Floating Cottage in Calatagan, Batangas

Calatagan may not be that famous when we speak of beaches in Batangas, nor a favorite choice for weekend fun. But that was a few years ago. Surprisingly, it slowly rose to fame. Some of the now famous beaches here are the Stilts Calatagan, Aquaria Water Park, Lago de Oro Cable Ski Park & Resort, and Little Boracay to name a few.

amazing Little Boracay

amazing Little Boracay

After two years of hiatus from all sorts of celebrations and family activities, my brother and our families will indulge again in a fun-filled water getaway. Beaches and swimming pool resorts tend to get crowded now but we are hoping we could go home free from the Covid-19 virus.

Everyone is excited for a new adventure!

Everyone is excited about a new adventure!

So, this summer, we went for an exciting beach activity in Calatagan in Batangas through a Floating Cottage. Unfortunately, all of what I found on the internet were fully booked. Good thing, I found S & R owned by Ate Nora Vecinal. It was a small floating cottage with a roof but has no view deck on top. Anyway, it was just fine since it can accommodate us all.

A small boat pulls off the floating cottage to the water

A small boat pulls off the floating cottage to the water

Rate – P4,000 – good for 10 to 15 pax

Amenities: Griller, private bathroom, small room for changing clothes, long bamboo table and chairs.

Yours truly enjoying the water activity

Yours truly enjoying the water activity

We set off from Pasay City at around 4:00 am and reached the meeting place at around 7:00 am. Ate Nora was already waiting in her single motorbike. After the brief hi and hello she guided us to the parking area. It was spacious and had make-shift comfort rooms. As per Ate Nora, it gets full on weekends so she advised us to be early so we can get a good slot. To which we did!


The view was nice, the water was so clear. We love it here!

Parking Fee – P100/vehicle.

After getting our stuff, we all went to the docking area. Lots of floating cottages loomed before our eyes. Some were big with view decks and slides, some were small, and others are colorful. It took about a few minutes before we boarded the floating cottage.

Our rented Floating Cottage

Our rented Floating Cottage

After a while, we bid goodbye to Ate Nora. To our surprise, the floating cottage has no engine. According to Ray, our boatman, a small outrigger boat with two boys will maneuver our trip. They will pull off the floating cottage.

Choy and Lyn

Choy and Lyn

As we sped off to the water everyone was immersed in silence. It was still early and the cool breeze was fanning our faces. It was so nice looking everywhere. We were all anticipating a very nice adventure for the day.


Unfortunately, the tide hasn’t receded yet, so we just passed by and will go back by afternoon as Ray said. A wave of nostalgia swept over me. We’ve been in this certain spot in 2016 when we had an island hopping coming from Isla Burot. The place wasn’t famous yet at that time, there was no crowd so we enjoyed the solitude. It’s good to be back here in Calatagan after six years.

Little Boracay

This piece of paradise, Little Boracay as they call is amazingly beautiful. It really looks like Boracay as it has very very clear water. The sand was creamy off-white and very fine like confectionery sugar. There are exciting activities offered here like kayaking, crystal kayaking (yes they have!), and snorkeling.

There are many floating cottages dock on Little Boracay because this has the best spot for swimming and all other activities

There are many floating cottages dock on Little Boracay because this has the best spot for swimming and other activities

We almost spent four hours here. We ventured on kayaking, snorkeling, photo shoots, and swimming! We ate our lunch here.

Lunch time!

Lunch time!


Adobo and pinakbet

Starfish Island

There were only a few starfish on this site. Long the days when starfish are scattered everywhere. We just passed by and went to the snorkeling area. We stopped a few distances away from the former “Isla Burot”. The crowded long-beach area from six years ago is now clean and certainly, free from the destruction of humans. There is a security guard station on the beach so no one can intrude on the private property.

We did not swim here as it is the extension of Little Boracay we proceed to the snorkeling area

We did not swim here as it is the extension of Little Boracay. We proceed to the snorkeling area.

We had a good time swimming and snorkeling. There were beautiful fish under the water. After a while, we ate snacks. Some took a nap, others were busy chatting with each other. And yours truly was busy watching the water view and later the afternoon sun view. It was amazingly beautiful! How I miss the blue sea!


Snorkeling time!

Early afternoon, we returned to the Sand Bar, which is now in its full glory.


The first time we were here, the water was knee-level deep and crystal clear. The sand was very fine. It was amazingly beautiful. We were in the middle of the sea but we were standing in shallow water. Little did we know, we were standing in a sandbar!

We enjoyed walking around in the late afternoon sun. The sun’s rays reflecting on shallow water was a sight to behold! The tranquility was well-defined. After photo shooting and walking, we went back to the floating cottage.

Yours truly and your family

Yours truly and my family savoring the last activity of the day in the Sandbar

We savored the few minutes sitting on the floating cottage. The sun was now going down. Time to end the water adventure which we truly love to do. After a while, we went back to the docking area.

We brought all our stuff and went to the parking area.

Choy and his family except with Magnus who are sleeping in the cottage

Choy and his family except for Magnus who is sleeping in the cottage

Everyone had a good time, especially in Little Boracay. It was really beautiful. We enjoyed our family getaway today.

It would be nice to go back if they desire to. Till next time Calatagan!

With Ate Nora, the owner of the floating cottage we rented for the day

With Ate Nora, the owner of the floating cottage we rented for the day


Contact Person:

Nora Becinal - 09369123962

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