Lunch Date With Our Kids at Lau Chan

It’s Chinese New Year today and all of us in the family were on a holiday.  Pao was so excited because finally, we will buy an electric acoustic guitar in Sta. Mesa, Manila coming from his Christmas gifts received from his loving parents, lola, aunties and uncle. But before we proceed, we surprised our kids by having our lunch at Lau Chan Shabu Shabu and Fastfood along Mabini Street in Malate.


the hot pot with plain and the yummy sate soups

It was our Comptroller, a well-off Chinese foodie who introduced us to this restaurant.  Lau Chan does not belong to a first class shabu-shabu restaurant which will charge you on a per head basis.  It has simple ambiance, with a typical Chinese-style  design and devoid of elegance.  But I assure you, you will leave this place full, satisfied and happy. Promise.


the kids love this fried dumpling

The waitress gave us the menu which looks like a checklist.  My hubby and I took a minute of time choosing foods that our kids will surely love to eat.   Starting with two soups, we had plain (P35) and the other is sate (P60).  The main dish:  Medium size young chow rice (P270), my favorite crabstick (P100), fried dumpling (P160), 2 noodles (P35/each), long lettuce (P75), Pechay native (P40) Japanese sweet corn (P40), lobster ball (P100) and 3 calamansi juice drinks (P40).

Since this is the first time that our kids will eat a shabu-shabu dish, we let them do the cooking. We were given four hot tea and tap water. The kids got so excited when the broth started to boil. My hubby prepared the tasty dipping sauce.  In few minutes, we were eating the delectable food our kids cooked for us.



Waiters and waitresses are fast in attending to customer’s needs.  This is another good factor that I like in this restaurant. In one snap or call, they come quickly and give the order instantly.


satisfied, full and happy customers… that’s us!

We can’t order for another set of rice because Pao had surrendered his stand.hahaha!  And the three of us can’t eat anymore because all our tummies were full.


hope we could drop by again …

We left the restaurant satisfied with no gaping hole in the pocket.  Our meal – P1,070 only.



1664-1666 A.Mabini Street, Malate, Manila

Contract number: 552-46-99, 521-88-00