Subic Beach, Juag Lagoon & Tikling Island: Matnog, Sorsogon Travel Guide

Our country, a fascinating archipelago endowed with 7,107 island wonders is truly blessed with the best-kept tourist attractions. Wherever you go, you will discover lots of places to explore and captivate you. For this summer, we had the opportunity to set foot to Matnog in Sorsogon to see its rare pinkish sand beaches and get lost to another paradise island!

Good morning beautiful Subic Beach! :) :) :)

Good morning beautiful Subic Beach!

A bit of Trivia

Matnog comes from the word “matonog” which means easily audible or heard, referring to the sound of the wave. Matnog is situated at the southernmost tip of the Bicol Peninsula. It is Luzon’s gateway to Visayas and Mindanao.

The trip

Going to Matnog can be agonizing especially to those who are not used to a long road trip for it will take fifteen to sixteen hours plus the 25-minute boat ride. Some favor this claiming it is part of the adventure. But others prefer to fly on an airplane to lessen travel time.


me, my Mama dear, Tita Glo and Shen into another adventure…

Since our vacation was settled two months prior to our trip, we did not avail of the airfare promo going to Legazpi City. So we took the long journey in getting to Matnog.

Our contact boat owner is Kuya Eddie was busy campaigning for kagawad so we were fetched by his boatmen Angking and Donnie.


the sand with pinkish hues

During the boat ride, the promise of good weather, the gentle sea breeze, and the sight of a glistening shore of Subic Beach whisked off everything. A refreshing treat, more than enough for the time and effort we endeavored in getting here.

Our Room

I was confident that we can get a room even without reservation because the Lenten season had already passed. But when we reached Subic beach, there is no available room for the four of us. Fortunately, we got the last air-conditioned room at Kuya Boy Beach Resort being managed by Katherine. It has one double bed with an extra mattress and one table for food and water.


It wasn’t a typical comfy room because it has no comfort room but nonetheless, it is okay for us since it is near the owner’s sari-sari store and the plus factor, it is in a beachfront. The comfort room is at the back. Rate – P2,300.

It was a scorching summer and since we came from a long trip we rested until we can bear the afternoon heat. By 4:00 pm, we started our beach escapade.


Subic Beach was known for its pinkish sand and so we were excited to see it personally. When we held the grains, it was creamy white with particles of red color coming from crushed red organ pipe corals. The sand was very fine and the turquoise water was so clear that you may see the sea bed as it gets easily deep. Wading on the water was so refreshing because it was pristine clear. But there were crushed corals on the sea bed. It is advised to wear aqua shoes.


approaching the glistening shores of Subic Daco (Subic Big Beach)

Subic Beach is composed of two parts, one is Subic Dako (the Big Subic Beach) and Subic Saday (the Small Subic Beach). Subic Dako is more popular that’s why it is more frequented by visitors. As such, it is crowded and noisy. If you want to enjoy the island with serene feel then Subic Saday is for you.


the fine texture of creamy white sand with red particles coming from red organ pipe corals

Since the sweltering month of April had passed, the wide and long shoreline wasn’t packed by people anymore. It was so nice to take a long walk. It was so peaceful, more than enough relieving oneself from stress and anxieties.


There are no restaurants and carinderias in Subic Beach. To sustain our dinner and breakfast, we bought rice, canned goods, bread, fruits, and mineral water in a store near the port.


ready now to wade on the water

After a refreshing swim, we cooked our rice early using Katherine’s rice cooker and she let us borrowed plates, spoon, and fork. We ate our dinner in their open cottage. After eating and tidying up the table, we savored the night time solitude with laughing and swapping stories. Later, Shen and I sat on the shore and enjoyed star gazing.

Mornings in Sorsogon

We woke up early to catch the sunrise. I just couldn’t get enough of the beautiful morning along the shore. It was peaceful and so calm. After having a fill of the sunrise photos, we took a long quiet walk along the shore. Then we settled for breakfast and later we waded on the water for the last hurrah.


captured the captivated sunrise of Calintaan Island

We were fetched by 8:00 am for the island hopping. We already carried all our stuff because after our island hopping we will head off to our hometown, Albay for the continuation of our vacation. We thanked Katherine for her good and warm accommodation.


taking a long and quiet walk along the shore

And now, we are so excited for our island hopping.


Calintaan Cave can be reached by swimming. During bad weather, guests are not allowed to get inside the cave because waves are so strong that it may cause danger, especially to weak swimmers. We almost miss this opportunity because upon reaching the spot, waves were starting to slam the boat. But Donnie, an experienced swimmer assured us we can still get inside.


the small cave openings

What welcomed us were several small cave openings teeming with lush greenery. The water was clear and we were so excited to dash into the water. My mother was left in the boat for she is afraid to swim going to the unknown. Donnie led Tita Glo to the opening followed by Shen who was a fast swimmer.

I was the last to reach the cave because the waves were bringing me closer to the rock walls instead of nearing the opening.

Being a lover of a cave, getting inside in another wonderful natural creation exalted my whole being again.


there goes the hole being covered by the rising of the water

The cave was small and partly illuminated by the sunlight passing through the hole on top. What was so stunning here were the unique stones in varying sizes and shapes scattered on the fine creamy white sand. It was nice to swim in the shallow and clean water but we only stayed for a few minutes after a photo shoot because we do not want to be trapped inside as the water was rising fast.


the stones in varying shapes and sizes

This cave is eight minutes away from Subic Beach.

Entrance fee:  Free


In the middle of the clean and clear waters of Juag Lagoon lies a marine sanctuary where guests can enjoy feeding and seeing different species of colorful fishes. But before guests can feed the fish, they will buy pelleted feed for around P35 per kilo in a sari-sari store nestled near the feeding area. 


the lagoon as seen from the waiting area

The excitement began when we boarded the bamboo raft in getting to the feeding area: a bamboo platform on stilts. It was so wonderful to feed varieties of fish like milkfish (bangus), parrotfish, surgeonfish (labahita), snapper (maya maya), lapu lapu (grouper) angelfish and samaral.


We were all so happy seeing them swarming in a group. It brought out the child delight in us. Shen was almost screaming with sheer delight especially when the big snapper, the big milkfish, and big angelfish appeared. It looked scary seeing them in its enormous sizes. 


so nice to capture some of the fishes in Juag Lagoon


so nice to see fishes swarming in group

There were also sea turtles, lobsters and giant clams in the area, but we only saw the latter. Swimming with the fish is no longer included in the activity unless guests will inform the owner of the lagoon before heading in the area.


There are nipa huts for a day tour or overnight stay in the vicinity the, Isla de Blaz Place. Contact numbers: 09997941769 and 09773950443.


Room rates:
Fan rooms:
Duplex – 2 to 4 pax – P3,500
Open cottage – 2 to 4 pax – P2,500

Air-conditioned rooms:
Private room – 2 to 4 pax – P3,500
Couple room – 2 to 3 pax – P3,000
Family room – 4 to 6 pax, maximum of 8 – P5,500

Entrance Fee:  Free


As we were approaching the shore, we were all amazed to see the glistening beauty of Tikling Island. From the boat, we saw how pristine it was… so clear! so clean! We almost wanted to jump into the water! I can compare it to the beauty of my dream island, Palawan.


Tikling Island is one of my favorite destinations now, next to my dream Island Palawan and Caramoan… it was stunningly beautiful

 It is privately owned but guests are allowed to stay for the day, to swim, and even take a picnic in the vicinity. There is no resort nor cottages here, but only two nipa houses where the caretakers live with his family with wild boars roaming around instead of dogs.


Model No. 1 – I was surprised when my daughter allowed me to capture her this photo…maybe because she was carried away with the view just like her mom!

We first walked on the shore, feeling like we exclusively owned the island. The creamy white sand was finer than Subic Beach and the water, much clearer! There were stones along the shore but when we waded from knee to waist-deep level, there went our deeper admiration. There were no stones or rocks on the seafloor.

We luxuriated in the turquoise sea like kids on the loose, savoring each passing minute. The tranquility and the beauty of the island filled our minds and souls with peace and awe.


Tita Glo is the Model No. 2… striking a pose amidst the scorching summer heat

Tikling Island got its name from a bird called “tikling” (Buff-banded rail) which was teeming the island many years ago.

Since it was flickering hot, we did not visit the rock formation anymore which is located at the back of the island.

It was amazing because Tikling Island is still considered unspoiled and maintains its pristine state though it is now frequented by intrepid travelers. I included this on my list as one of the best islands in the Philippines. And I just love to go back with my husband and son, busy or not, I will coerce them to spend another wonderful day in this paradise. Certainly, we all fell in love with Tikling Island!

Entrance fee: Free

Going back to the Port

Our boat ride going back to the port took us fifteen minutes only. Donnie accompanied us to a house where we can rinse for a fee of P20/head.


special thanks to our boatmen especially to Donnie who patiently assisted us in getting to Calintaan Cave… till next time guys!

There goes our refreshing and relaxing two-day Matnog, Sorsogon Beach Escapade. And surely, I will go back with the whole family. Thank you Lord for this wonderful vacation and for the safe travel from land to water.


going home with these precious souvenirs

Rooms and Cottages

These are the rooms and cottages for rent in Subic Big Beach.

Holy Trinity Beach Resort

Contact Person: Tina Gordo – 09566717409/0906272564
Check-in time: 2:00 pm / Check-out time: 12:00 noon
Free use of cottage and swimming pool from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

Fan room – 2 persons – P1,300 – common C.R.

Air-conditioned Rooms:
2 persons – P2,500
4 to 6 persons – P3,500
10 persons – P5,300

Jetski – P3,500
Kayak – P200/hour

Boy Chua Beach Resort

Contact person: Lani Siton – +639063932117/09158461361
No Entrance fee
Check in time: 12:00 noon / Check out time: 11:00 am

Fan room (common CR) – 2 persons – P2,000

Air-conditioned rooms:
2 to 4 persons (2 double beds, common CR) – P2,500
4 to 6 persons (2 queen size beds, with mini ref and tv, private bathroom )- P5,500

Dulay’s Place
Contact Persons: Rico and Joan Garais – 09266904668/09758956003

Air-conditioned Room with private comfort room:
2 to 4 persons (1 double deck) – P2,500
4 to 6 persons (2 queen beds) – P3,500
2 rooms – P7,000
Open cottage overnight – P500 / walk-in – P700
Tent Rent all sizes-P150

Kuya Boy Beach Resort 

Contact numbers: 09161869824, 09297548951, 09156173443
Fan room (no CR)- 1 to 2 persons – P1,500
Air-conditioned room (no CR) – 2 to 4 persons – P2,300

Our expenses:

Transpo – Cagsawa Bus – P875.00, Van from Legazpi to Sorsogon Town – P120, Jeep to Matnog – P90, for a total of P1,085/head
Lunch (Chowking) – P320
Room with aircon – P2,300
Registration and environmental fee- P140 (1 adult, 1 child)/P112 (2 senior citizens)
Boat overnight service – P2,000
1 kilo of Rice – P40
Canned goods – P180
Bread – P120
Banana – P80
1 5-gallon mineral water – P80
2 Coffee for breakfast - P30
Paluto ng rice – P30
Rice cooker rental – P40
Fish feeding in Juag Lagoon- 3 kilos – P100
Pasalubong – P300 (keychains and table display item)
Tips to boatmen – P400 (P200 each)

Total expenses = P10,864/P2,716 – per head


By Bus

- From Cubao, DLTB (P1,000) and Pintados (1,699) are bus companies that goes directly to Matnog for around 14 to 16 hours travel time.

In our case, from Cubao we took the bus Cagsawa Bus going to Legazpi City (P800 to P1,200/travel time-11 to 12 hours). Then in Legazpi City terminal we boarded a van (P120/travel time – 1 hour) to Sorsogon town and take the jeepney ride in getting to Matnog port (P90/travel time – 1 & 1/2 hours).

By Air

- Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines fly directly to Legazpi City. From the airport, take a tricycle ride (P50) going to Legazpi terminal and ride a van (P120) going to Sorsogon town. Near Chowking is the jeepney terminal going to Matnog Port (P90).

Boat Rental:

A friend referred us Kuya Eddie Evasco for the overnight boat rental. This includes transfer to and from Matnog port and island hopping to three destinations.

The contact number of Kuya Eddie Evasco: 09282538607

Standard rate:

P1,600 – for 10 persons – day tour
P2,000 – for 10 persons – overnight


  1. Pray first for your safety and protection.
  2. If you prefer the land trip, have enough patience for a long journey.
  3. Before heading for the boat ride pay the Registration fee and Environmental fees: P70 (adult), P56 (senior citizen), and P320 (foreigner) in the Municipal Tourism Office near the town market in Matnog.
  4. Bring sunblock protection as it was really hot not only in Subic Beach but also in Juag Lagoon and Tikling Island.
  5. There are no posh facilities and grand hotel at Subic Beach, only rooms and cottages.
  6. You may buy fresh fish, meat, and vegetable in the market in Matnog Port to be cooked in the island for a fee. But please be kind to pay the locals generously because some of them are shy to say their service rate.
  7. Never insist to go to Calintaan Cave if the boatman tells you not to push with the activity because waves are strong that it will slap you towards the rock walls.
  8. Apply the “leave no trace” policy.

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