Ssam Your Way at Seoul Garden Hot Pot

It’s Father’s Day today and it’s time to celebrate this special occasion with the whole family who loves to venture on unique food and restaurant. After attending Sunday church services, we scoured the District Mall where to eat and we stumbled at Seoul Garden Hot Pot.


excited to grill the pork and beef and to design our own wrap

On its front glass wall posted a tarpaulin announcing its Unlimited Ssamgyeopsal for only Php388/head with inclusions of meat (beef/pork), lettuce, iced tea, side dishes, and rice. On instinct, I don’t have to ask my Mama, my hubby, Pao, and Shen anymore because they had a big grin on their faces while looking at the picture, meaning we should try it! Hahaha!


the metal griddle used for grilling with a small stainless bowl to catch the excess oil

I’m not a fan of Korean dishes or teleseryes, but I got curious seeing pictures of my friends with happy faces on their IG and FB posts spending happy times munching Samgyeopsal. It’s good that we found a Korean restaurant offering this dish and it’s time to know what this raving is all about.


pork and beef with slices of garlic and onions


What is being offered by Seoul Garden Hot Pot is Ssamgeopsal, a combination of two distinct Korean dishes, Samgyeopsal and Ssam.

Samgyeopsal refers to pork belly meat sliced like thin bacon, marinated in a sauce, and is grilled in your table. This is one of the most popular dishes in Korea which seems to have suddenly become a favorite comfort food of Filipinos. This literally means in Korea as three (sam) layered (gyeop) flesh (sal) referring to the layering of fat and meat.


Ssam meaning “wrapped” refers to another Korean dish in which leafy vegetables like lettuce are used to wrap grilled meat with toppings of steamed rice, kimchi, radish, cucumber, garlic, onion or green pepper. This is usually done in a bite-size so the fillings will not spill.


Ssam your way! This is how you will prepare your yummy Ssamgeopsal.

While waiting for our order, the lady server prepared the metal griddle inset with gas burners at the table. She instructed us where to hit the low and high button. I wasn’t excited about how the meat will be grilled because I already tried it in Yakimix and Charaptor but on how Ssamgyeopsal is being prepared.

But before eating this dish, it is a must to wash your hands because you will be using it to design your own wrap.

The servings

We were served thin layers of pork and beef with slices of garlic and onion. We marinated it with sweet soy sesame sauce. My hubby and my kids alternatively grilled the meat. After it was cooked, we put the meat in lettuce then we filled it with rice, kimchi, Julienne carrots, cucumber, sautéed mung bean sprout (gisang togue) with home-made chili sauce and we dipped it in Seoul Garden homemade dipping sauce. Dyaran! There goes our yummy Ssamgyeopsal!


the happy us trying another Korean dish

The meats of Samgyeopsal:

The Dak Gogi Samgeyopsal or the Chicken Bulgogi – A chicken is soaked in Bulgogi marinade and grilled bringing out its delicious barbeque flavor (Php338).

Seogogi Ssamgyeoplsal (Beef Bulgogi) – beef is marinated with soy sesame sauce, grilled and wrapped in lettuce with rice, kimchi, Julienne radish, cucumber, sauteed mung bean sprouts and dip in sesame oil with black pepper.  (Php268),

Dwaeji Gogi Ssamgyueposal (Pork Bulgogi) – Grilled pork belly is also marinated with soy sesame sauce and prepared like Beef Bulgogi (Php348).

You may also try:

  • Hot Pot
  • Banchan
  • Salad
  • Bibimbap
  • Myon
  • Udon
  • Grilled Plate
  • Side orders

Other offers:

  • For the Kids Menu
  • K-Pop (a group meal good for 4 persons for P1,288)

With varieties of drinks and Soju shots.

Indeed, Samgyeopsal was yummy. The sauce used to marinate makes the meat so tasty. The pork and beef were so crunchy and easy to chew. It was fun to do the wrap while putting all the ingredients.

Since it is unlimited, the value of Php388 is worth for their promo. But if you order Samgyeopsal you may add some dish so you will not get famish while waiting for the meat to be cooked.


this is how I prepared my own Ssamgeopsal and I’m ready to eat it!

The servers are friendly. But considering it’s Father’s Day today, there are lots of customers inside the restaurant so there’s waiting time for our request. 

Seoul Garden Hot Pot

Seoul Garden Hot Pot is the extended brand of Seoul Garden which is known for its 2-in-1 buffet BBQ restaurant that offers a self-serving dining experience. Seoul Garden and BREEKS Café are owned and managed by Zingrill Holdings.

Pao, me and Shen are getting ready to munch new Korean dish

Pao, me and Shen are getting ready to munch new Korean dish

The first dining concept is a do-it-yourself BBQ buffet and the other is the Hot Pot (Steamboat). Customers will have fun cooking and grilling the food using various meat marinades that make Seoul Garden stand out from other Korean restaurants in the Philippines.


waiting for the crunchy grilled pork and beef

For another unique dining experience with the family, friends, or colleagues, Seoul Garden Hot Pot for me is a must-try restaurant because its food was tasty and on the budget.


There is a Samgyeopsal Day in Korea which is celebrated every 3rd of March and where all people should eat Samgyeopsal.


Seoul Garden Hot Pot
L1 U105 Promenade The District Imus
Daang Hari Road, Anabu II Imus, Cavite

Other Branches:

Seoul Garden Buffet
AX1 225-226 The Annex SM City North EDSA
Sto. Cristo II, Quezon City

Seoul Garden Hot Pot
L-4 Robinsons Galleria
Ortigas Avenue cor. EDSA, Quezon City

Seoul Garden Hot Pot
L1 U8 Ayala Mall Serin
Tagaytay City, Cavite
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