Loreland Farm Resort: Changed and Evolved

I was so excited when our team-building for Finance, IT and Admin Departments for 2013 was set in Camp Tipolo situated within Loreland Farm Resort in Brgy. San Roque, Antipolo City. This 8-hectare farm was owned by Lolita and Renato thus giving it the name Loreland. It felt so great going back in a place where I had a wonderful swimming activity with my family eleven years ago. You can book Loreland Farm Resort, Antipolo City with Traveloka.


revisited Loreland Farm after eleven years

Upon our arrival, we assembled at Verde Restaurant which is the only restaurant inside the resort. We were greeted by Madonna, the smiling sexy Tahitian mannequin. I felt a strong surge of nostalgia as I started walking around. I couldn’t remember how many pools the resort had during our first visit. It was amazing to see more swimming pools this time which were divided into four sections: Phase 1, the Phase 3, Kiddie Pool and Aplaya. Indeed Loreland evolved so much!

all I want is to dash into the water and swim!

all I want is to dash into the water and swim!

Loreland Farm features air-conditioned room such as family rooms, dormitory type rooms and villas. They have several cottages like Bahay Kubo, Cabana, Tree House, Nipa Hut, Pantalan, Shade and Umbrellas. But what caught much my attention was the Pantalan situated far from the crowd and noise of people.


I will choose Pantalan cottage when I get back in Loreland Farm because it is far from the crowd

The resort amenities are restaurant and bar, convenience store, chapel, function rooms, videoke, team building park, the children’s playground and a lot more. There are also sports facilities like basketball court and billiard for sport-minded persons.

Ryan, Bitoy and Madonna

meet Ryan, Bitoy and Madonna

Oh I just love to explore around the resort. What a wonderful day to relax, unwind and spend the day with nature.


picture taking of the early birds while waiting for the others to arrive


We occupied four family rooms; two rooms for the girls and two rooms for the boys. It thrilled me to occupy the bed beside the glass wall surrounded by trees. It was so nice to lie down there while gazing at the sky and the swaying leaves.


our room

Call time for dinner at Verde Restaurant: 7 pm.

Call time for water game: 8 pm.

After the game, we waded on the water and had fun.

Team-building time!

The most awaited part had come next early morning. It’s our activity time at Camp Tipolo Adventureland! We were gathered in front of Verde Restaurant for a morning workout, then breakfast came next. Our fun-filled activity in Camp Tipolo was written in my next story, “Camp Tipolo Adventureland, Here We Come!”


we are the winning team, The Purple Rain team!

After all the struggles bounded by teamwork and perseverance, our team the “Purple Rain” won in our exciting team-building. Our prize? A spa at Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa.


Time for pampering moment

After a hefty lunch and few minutes of rest, we all set off to the changing room. We were given towels and clothes. All were sanitized, well-scented and are comfortable to use and wear while walking around the facility. Girls wore tube top and short silk pants with bathrobes. Boys wore short with bathrobes too.

found the best spot to rest

found the best spot to rest

Luljetta’s Hanging Gardens and Spa was situated in a suspended ridge. Each level had spa with recreational facilities, bahay kubo and gazebos which were made from native rustic architecture. There was a homey feel when you get inside a bahay kubo. Chairs and tables were made from bamboo. Even the floors were made from a bamboo slat. It harmoniously blended to nature. There’s a cool fresh scent enough to whisk off all your worries and stress.

IMG_9532The resort offers body massage, foot spa, manicure and pedicure. They also have Dr. Foor Spa, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Hydo-massage pool and my favorite, the Infinity pool.

We first immersed ourselves in Hydro-massage pool located at second level. Water was cold but surprisingly, my body was rejuvenated from the bubble and rain shower effects.


We went back to the first level to sit down and relax our feet at Dr. Fish Spa. There were few fishes in the water, some were gentle and some were shy. When they came to my feet, I can’t help but laugh. They were tickling my feet.


one way to relax in Loreland is the use of Dr. Fish Spa

It was so refreshing to swim in Infinity Pool which overlooks the rolling hills, verdant landscape, Laguna de Bay and the Metro Manila skyline. The water was so clear and I noticed, the chlorine content was not strong. I frolicked under the water for an hour without any irritations in my eyes. I had a great time soaking my body in the Infinity Pool while savoring the serenity of the surrounding.


this is where I enjoyed much my stay… into Infinity Pool!

Other services included in our company package were the use of sauna rooms, jacuzzi bath and pedicure. These are all free, so we treat ourselves with excessive indulgence. Hahaha!

Then again, I went back to Infinity Pool with Lhen and Luna after utilizing our free services. This time, we had the pool all to ourselves. I got my quiet moment while looking at the sprawling greenery and mountain. I felt so blessed with this wonderful experience.  How I wish my family was here having the times of our lives!


the soothing view everywhere

Famished, we headed to Hanging Garden to eat snack. Palabok and cold ice tea were served. The cafe was small in size, but the architecture behind the structure was truly refreshing. It looked more of a spa rather than a dining area. Everything was made from native wood. I love the chandeliers, the low-lying table covered with a tablecloth from Zamboanga and the cute little stools.


enjoying the afternoon snack in Hanging Garden

This is another area in Luljetta’s you will surely love to hang around.

Our prize

By 6:00 pm it’s time now for the Red Team winners to pamper more ourselves of our winning prize, the Luljetta’s signature massage with a combination of Swedish, Thai and Reflex. Truly, I felt so refreshed and invigorated after the spa.

Loreland used to be for family bonding only. But with its expansion and improvement, the resort is now ready to conquer the corporate world.

The staff is courteous and cheerful.

We were thankful to Mr. Ramon Marinas for his warm hospitality and his wonderful accommodation to our company.  Sir, you made our stay, one of a kind experience.

Entrance Fees:

  • P160 – day tour
  • P180- overnight
  • Children 3 feet and below are free of charge.

 Contact Info:

Address: Sitio Loreland, Barangay San Roque, Antipolo City
Telephone Nos.: 696-0101 to 03
Mobile Nos.: 0917-8352000 / 0908-8734220 / 0932-8857351
Fax No.: 696-0106
Email addinquiry@loreland.com.ph

Check their present rates at their website: www.loreland.com.ph






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