The Magical World of Enchanted Kingdom

The Enchanted Kingdom or EK is the last place to visit in my little girl’s field trip this year. I volunteered myself a chaperon for I was excited to enter again the magical world of EK to see their newest attractions EKstreme Drop Tower and Disc-o-Magic. High school level had their field trip here yesterday and my teenage son Pao told us he enjoyed riding in these two heart-stopping rides.


the new EKstreme Drop Tower

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Splash Island: A Splashy Week-end Fun

Our first fun-filled water enjoyment in Splash Island was dated Feb. 25, 2000, in celebration of Paolo’s third birthday. The entrance fee at that time was P250 for the adults and P190 for kids below 3 feet. Fortunately, we have no photo souvenir because of a camera malfunction. But everyone especially Paolo had enjoyed it so much. Eleven years after, we’re back in the ultimate Water Adventure Fun Park in the Philippines.

S.I. O.R.

this is our official receipt 11 years ago

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Villa Escudero: Finally!

What thrilled us to celebrate our mother’s 60th birthday at Villa Escudero Plantations and Resort is their unique dining experience on native cuisines in Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant and the showcase of the Philippines ‘ rich cultural heritage. We skipped the usual beach getaway this time to enjoy a whole day of fun in the hacienda and to embrace our unique culture.  Ika nga, “Iba ang Pinoy!”