Willy’s Rock: Boracay’s Most Photographed Spot

For our last day in Boracay, we woke up so early to visit the most photographed icon in Boracay, the famous Willy’s Rock.  I urged my hubby and our kids that we will never leave Boracay if we can’t visit this spot.


We were eager to go while the rest of our buddies were still sleepy, so tired of last day’s activity, hahaha!


sand was more creamier and softer compared to the main swimming spot

It was a cool morning as we walked outside St. Vincent’s Cottages. We had a limited time (our flight going back to Manila is 3:30 pm) so we opted to ride a tricycle (P60) going to the northern end of Station 1. It wasn’t a boring ride as we saw the non-beach life of Boracay.


our shadows doing fun

When we reached Willy’s Rock, we were more impressed of the sand which was softer and creamier.  Morning breeze was wonderful and so the stillness of the water. Tide was low. Willy’s Rock looks like an island. It was at its best for a beautiful photographic angle. Few people were roaming in the area and didn’t stay long. Good for us, we had the place all by ourselves. Early morning is the best time to visit Willy’s Rock. You could have your picture with no intervening people around.


so lucky that we had the place by ourselves for almost an hour

Just a few meters away was the Willy’s Beach Club Hotel (owned by Wilfredo Gelito and his wife Rebecca). The couple behind the Willy’s Rock. The Mediterranean style villas were somewhat impressive.  Lounge chairs were in a single line at the beachfront.


Willy’s Beach Club Hotel at early morning

We rode again a tricycle going back to the hotel (ten minutes travel time).  It’s when we went back that we saw D’Mall, the most popular mall in the island and two banks with ATM machines, Metrobank and BPI.


the popular mall in Boracay

After our breakfast we headed to the beach to swim.  We were surprised when we saw a sandcastle. Julius, our boatman in our island hopping yesterday told us that this was already prohibited as there was an ordinance regulating sandcastle making in the beach area. “Fee involvement” was one of the reasons why it was disappearing in Boracay.  We felt very sorry when we saw the sandcastle maker sitting in the sand. His legs were both short (a case of a polio, maybe). He volunteered taking photos but he wasn’t asking for a fee.


sand castle in Boracay is slowly disappearing

At 8 am, someone shouted, “the inspector is coming!” The handicapped guy hurriedly destroyed the beautiful sandcastle he made. It was so pathetic seeing people like him in a beach paradise of Boracay. Whatever his purpose was, we voluntarily gave him money as gratitude for his humble service.

We spent the last two hours in swimming activity with the whole gang.  Shen didn’t want to get out of the water. Baby Rion enjoyed soaking her feet. We still wanted to swim for more, but we have to pack-up.


so shallow, the sand was really fine and so soft, the water was oh so clear

Never mind the commercialized area of Boracay, the establishments that sprouted like mushrooms, the pulsating nightlife and the “crowd”. You have what it takes to enjoy Boracay’s pride, the sugar-fine white sand and the crystal clear waters.


the whole gang that wanted to go back here in this beautiful island

Truly, it was amazing spending time in what has been rated, ” one of the best beaches in the world.”


my travel collections from Boracay

We’re aiming to go back. Till next time Bora!

Boracay-Day Two: Island Hopping

It was a gloomy morning so I have no sunrise photo of Boracay.  But we were hopeful that the weather would cooperate for our island hopping this day.


the beautiful Puka Island

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Boracay: A Delightful Family Getaway

Boracay is considered the beach capital of the Philippines and is famous because of its powdery white sand and crystal-clear blue waters.


Our long time family plan to go to Boracay was finally set and we booked our flight August of this year. My brother-in-law Noel will be arriving from Israel by December and so we had a two-family getaway (mine and my sister Gi). This is once in a lifetime “get together” so we wanted to enjoy a maximum beach escapade and Boracay is definitely a place to go.


Our 3:35 pm flight going to Caticlan via Cebu Pacific Air was cancelled and we were transferred to 6:10 pm Kalibo flight. I asked the cashier the reason and she answered, it’s due to sunset elevation in Caticlan. In exchange for the delay, we were given food, free van ride from Kalibo to Caticlan and one free domestic travel each.


Mama was all smile with the Ati Atihan costume in Kalibo Airport

Land travel from Kalibo was one hour and twenty-five minutes to be exact. We arrived at Caticlan port by 9:30 pm. Luckily there were still passenger boats (or we will pay P1,200 for private service if we arrive there beyond 10 pm).

We paid for the following:

P30 for the boat (night trip, P25 if day trip)

P50 for the environmental fee

P75 for terminal fee.

Shen and Rion were free from charges since they were both below 12 years old. Boat ride was seven minutes only going to Station 2 port.

We paid P100 for the tricycle going to St. Vincent’s Cottages. Grace, our contact person, was already sleeping when we arrived. It was Lea who accommodated us to our reserved  medium size rooms (P1,500/per night, discounted price courtesy of Ms. Glo, a family friend of the owner). Our chosen room had a small balcony with two double beds, tv and comfort room. There’s no kitchen inside so we headed down to the big dining area for our dinner.


taking rest now in our room in St. Vincent’s Cottages

After few minutes of rest, we excitedly scampered away from our rooms to explore the beauty of Boracay. We passed by La Carmela de Boracay, Police Station, Canyon de Boracay and Alice Hotel.

When we reached the shoreline, we immediately grabbed handful of sand and examined its texture. Just like a granulated sugar, it was very soft and very fine.


the granulated sand of Boracay at night

It was not crowded yet and there were no people swimming in the vicinity.  The only activity that night was poi dancing (fire dancing).


poi dancing at night

After watching we proceeded to Station 1. It was so wonderful walking barefooted in the sand for its fine powdery texture.  We stopped in front of Regency Hotel to watch a band performing so lively. The beachfront light was so bright. Lots of kids were having a great time wading on the water.

It was night-time but what was amazing, there was still greenish color in the water.  Pao, Shen, Miko and Pol can’t help themselves not to swim for the water was really inviting.  Rion was still widely awake watching her sister and cousins. Me, my sister Gi and our Mama sat on the sand savoring the cool breeze coming from the sea. The two dads, my hubby and Noel were  busy watching the live band.


having fun at the shore nearing midnight

Everyone of us were all busy in our own universe. I can’t sustain my happiness for finally we had set foot in our country’s most beautiful beach.

It was twelve midnight when fireworks blasted on the night sky. It was a child delight watching it soaring up high in the horizon.  Later the sky was cleared again.

It was already 1 am but everyone was still alive and full of energy. The band was still singing wonderful songs and my younger buddies were all still busy in their night swimming activity. There was no summer crowd so its amazing to watch the waves as it gently played on the shore.

Well, this is the start of what is VACATION all about.

We went back to our rooms by 2 am.  Can’t wait for the next activity to come.

Everyone of us was deadly tired when we got down in bed. Good night Bora!