Quezon Wonder – Part 2: Dampalitan Beach and Borawan Beach

Coming from a refreshing swim in Puting Buhangin and a visit from Kwebang Lampas, our boatman, Mang Urong brought us next to Dampalitan Beach for around a thirty-minute ride. We brought all our stuff because he will fetch another group from Borawan. But as soon as we were approaching the island, the sky became cloudy.


The refreshing view from our table

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Quezon Wonder-Part 1: Puting Buhangin and Kwebang Lampas

I was amazed when I saw pictures of Puting Buhangin in Pagbilao Grande Island in Quezon. When my family rejected the idea of going back to Baguio for a Holy Week vacation, I showed them pictures of this island. Beaming with excitement, they all voted for a Quezon family beach getaway.


Puting Buhangin is radiantly beautiful from afar

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Puerto Galera Beach Getaway with the Whole Family

My hubby fulfilled his promise to our kids when we left them for a three-day beach getaway at Puerto Galera in Oriental Mindoro last January of this year. And what was his promise? That we will go back to this beautiful island with the whole family if he will enjoy his stay. Certainly, he did. Aside from our kids we also enjoined my mom and  my nephews Miko and Isha for this exciting family getaway.

haligi beach

the beautiful Haligi Beach

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Puerto Galera: The Second Time

My hubby was so eager to go to White Beach of Puerto Galera when he heard my story about our Accounting Team outing here and got even more excited when he saw our pictures.  He promised our kids that if he will enjoy his stay surely, we will go back with the whole family.

white beach - 4R

awesome view of Puerto Galera

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