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We are a family who loves to venture out on new food dining experience. As of this time, there are ravings about Korean barbeque and for my son’s birthday, Pao invited us to try and savor the goodness of unlimited samgyupsal in Romantic Baboy. And since he is now working, he will pay for the bill. Yehey! This is a no-diet dinner and everyone is expected to give in to this unusual craving.


Romantic Baboy is serving unlimited Korean samgyupsal for Php499. They have an unlimited choice of 8 types of pork and beef. These are: 

R - Herb samgyupsal (Herb-flavored pork belly)
O - Woo samgyup (Thin slices of beef brisket)
M - Moksal (Seasoned pork neck)
A - Daepae samgyupsal (Thin slice of pork belly)
N - Yangyum Galbi (Marinated pork ribs)
T - Romantic Bulgogi (Sweet marinated Korean-style beef)
I - Spicy beef (Thin sliced beef dip in spicy sauce)
C - Curry beef (Thin sliced dip in curry sauce)

satisfied eaters haha!

Satisfied eaters haha!

We arrived early for dinner. But to our surprise, the restaurant was already packed. We were number five in the queue. We did not mind the waiting time for we know we will be satiated when we get inside.


The setting

We were given a table good for six. Each table has a huge cast iron grill in the middle and a huge exhaust pipe. Since this is a samgyupsal grill meal with lettuce wrapping, we all washed our hands in the sink before we eat.


As a start off, the waiter had heated the grill and filled the sides with steamed egg, kimchi, and cheese fondue. Next, he served us small plates with this fun teaser:

premium cut of meat grilled to perfection the traditional Korean style with a modern twist… Believe me… Your love affair with Samgyupsal can’t get any better, hotter or cheesier than #Romantic Baboy.

Small plates of side dishes like Japchae, coleslaw, sweet potato, chicken fillet, fish cake, and scallion salad were served next.

the side dish

the side dish

A basket of lettuce follows next. Pao started to order our initial choices of pork which are the Bulgogi and Daepae samgyupsal. All of these are unlimited so do not be shy to ask for more.

Siblings love... Pao and Shen

Siblings love… Pao and Shen

The excitement

By the time the meat was cooked, we filled the lettuce with cheese fondue and steamed egg. Because we are Bicolanos they favored much the kimchi. Sorry, but I hate chilly food (I’m a half breed Bicolana! Haha!). Kimchi made their appetites fulfilling. Cheese fondue is not so salty and not so flavorful. I like the steamed egg for it was just light and creamy. 


Moskal (Seasoned pork neck)

For the side dishes, our all-time-favorite japchae (stir-fried glass noodles), fish cake, and Coleslaw are on top of the list. The chicken fillet was just fine. Thinly sliced scallop salad had a spicy sauce. We did not like it so we excluded it from the unlimited order. Gochujang jjigae was not available. Instead, we were given a sweet potato which is good too.


Next, we ordered Moksal, Daepae Samgyupsal, Romantic Bulgogi, and the sweet-tasting Yangyum Galbi. Herb samgyupsal and Curry Beef are not available.


Spicy beef (Thin sliced beef dip in spicy sauce)


After we tasted the six variants, we favored much the Spicy beef and Daepae Samgyupsal. As I’ve said, I’m not a spicy lover, but since Spicy Beef isn’t that spicy, I do love it. It was delicious! Daepae Samgyupsal is the best for me and my family. It was terrific! The four delectable sauces: Spicy Bulgogi, Sesame Salt and Pepper Ssamjang matched the impressive line-up of these pork and beef meats.

Spicy Beef

Woo Samgyup (Thin slice of Beef Brisket)

Romantic Bulgogi

Romantic Bulgogi (Sweet marinated Korean style beef)

The iron grill held the heat so well that the thinly sliced meat was cooked fast. The exhaust system sucks up the smoke from the grill. But as we went on, it got hotter that we could feel the heat radiating from it. We called a staff and right away he reduced the heat by pulling out two smokeless briquettes. We were impressed with their promptness. They were visibly going around to attend to the needs of the guests.


Overall, we had a good dining experience in Romantic Baboy. The long wait was worth it. We left the restaurant with our tummies filled to the brim! As expected, everyone is satiated and satisfied. Definitely, we will come back to try it again.


1) There is no reservation system. Be early as there is a long queue.
2) There is no service charge and no additional hidden charges. You will pay the exact amount of Php499/head.
3) Since it is an unli samgyupsal, do not hesitate to order what you want.
4) Drinks are not included. You will pay for it separately.

Contact Info:
Romantic Baboy-Imus
Shopwise Anabu Coastal, Imus City
Facebook page: @RomanticBaboyImus
Opening Hours: 11:00 am to 9:00 pm

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