Asian n’ Cajun 2 Boiling Seafood Restaurant at Fair Oaks, California

Saying good-bye to our loved ones in California and Nevada made me feel sad and emotional. I guess, we all have these emotions for a reason. Our two-week vacation in these two beautiful states went by quickly. Surely, I will gonna miss a lot of things if we get back home. And to cap off our last but memorable night in California where we stayed longer, my brother-in-law Noel, invited us for fresh boiling seafood treat in a Chinese restaurant called Asian n’ Cajun 2 Boiling Seafood Restaurant.


We had tried boiling seafood in The Boiling Crab, a Seafood Restaurant during our short vacation in Las Vegas where my niece Miko and husband Derick sponsored our Nevada trip. We munched fresh seafood using our bare hands and gladly, we were all satiated. I hope we will experience the same in Asian n’ Cajun 2.

About Asian n’ Cajun 2

Asian n’ Cajun 2 specializes in Creole/Cajun and Asian Food. They are famous for Cajun seafood boil and deep-fried delicacies. Their best-selling dishes include Garlic Noodles, Gumbo, Boiling Seafood, Salt pepper and Porkchop, and Garlic Green beans.


Getting Inside

It was already 8:00 pm, nearly closing time when we entered the restaurant. I noticed most of the establishments I walked into these days have eye-catching interiors. Aside from the menu, the design plays a major part in the overall ambiance, which is why guests tend to flock on restaurants with a good atmosphere too.

the golden piggy bank that brings good luck

the golden piggy bank that brings good luck

Asian n’ Cajun 2 had a nautical theme that features designs and decorations that will sail us right into the ocean. It was spacious, clean, and with LED TV. The bar area is huge and is a nice spot for a happy hour. The side area was composed of wooden tables and chairs perfect for a romantic or friendly date.

the cute and comfy nautical-theme of the Asian n' Cajun 2

the cute and comfy nautical theme of the Asian n’ Cajun 2

We were seven and we grabbed the great spot which is a long table located near the center where we can watch the NBA show.

our favorite Fox of Sacramento Kings

our favorite Fox of Sacramento Kings

Here in Asian n’ Cajun 2, we will not eat on a white liner paper like that of the Boiling Crab but on plates with spoon and fork. But since we have seafood in a basket, we will eat on bare hands too. We were given giant plastic bibs to protect our clothes from being messy.


We washed our hands on the separate sink and asked for chopsticks to the Chinese cashier who looked like the owner of the restaurant. I was used to them whenever I travel to neighboring Asian countries who seldom smile to customers in need. But surprisingly, he smiled at us and accommodated us well.


Shen, Rion and me were smiling after a yummy and heavy dinner

Their menus have a large variety. Noel and Gie are frequent customers of this restaurant so they know what’s best for Filipino tummies.

Here are the dishes they ordered:

Combo#3 (US$51.95) – shrimp, mussels, clams, King Crab legs, corn, potatoes, and sausages. This was the highlight of our dinner. Surprisingly, it was as good as that of the Boiling Crab. The seafood was fresh and tasty. Every bite was delicious. The cajun sauce did not have much seasoning but has the right amount of spice. It was so nice to eat this food with bare hands.


Fried Pot Stickers/Dumpling (US$6.50) - dumpling is one of my sought-after meals whenever I travel to Asian countries. These dumplings weren’t much seasoned and salty like those dumplings I tried in Hong Kong and Singapore. It was crunchy and tastes good. Maybe Americans go for less salt and seasoning.


Vegetarian Chow Mien (US$7.95) – this is called Pansit Canton in the Philippines. It is not so oily, not salty, and tastes good. I love it!


Tempura Vegetables (US$6.50) – this was served hot and very crunchy but not burnt. The taste was good too. It has a light flour coating so we tasted the vegetables well.


Cajun fries (US$3.95) – this appetizer is for our little girl Rion who loves fries so much. It was crunchy and yummy. We ordered an additional two.

Pink Lemonade (US$1.75) – Shen and I are lovers of lemonade. This rare pink lemonade is a bit sour and not as sweet as the other lemonade in town. Nonetheless, we both like it.

Tsing Tao (US41.95) – this beverage is for Noel who loves to drink beer at night.


Our last dinner in California is so heavy on tummies. Thanks to Noel for bringing us here at Asian n’ Cajun 2 where it has delicious food options for a great price. We enjoyed swapping stories and watching the NBA show in-between meals. I love the decor and vibe!


our mom after munching delectable meal

The only problem we had is their service. It was a bit slow. It was just fine because our lady server was only one covering the area since it was nearing closing time.

So for those who are craving fresh seafood or looking for a coastal life dining experience, this nautical-themed restaurant is just what you need.

Operating Hours:
Monday to Saturday – 11:00 am – 9:30 pm
Sunday: 11:00 am – 10:00 pm

Address: 8121 Greenback Ln. Fair Oaks, CA

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