My fast and one-day solo trip in Baguio City

This is my 6th visit to Baguio City. I was tasked by my brother-in-law who is now based in California for some important errand in his hometown. I was so excited for I will be trekking Mt. Ulap with Mang Daniel, my contact trail guide after this is done. Unfortunately, during the night of my trip, he informed me that Mt. Ulap is closed due to approaching typhoon. It was just fine because when I arrived at the bus terminal by 5:00 am, there was a downpour and it was so cold, not perfect for my first solo female hike.


Her name is Star, a gentle and tame St. Bernard dog

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Christmas Time is Family Time in Baguio City

When we say it is Christmas time, we mean “family time”. Families tend to celebrate the most awaited season of the year in various ways. For this year, we opted to go to Baguio City to relax from the lowland heat and see how colorful and well-lighted the Summer Capital during this festive season.


the lovely petunias of Mount Costa, the newest attraction in the Summer Capital of the Philippines

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Major Climb No. 1: Surviving Mt. Pulag

Aside from Mt. Pulag’s famous sea of clouds, its uniqueness is its different vegetation in different elevations. Not only that, but it is also home to unique species of flora and fauna and is the natural habitat of the endemic dwarf bamboos and edelweiss that feast to the eyes when trekking the 500 hectares grassland. Sounds exciting right?


and so we survived Mt. Pulag!

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Walking and Chilling Around in La Trinidad, Benguet

The view of the grassy hill and the start of cool temperature served as an appetizer for a fresh meal of amazing scenery ahead of us as we were approaching Baguio City. But as we moved on I was surprised to see that it was now highly urbanized with houses made of modern architecture and with fewer pine trees. And there was heavy traffic along the way.

Benuget after the rain

Benguet after the rain

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Baguio City: Picking Strawberries with a City Tour

For our third time in Baguio, we will visit again famous places in the city with a highlight to Strawberry Farm which we never chance to visit because of limited time. We left Manila by 2:00 pm but were caught in a traffic jam on our way to North Edsa. We passed by at Sta. Rita, Bulacan for a snack and had a coffee break in Petron Gas Station along Marcos Highway.

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Baguio City: Welcome Back to the Foggy Land

Baguio City is still the undisputed Summer Capital of the Philippines because of its cool mountain weather and pine trees. Situated in Northern Luzon, this is a popular destination especially during the stifling season in our country.

our first visit to Baguio City on March 1, 2003

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