Singapore Family Trip-Part 1: Our First Day in the Lion Country

Being known for its exemplary cleanliness and safest place to visit, Singapore is no doubt one of the top Asian destinations of Filipinos during vacation and holiday. Travelling here with the whole family is so fulfilling because it has many tourist spots, attractions, shopping malls and amusements. Transportation system is so accessible and there is no language barrier since English is a common language.

the Merlion Park - one of the famous tourist spots in Singapore

the Merlion Park – one of the famous tourist spots in Singapore

Happy Us

We were so excited and so happy when at last, my brother who is working in Singapore granted his promise. He will treat us a delightful Singapore summer vacation (5 days for me, my hubby and my son, 10 days for my daughter and my mom). Yehey! We will visit the Lion Country together with his family. Our mother whose feet are still itching to go places despite her age of sixty six was the happiest of all. Hahaha! So thankful to God for the blessings of travel and life.

happy us!

happy us!

Singapore is on my bucket list to visit. At the onset, the reason why I want to set foot in this country is for me and my kids being their first time to travel abroad is to see why Singapore was tagged as one of the cleanest and safest to visit.

Not only that. Traveling the world will teach my children about the people, delightful cuisines, cultures, different geographies and the technology. It will teach them appreciate experiences and gather a unique memory in the process.


one of colorful dioramas in the airport

Singapore Changi Airport

My brother booked us an early flight to assure of a worthy family vacation. We started everything by strolling around in Singapore Changi Airport (also known as Changi Airport). With its unique facilities and so many exciting attractions, Changi Airport, is by itself a wonderful universe to explore.

one of the spectacular sights to watch in Changi Airport

one of the spectacular sights to watch in Changi Airport

Changi Airport won many times as “Hall of Fame” in Skytrax Airport of the Year. Not only that, it was named by air travelers as the World’s Best Airport at the 2016 World Airport Awards held in Germany for the fourth consecutive year.

We were amazed and fascinated walking inside. It was so beautiful! Our younger buddies frolicked in the children’s playground and Interactive Art, the reason they got exhausted.

Sorry but I only took few photos because of my excitement touring the airport. I have to make it short because we will start our exciting escapade once we drop our stuff in the condo unit my brother had rented for couple of days.

We consumed half of the day in the airport.

Transportation System

My brother searched for a budget-friendly condominium unit in the internet and luckily, he found a family room in MaySprings Condominium in Bukit Pankang which is in the West Region of Singapore. From the airport we rode the Skytrain going to Terminal 2 then another MRT ride going to Bugis Station and lastly to Bukit Panjang. It was an easy ride and cost us less using the EZ-link card.

the EZ-link card

the EZ-link card

I was so elated when we arrived in MaySprings Condominium because any moment, we will get out of the unit to start our adventure. Yahoo!!!

from the Skytrain

from the Skytrain

The family room was owned by a fellow Pinoy, a local of Pangasinan who had a success story in Singapore. Like us, they were also spending their vacation in their hometown, the reason why the unit was available during the time of our stay. It had two rooms, dining area, large living room, kitchen and a laundry area.

our room in MaySprings Condominium

our room in MaySprings Condominium

Unfortunately, my buddies were all exhausted. The cold room had cast a spell and so they all dozed off. I was so persistent to get out of the unit to start exploring the city, but since they were all sleeping, well, I might as well join them. Waaaahh!

Safe Place to Roam at Night

Good thing by night, we explored around outside the vicinity and went into nearby shopping mall to buy grocery goodies for our breakfast and baon for the next day getaway. They say it was safe anywhere in Singapore, so I comfortably placed my cell phone in my back pocket while having fun roaming inside the grocery area.

Inside the grocery store...

Inside the grocery store…

When we were done, I chose to stay outside to relish the moment with a quiet walk along the streets. There were few cars passing by in the main road. The cool breeze was so wonderful. There’s no pesky smoke coming from vehicles and cigarettes. It was just right that my brother found this quiet town because we were away from the busy city.

I was the only one dominating the street. I did not bother walking fast going back to the condo. Why hurry when you are savoring wonderful night solitude alone in a safe country like Singapore?

From my previous unforgettable experiences abroad (in Taiwan and Malaysia), I have this hunch, our Singapore getaway may top them all.

Well, let us see.

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