Shercon Resort and Ecology Park: Company Outing 2019

Every year, our team, the Finance Team is yearning for a once-a-year company outing to rejuvenate our minds from everyday tasks (rush, urgent, important but not urgent, name it we have it! haha!). For this year, everyone favored the nearest resort, Shercon Resort and Ecology Park situated in Mataas na Kahoy in Batangas with the anticipation that it will provide a sublime respite for each individual.

the 11 pocket pools, the famous pool in Shercon Resort

the 11 pocket pools, the famous pool in Shercon Resort

Shercon Resort and Ecology Park

Tucked in a quaint and verdant location and with breathtaking view of Tagaytay Ridge and Taal Lake, Shercon Resort is an ideal resort for a relaxing getaway. It offers swimming pools, 60 nice rooms, function halls and areas for special occasions like Weddings, Team Buildings, Parties and other events. They have recreational facilities too for zipline, rock climbing, rappelling, hanging bridge and maze.

it's time to unwind!

it’s time to unwind!

Swimming Pools 

What made Shercon Resort famous is its 11 pocket pools. Aside from this, it has six swimming areas that will surely want visitors to take a dip.

Here are their pools:

  • Hidden Pool
  • Hotel Pool
  • Sophia’s Duck Pool
  • Prime Pool
  • Forestville Pool
  • Infinity Pool
  • Ecology Pool
Infinity Pool, where I had so much fun!

Infinity Pool, where I had so much fun!


We spent almost two and a half hours in getting to Shercon Resort from our office in Makati. Our team will stay in Club Manuel Suites. Upon entering in our designated room, we immediately dropped our bags and went to the veranda to look at the breathtaking view. It was a downcast afternoon but we were delighted of what our eyes were feasting. The view was refreshing!

the breathtaking view from the veranda

the breathtaking view and the Hotel Pool as seen from the veranda

We took rest and changed to swim wears. Yes, we will go to swim now! Haha!

the Hanging Bridge

the Hanging Bridge

The sprawling resort was huge that is has shuttle service roaming in the designated areas. We boarded the vehicle in front of our suite and headed to the 11 pocket pools.

had a peaceful morning walk

had a peaceful morning walk

We were expecting that the famous 11 pocket pools were big as what we saw in the pictures. However, they were small-clustered pools that is ideal for the kids who want to hop from one pool to the other. There were less people in that time so we enjoyed dipping in the water.

the 11 pocket pools by morning

the 11 pocket pools by morning

We had our dinner in the FVS Reception Hall. It was a 5-minute walk coming from our room. Little later, we headed to the Hotel Pool and spent the night soaking our tired bodies in the water. We waited until the pool closed.

the exciting zip line

the exciting zip line

Our Room

Our room has two double beds, each with a pull out bed, one private bathroom, led TV, small table with two chairs. It has toiletries, coffee, creamer and bottled water.

our room @ Club Manuel Suites

our room @ Club Manuel Suites

What I really love in our room is the veranda. I had a wonderful time looking at the night sky. It was so delightful to stargaze. It was so peaceful.

We comfortably slept in our beds.

Mornings at the Resort

We woke up early for breakfast to fuel up our bodies with enough energy needed for the activities for the remaining half day. We changed to swim wear and dashed to the Hotel Pool for a refreshing swim. Again, we headed to the 11 pocket pools and swim! Next, we went to the maze and played like little kids. We are about to try the zip line but since we are dripping wet we are not allowed to do the activity.

the early birds for breakfast

the early birds for breakfast

We continued walking around until we passed in the hanging bridge. Then everyone went to their chosen pool to while away time. Mine and An were in Infinity Pool. We enjoyed the rest of the remaining hours basking on sunshine.

service shuttle

service shuttle

We ended the day by taking a scrumptious lunch. Everyone had a great time. I enjoyed the indulgence of spending more time in activities than in bed as it took me away from pressure and everyday routine. This is such a good breather as I had again a close encounter with nature. For me, it is really recommended for every working people to have a definite break from workload at least once a year to be rejuvenated and refreshed.


We took a package tour, which includes room accommodation, entrance fee and customized three sets of meal.

our lunch for the day

our lunch for the day


Rate for Day Tour packages (8:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Adult – Php250.00
Kids (4 to 7 years old) – Php150.00

Day Tour Cottages/Tables/Benches Rental:


Small – Php800.00
Twin – Php1,000.00
Family – Php1,500.00

Japanese Kubo – Php800.00
Bougainvillea Benches – Php800.00
Mini Pavillion – Php2,000.00
Kubo Cabana – Php2,000.00
Bahay Kubo – Php3,000.00
Farm Hut – Php3,500.00 (Air-conditioned Room with 1 Double Sized Bed and Terrace)
Pavilion Suite – Php5,000.00 (2 Air-conditioned Rooms with 3 Double Sized Beds per room)


Pool Villa – P10,500-with additional Php450.00 per head in excess of 4 (good for 8 pax)
Club Manuel Suites – Php5,000 for 2 pax-with complimentary dinner and breakfast-Php1,000 extra pax (ideal for 8 pax)
Forestville Suites - Php5,000 for 2 pax-with complimentary dinner and breakfast-Php1,000.00 extra pax (ideal for 8 pax)

@ Forestville Suites situated near the 11 Pocket Pools

@ Forestville Suites situated near the 11 Pocket Pools

Club Manuel Cabins - Php5,000 for 4 pax-Php450.00 extra pax (ideal for 12 pax)

Club Manuel Cabins

Club Manuel Cabins

Infinity Duplex-Manuel Cabins - Php5,000 for 4 pax-Php450.00 extra pax (ideal for 6 to 8 pax)
Blue House Suites – Php4,000.00 for 4 pax-Php450.00 extra pax (ideal for 10 pax)
Blue House Dorm -Php4,000.oo for 4 pax-Php450.00 extra pax (ideal for 8 pax)
Forestville Cabins – Php 5,000.00 for 4 pax-Php 450.00 extra pax (ideal for 12 pax)


(043) 703-0002
(043) 774-9439
Office Hours: 7AM-7PM
Address: Barangay San Sebastian, Mataas na Kahoy, Batangas

Facebook Page: Shercon-Resort-and-Ecology-Park

for Team Building package, here is their rate:

In getting there through Private Transportation (as per Shercon)

Drive through South Luzon Expressway (SLEX) and take LIPA CITY Exit. From the exit booth, turn left and travel along Fernando Air Base (FAB). After FAB, turn right going to Mataas na Kahoy. Follow the signs along the way.


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