Romantic Baboy Dining Experience

We are a family who loves to venture out on new food dining experience. As of this time, there are ravings about Korean barbeque and for my son’s birthday, Pao invited us to try and savor the goodness of unlimited samgyupsal in Romantic Baboy. And since he is now working, he will pay for the bill. Yehey! This is a no-diet dinner and everyone is expected to give in to this unusual craving.

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Must-Visit Temples in Bangkok, Thailand: Day 4

A visit to Thailand is not complete without setting foot to its famous palace and temples where one can truly be amazed by its awe-inspiring architecture and glittering decorations. This is our last day to immerse ourselves in the beauty and culture of the country and we will make sure that this tour is another extraordinary feat!

Grand Palace

Grand Palace

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Soi: Eat Thai. Love Thai. Yummy Pad Thai

My hubby and I craved for ramen after we bought grocery goodies in Hypermarket in SM Mall of Asia. However, as we walked on the Ground Floor just outside Hypermarket, my eyes suddenly beamed with excitement upon seeing this Thai Restaurant called Soi. This is in time with my upcoming trip to Thailand this January. I tried Thai food in Singapore but missed out on the famous Pad Thai. I will try this in Soi and see why travelers visiting Thailand are craving to taste this dish.

yummy Pad Thai!

yummy Pad Thai!

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Second Day in Hong Kong 2018: Nan Lian Garden, Chi Lin Nunnery, Won Tai Sin Temple

This is the continuation of our relentless foot navigation in Hong Kong. I just can’t sustain the eagerness and happiness in me exploring the beautiful sights in the city. So coming from The Peak, Hong Kong Disneyland, Disneyland Hotel, Ten Thousand Buddhas, and Choi Hung Estate, we will now proceed to the last three tourist spots. And the excitement for my second visit to Hong Kong is still soaring high.

Second Day in Hong Kong 2018: The Peak and Disneyland

This is our second day in Hong Kong and the top two tourist attractions that highlighted our trip are The Peak and Hong Kong Disneyland. I was so elated to get back. But as much as I want to frolic on rides and attractions in Disneyland again, I will only bring my office mates here for I will explore other notable places in the city that I did not visit yet. I will spend another worthy escapade with my two friends, Dayleen and Amie who are both working in the city.


see our happy faces? we are now ready for the exciting ride at The Tram

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Ssam Your Way at Seoul Garden Hot Pot

It’s Father’s Day today and it’s time to celebrate this special occasion with the whole family who loves to venture on unique food and restaurant. After attending Sunday church services, we scoured the District Mall where to eat and we stumbled at Seoul Garden Hot Pot.


excited to grill the pork and beef and to design our own wrap

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Apayao Road Trip-Part 3: Manacota Cave and Underground River-The last jewel to explore

Manacota Cave and Underground River is located in Barangay Marag in the town of Luna, another teaser for the real jewels of Apayao. This is the final leg and the third exciting activity in our Apayao road trip. We set all again towards another fun-filled adventure which will bring us to the river crossing, cave sight-seeing, and rewarding water fun to a clean and clear river.

31738763_1832990630056339_673596875131060224_n (1)

the stunning opening of Manacota Cave where sunlight was streaming into the blue-green river

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One Awesome Day at Legoland Malaysia Resort

This is my second day in Singapore but since Malaysia is an hour away from this country, I opted to visit the famous Legoland Malaysia Resort. My brother and his wife Lyn who are both working in Singapore volunteered to accompany me. But since they spent a whole day of fun five months ago in this theme park with their kids, they will visit Johor Bahru and I will explore alone. This is another fun-filled adventure and I’m super excited!


The trip from Singapore to Malaysia

Things I brought for this trip: Passport, Valid IDs, SG Dollar, Malaysian Ringgit, cellphone, and my precious SLR.

We traveled by bus coming from Boonlay MRT Station on the East-West Line. It’s the best and cheaper way in getting to Johor Bahru. The journey was so comfortable and it took us fifteen minutes only. Later we headed to the immigration booth for entry to Malaysia. Service was fast and easy. From there we took two bus rides before we reach our destination.


Off to another fun-filled getaway for the day… with Choy and Lyn

Legoland Malaysia Resort has two separate theme parks with separate entrance fees; the main Legoland Theme Park and the Legoland Water Park. Since I have no plan to get wet I chose the former. I suggest if you want to enjoy yourself fully in each theme park, buy tickets separately on two different days.


Getting inside the theme park, I passed by the Legoland Hotel, a brightly colored hotel with big Lego statues in front of it.


R2D2 outside Star Wars Miniland

Let me now tour you inside Legoland with 8 themed areas.


The  Beginning

This area is where all excitement and fun begin. You will get here the entry tickets and annual passes, the map, the Big Shop, and the Legoland employee who will be of service to your inquiries and request.


I paid for the entry ticket for RM195 and headed to the gate. I was stamped on my wrist and was told that there is no re-entry in the resort. Unlike in Universal Studios Singapore and Hong Kong Disneyland, guests could get in and out of the theme park without paying again for another ticket.


I grabbed a map and made a quick study of how I will explore the whole theme park. I started to the left side and set off initially to Lego Technic.


Lego Technic

Rides like the Technic Twister and Aquazone Wave Racers are designed for kids, but elders may also enjoy them here. Unfortunately, the roller coaster Project X was under maintenance.

Technic Twister

Technic Twister



For activities inside fully air-conditioned and indoor rooms, there are the Lego Mindstorms and Lego Academy for the creative workshop for building awesome figures like robots, houses, buildings, and even cars.



I’m not a fan of Star Wars but the “Star Wars” Miniland impressed me much. Before anyone can tour inside, guests are initially invited to watch the five-minute show. Later the excitement begins upon entering the rooms with seven sections, seven episodes of the epic saga with lights, sounds, and moving objects. Amazing! I was fascinated!


C3PO is another “Star Wars” figure outside Star Wars Miniland

Kids were also fascinated that they want to get close to the moving legos and touch them. Hahaha! Outside were the Lego life-size figures of R2-D2, C3P0, and Luke Skywalker.


one of the amazing sections in Star Wars Miniland

Food stalls: Cool Hut and Asian Deli

Lego Kingdoms

Cross a drawbridge and enter a magnificent castle to see knights and dragons.

The Royal Joust is for the kids to enjoy

The Royal Joust is for the kids to enjoy

There are two roller coasters here, the big one, the Dragon and the Dragon’s Apprentice designed for the kids. Royal Joust is for toddlers.


Food stalls: Kings’s Grill, Waffle Haus, and Castle Fried Chicken
Amenities: Shops, restaurant, comfort room, food stall, and play area.


This area is the most colorful and most attractive for the kids.

The Observation Tower

The Observation Tower

Skip the midday sun and watch exciting 4D movies in Lego Studios that will bring you into a new dimension every thirty minutes. Experience the elements like water, smoke, wind, and the special lighting effects that will take you on an awesome journey!


Food stall: Pizza Mania
Other Attractions: Lost Kingdom Adventure, journey into an Egyptian labyrinth, and blast Lego monsters with layers.

Pizza Mania.500

Yummy pizza at Pizza Mania

Lego Ninjago World

Exciting challenges in this area are the Lego Ninjago The Ride, an interactive ride that is good for the whole family, Nya’s Practice, Cole’s Rock Climb, Kai’s Spinners, and Zane’s Temple Build.


There are no food stalls here only Sensei’s Shop and Photo Booth.

The Sword inside Ninjago

The Sword inside Ninjago World

Land of Adventure

For an adventure seeker like me, this area was my favorite as I journey to the unforgotten worlds of Pharaohs and dinosaurs. The Dinosaurs world had the amazing Dino Island the exciting log boat ride that resembled the Mighty Mountain Flume Adventure in LeoFoo Village Theme Park in Taiwan.

Mighty Flume

Dino World

For the Egyptian theme, there are The Lost Kingdom Adventure, Beetle Bounce, and Pharao’s Revenge.


Food stall: Burger Junction
Amenities: Adventure’s Photo, Lost Kingdom photo, body dryer, restroom, and locker rental.

Lego City

Kids between 6 to 13 years old can drive a car and will learn about road safety, traffic lights signals, parking, and may own Driver’s License. But they should watch the video first before they will drive. There is also a large playground for toddlers below 8 years old.


Aside from the car, there is also a boat riding in the Boating School and another fun activity is the Lego Rescue Academy where kids will take the fire engine to put out a fire.

Dino Red.500

Another attraction is the train made of lego that will take you to the theme park every thirty minutes.


Food stalls: Fire Rescue Bistro, Snack Corner, and Market Restaurant
Amenities: Driving School Shop, Stage Shop, Driving School Photo, Photo Booth, First aid and Restroom


My last stop is in Miniland where my jaws almost dropped with amazement as I saw the stunning miniatures of different landmarks in Asian countries. This is located at the very heart of Legoland. Said wonderful masterpiece was built with over 30 million lego bricks and more than three years in the making.

Twin Towers-550

Being the host country, Miniland features Malaysia’s famous prime attractions and buildings like the KL Tower, the Kuala Lumpur Railway Station, Bank Muamulat, and even the sections of Putrajaya. But of course, the highlight of them all was the Kuala Lumpur City Center with the iconic Petronas Twin Towers.


Putrajaya, Malaysia’s federal administrative center, has some buildings and structures: Putra Bridge, Istana Darul Ehsan, Masjid Putra, and the Bangunan Perdana Putra. They highlighted Johor Bahru, the capital city of its host state as they showcased some of its interesting sites like the clock tower at Dataran Bandaraya, Johor Tourism Information Centre, the Catholic church in Johor Bahru, and some more buildings.

Singapore's pride

Singapore’s pride

The boat.500

I’ve noticed Singapore being a neighboring country of Malaysia had been given a special spot in Miniland because several iconic landmarks had been made for them like Merlion, the Skyline, Fullerton Hotel, Boat Quay, and the Singapore Flyer.

Taj Mahal .550

India’s Taj Mahal

Other amazing famous landmarks to see are the Taj Mahal of India, Angkor Wat of Cambodia, Patuxai of Lao, Sultan Oma Ali Saifuddin Mosque of Brunei, Karaweik Hall of Myanmar, and Bolinao of my very own Philippines.


I spent most of my time in this area admiring the feat behind the creation of these miniatures. Later I went back to The Beginning and strolled inside the Big Shop.


If you are a lego collector, this shop is for you. They offered the largest selection of Lego toy sets which includes the hard-to-find ones and the exclusive items. They also sell souvenir goodies like mugs, t-shirts, hats, and a lot more.


This is open at 10:00 am. So if you visit Legoland, be sure to have enough money to buy your desired Lego toys.



Most of the rides are kid-friendly so elders can also enjoy them. I had limited time to enjoy it myself since we will go back to Singapore to buy pasalubong for my loved ones at night. Anyway, a solo tour to the whole team park and be amazed by the wonderful creatures and places made out of millions and millions of Lego blocks was just fine. It’s so nice to get back with the whole family. Surely they will love it as much as I do.

Please visit their website for their rate.

Opens daily from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Any inquiries please email them at

Other Legoland Resorts are located in United States, Denmark, Germany, Japan, United Kingdom, and the United Arab Emirates.


  1. If guests are arriving from Singapore bring your passport as you will pass the immigration.
  2. Payments in cash can be Malaysian ringgit or SG dollar. Credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Debit cards are accepted within the park.
  3. Be early to avoid the long queue.
  4. Malaysia is a tropical country so expect it to be hot and humid. Bring sunblock, wear comfortable clothes, a hat, and sunglasses.
  5. Day tickets are allowed one entry only per day but multiple entries per day for Annual Passes.
  6. There are 2 ATM machines located in The Beginning, the other is outside near the ticket counters and the other is next to the Guest Services Counter.
  7. Food and beverages are not allowed inside the theme park except for those with infants or special medical needs.
  8. Alcoholic drinks are strictly prohibited.
  9. Lockers are available for rent at Minifigure Marketplace in The Beginning with a fee of RM10 for a single and RM14 for the family.
  10. Cellphone charging lockers are available at Minifigure Market and Pirate Shores for RM3 for a two-hour charge. Lockers can charge also tablets and include four different charger ports like iPhone cables 1-4, Lightning Cable (iPhone 5-current), Micro USB, and USB-C.
  11. Strollers are available for rent but on a first-come, first-served basis. Single strollers-RM14, Double Strollers-RM17, and Infant Strollers-RM14.

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IshiAya’s Garden Bistro in Tabaco City, Albay

Visiting my humble home town Albay this summer of 2017 is not all about exploring new places but we will indulge in fine cuisine. For our fourth night, we want to satisfy our cravings for ramen. After visiting Sumlang Lake and Lignon Hills, we set off to Ishi Aya’s Garden Bistro in Tabaco City, a Japanese-Filipino-infused restaurant owned by former sexy actress turned entrepreneur Aya Medel. It serves Japanese food and local favorites.


With Aya Medel, now a check and hands-on Manager of Ishi Aya’s Garden Bistro

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Shi Lin: Authentic Taiwanese Cuisine

This day marked our 21st wedding anniversary. My hubby surprised me with a water getaway not today but tomorrow since he wanted our kids and my mother to celebrate this special occasion with them. In the meantime, we will be having dinner in Circuit Makati, just the two of us. We were craving ramen. But to our dismay, there’s no restaurant in this mall that serves our favorite dish. So we opted to eat noodles, and we chose Shi Lin.

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