The new Kaybiang Tunnel in Maragondon, Cavite

If it was not the headline in Philippine Daily Inquirer in 2013 I would not have known Kaybiang Tunnel.  I was hooked reading the article that tackled the opening of the 300-meter tunnel, part of the 6-kilometer road that connects Ternate to Nasugbu, Batangas. Impressive right?

The newest attraction in Cavite

The newest attraction in Cavite, the Kaybiang Tunnel shorten time trip for at least one hour in getting to Nasugbu, Batangas

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Patungan Cove in Maragondon, Cavite

Patungan Cove is privately owned and we were so lucky that we had the opportunity to soak up the sun in this resort which is less crowded and teeming with tranquility. The cove is located in Sta. Mercedes (Patungan) at the farthest end of Maragondon, Cavite.


The cove during twelve high noon

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