Soi: Eat Thai. Love Thai. Yummy Pad Thai

My hubby and I craved for ramen after we bought grocery goodies in Hypermarket in SM Mall of Asia. However, as we walked on the Ground Floor just outside Hypermarket, my eyes suddenly beamed with excitement upon seeing this Thai Restaurant called Soi. This is in time with my upcoming trip to Thailand this January. I tried Thai food in Singapore but missed out on the famous Pad Thai. I will try this in Soi and see why travelers visiting Thailand are craving to taste this dish.

yummy Pad Thai!

yummy Pad Thai!

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Ramen Night at Kimono Ken, Blue Bay Walk, Pasay City

It was Friday and payday, so I left the office early for a mall stroll. My hubby was still busy with his work in his office so I went ahead and toured around at Landmark, Glorietta, and finally at the kitchen wares of SM Makati. I was so tired and hungry when my hubby fetched me. Spaghetti and ice tea are not enough to sustain the grumbling sound in my tummy. And since he was hungry too, he told me to spend our Friday night dinner at Blue Bay Walk in Pasay City.

we are ramen lovers

we are ramen lovers

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Boodle feast at Blackbeard’s Seafood Island North Shore

In celebration of Mother’s Day today, we will spend the night with a boodle feast at Blackbeard’s Seafood Island North Shore or simply Seafood Island at SM Bay the Bay, Mall of Asia.

And another reason to hype up the evening is the birthday celebration of my youngest brother Choy who is in a two-week vacation (he is based in Singapore). This is his treat. Thanks bro!


the menu

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Buffet 101at SM Mall of Asia

Buffet restaurants are very much trending these days especially on month of December where family, company and group of friends flock together to fill their tummies with wide array of delectable cuisines.


Originally our Care Group team headed by our sexy and pretty leader Ms. Avic had a reservation at Vikings Luxury Buffet in SM Mall of Asia (MOA) one month ahead of our target date. This is for our exciting Christmas Party this year. But when we called the restaurant to confirm our reservation, we were informed we have no record on their list. Whaaat???

But our disappointment didn’t hamper our moods.  Our second choice was Buffet 101 also at SM By the Bay at SM MOA. Luckily, we got our reservation as clear as the blue sky despite it was already month of December.


An loves this Japanese sushi and maki

And so here comes the exciting tummy filling day.  We arrived at 5:30 pm, surprised to see many people huddling at the vicinity of the restaurant.  We approached the information section, verified our reservation and later was given number 57 and waited for our turn to be served. 


The last number called was 28. We were so hungry that I could hear the rumbling of my stomach.  Whew!  It was almost 8:30 pm when finally, we hit the table.


the fresh fruit section


With An, my closest buddy, we began our tour. The restaurant was full.  Though there were lots of people, here, there and everywhere, we still managed to take our desired foods to eat.


yummy chocolate fountain

The food stations were all organized.  There were Dimsum, the cold cuts, seafoods for grilling, pizza station, Korean food corner, finger foods, Japanese foods, soup station, salad bar, my favorite nachos, the chocolate fountain, fresh fruits, desserts and more.

We had our first batch of light meal first.


the not so heavy first batch meal

The second batch.


The third batch


yummy grilled scallops… don’t know this fish but it was also yummy


My dessert… ice cream with chocolate marshmallows with Blue Lemonade.


I was so full so I had few desserts to munch

 And the rate




We tasted almost everything even those foods which were new to our eyes and taste buds.  Honestly, some were not good. But of course we have to munch it all until our plates were cleared.  Certainly, I was satisfied feasted on buttered crabs, baked tahong, grilled scallops, nachos, sushi, tempura, salads and the blue lemonade.


And so we left the restaurant with tummies full and with smiles…


Ask if I will go back, sure and it would be with my family.



Address – Buiding K, SM By the Bay, Sunset Boulevard, SM Mall of Asia (MOA), Pasay City

Contract nos. 02-556-2888 or 556-3888

Monday to Sunday – Lunch – 11:00 am to 2:00 pm / Dinner – 5:30 pm tp 11:00 pm


Getting High at Moa Eye

It was Ax’s fifth birthday and we had a simple get-together at SM Mall of Asia. My cutie nephew and his cousins craved for pizza. We took a long table in Shakey’s Restaurant.  Gradually, memories of the past came back to me. Our parents would bring us here to celebrate special occasions. Now it’s our turn to bring them here… but this time, it’s with our kids… time flew so fast.


Ax, the celebrant

What we love at Shakey’s is the all-time favorite, mojo potatoes. It’s quite amusing that my children love it too. The delectable carbonara was so yummy. Can’t help to pounce for it hungrily. hehehe. The kids, Shen, Magnus, and Ax were munching the crunchy, juicy fried chicken and spaghetti.

carbonarra chickengarlic breadpizza

 After a hearty meal, we headed to the bayside. It was getting dark now.  As we were walking on the bridge, all passers-by were amazed looking at the newest attraction, the MOA Eye. Miko and Pao were so eager to try it, so they sweetly coerced their Tito Choy for a courtesy ride. And when my brother said yes, Isha, me, and my hubby did the same thing with a wide grin. The little kids were left for they were enjoying the Carousel and Bumble Bee.


Little Facts

MOA Eye was opened on December 17, 2011. It stands 160 feet in height and spans 55 meters in diameter. It is considered the tallest and biggest Ferris Wheel in the Philippines with 36 regular gondolas (P150) and 6 VIP gondolas (P250). All are air-conditioned with nice seats. It can accommodate five to six passengers, ideal for one whole family or group of friends.

The best time to ride is at night to enjoy the color-changing lights

As we queued up for our turn, we were amazed gazing up at the gigantic attraction as it slowly spins above us. The revolving lights which change from blue, red, green, red, and white were so wonderful to watch.

I just can’t help to reminisce our younger years as we frolicked riding to those heart-stopping attractions in various Christmas carnivals in Metro Manila such as Fiesta Carnival (Cubao), Star City, Boom na Boom, Payanig sa Pasig, and Big Bang Alabang. Riding on Ferris Wheel is always included in our list. We’ve tried the Wheel of Fortune in the Enchanted Kingdom and the last was in Marimar Department Store in Taiwan. And now, we were all so excited to try the MOA Eye.


As the gondola stopped, the crew assisted us graciously until we all took our seats.  The door closed and there we go!

It was cool inside and we were spinning slowly. We enjoyed watching the panoramic view of bayside in gleaming lights. It wasn’t scary, only that you will get bored if you will not make your eyes busy.  After ten minutes of one complete round, the ride ended. Bitin!

having great time kids?

It was a bit pricey, but riding in the newest, largest and biggest Ferris Wheel in the country is quite a worthwhile experience.

The best time to see and ride is at night so you can enjoy watching its colorful lighting. And I hope you could catch the fireworks too!

Enjoy the ride!

Entrance Fee:

P150 on Regular Gondola.
P250 for the VIP Gondola.
Location: SM By the Bay Amusement Park at SM Mall of Asia near the Seaside Bay.