Aniao Islets and Baler Lighthouse: Part 4 Baler Trip

I got out of bed so early to capture the sunrise, but as I looked at the sky, the imminent downpour was on its way. It was an overcast morning and to my dismay, I still have no sunrise photo of Baler for our second day. But it did not dampen my excitement. Rain or shine, this day is a wonderful day to be happy with our Baler Adventure.

Aniao Islets as seen from the shore

Aniao Islets as seen from the shore

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The Hanging Bridge and Balete Tree: Part 5 Baler Trip

Our wonderful Baler trip is about to end, but the excitement is still soaring high as we sped on the road going to the last two scenic spots: the Hanging Bridge and the Balete Millennium Tree.

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Ermita Hill and AMCO Diguisit Lodge and Resort: Part 3 Baler Trip

Our refreshing water activity at Sabang Beach had ended. The rain had stopped and the weather was now cooperative as we headed to our next breathtaking escape, to AMCO Diguisit Lodge and Resort. But before we fall in love in this scenic spot, we hopped out of our van and visited Ermita Hill located in Barangay Zabali. It was approximately six kilometers away from the town of Baler and travel time took us around fifteen minutes only.

the stunning rock formations frequented by visitors

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Bebel’le Beach Resort in Sabang Beach and Caunayan Falls: Part 2 Baler Tour

After a seven-hour travel time from Manila to Baler, an exciting city tour, and a heavy lunch at Chef Jerry’s Picnic Buffet Restaurant, we now headed to Bebel’le Beach Resort to check-in and to rest for an hour or two before we engage to water fun.

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