi Airport

Like what I described in my first visit to Singapore, Changi Airport is by itself a wonderful universe to explore. I suggest this should be included in the itinerary to have a better view of the exciting attractions inside the airport. But since I was running out of time, I decided to explore the airport on my last day. For now, I will savor its beauty and elegance beginning from walking at the impressive carpet down to the walkway at Terminal 1.

Changi Airport has breathtaking interiors. And despite the state-of-the-art architecture, the airport has a surreal tropical setting that will bring you closer to nature.

What I enjoyed much this time is watching the moving sculpture, the Kinetic Rain which I did not pay much attention to before. The copper-plated aluminum raindrops weighing 180 grams are suspended by a thin wire where computer-controlled motors are attached.


The Kinetic Rain is one of the exciting attractions to watch in Terminal 1

I was mesmerized watching the glossy raindrops as they floated and moved slowly up and down. I felt the world had stopped from moving. It took me several minutes standing there amazed by this beautiful sight.

Another attraction I passed by at Terminal 1 was the Social Tree towering at almost nine meters tall. One can share and save their photos and videos to any of the eight touchscreen photo booths. If you want to be part of Changi Airport history, go share your photos there. You may retrieve it in your future visits.


Social Tree is an interactive technology allowing travelers to save and share their photos and retrieve them on their next visit

Internet Connection

Free WiFi service is available both in public and transit areas in the airport. For a hassle and fast service in getting the password of free WiFi service, I headed to the information counter and presented my passport. In an instant, I was given a print-out password. I now had an internet connection which is consumable for three hours. I immediately informed my brother upon my arrival because he will fetch me as he had promised.


printed password upon presenting the passport to Information Counter

Aside from the counters, some chose to obtain the password from the WiFi kiosks located across the terminals and gate-hold rooms with three-hour access to the internet. In Changi Airport it is so easy to stay connected as there are more than 400 internet stations available to enjoy the free WiFi service. This is another thing I like here.

On my way to immigration, I passed by several stores and boutiques offering luxury goods and necessities. But I was not into shopping, I just let enjoyed my eyes feasting on beautiful bags and shoes.


Then I proceeded to the immigration after filing up the embarkation form. I grabbed a map and headed to the arrival area. I was already famished so I took a seat and ate my packed lunch. My brother arrived at 4:00 pm. I was so happy seeing him again and felt so proud because he has a very good job in this country. He is a manager in a Business Consulting and IT Solutions company.

It was my brother’s off from his work today. Since this is his free time and his wife Lyn is at work, he volunteered to stroll around with me.

As per my itinerary, I will visit Flower Dome and Cloud Forest in Gardens by the Bay on my first day. But it was almost 5:00 pm and I do not want to indulge in a rush visit so I decided to move it to Sunday. Instead, I will visit temples and mosques in Telok Ayer and Chinatown.

I can’t hide my excitement as we set off to the MRT station. My mind was thinking of the authentic food, places that I should explore alone, and the thrill of visiting Pulau Ubin, Singapore’s last frontier. Can’t wait for another unforgettable trip!

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