Iloilo: There is More To Explore

My hubby and I enjoyed so much in our one-day Guimaras tour, with Flor, Vic, and Mat-mat. The minute the boat moved swiftly away from the island, I can’t help to look back and be thankful that we explored another beautiful place.

I can’t wait to explore more of Iloilo. My excitement on my second day in the city was still soaring high. While walking away from the wharf along Ortiz Street, Flor halted her steps when we were in front of a well-preserved and beautiful mansion. She told us it was owned by the Ledesma’s. The structure’s design and color were compelling. The white eagles on every post looked like guards protecting the entire house.  There were other mansions in the province owned by the Lopezes, Jalandonis, Coseteng, and Montinolas. It’s good that we unexpectedly saw one.


the Ledesma Mansion – one of the popular mansions in Iloilo

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GUIMARAS: Not Just Sweet Mangoes

In going to Guimaras, what is commonly asked for a pasalubong is their sweet mangoes which are being exported worldwide. I’ve discovered that this island has something more to offer. Their stunning beaches, caves, yummy fresh sea-foods, and verdant landscape made me say, “this is a holiday!”

70 kilo

sweet mangoes of Guimaras

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