Singapore Family Trip-Part 8: Orchard Road and Clarke Quay

We’re done with our window shopping at famous malls of Orchard Road. Time now to rest our feet and settle for coffee break at Starbucks Coffee situated near ION Orchard. Bogs and Allan ordered their favorite coffees while my hubby bought three mocha frappes and a tumbler, his travel collection which he got for SG$18.

time to settle for coffee break after window shopping in Orchard Road

time to settle for coffee break after window shopping in Orchard Road

A leisure walk at Orchard Road with my son

While the three gents were busy swapping stories, Pao and I opted to walk along the western part of Orchard Road after sipping our favorite mocha frappes. We started at Anguilla Park, Orchard Boulevard, Grange Road, passed by several hotels and restaurants with eye-catching architecture. Knowing it was safe walking around, we went farther taking advantage of all the interesting sights along the way.


Pao is having a good time walking around

Me and my son were so amazed seeing how clean Singapore was. It was devoid of smoke coming from cigarettes and even from vehicles. Walking and taking pictures delighted us both. There was the Thai Embassy on the other side of the road.


one of high-end malls along the Orchard Road Shopping Belt

When we got back to Starbucks Coffee the boys finally stood up. My brother texted us that he and his wife Lyn will wait for us in Clarke Quay by night. In getting there, we now took the eastern part of Orchard Road for another MRT ride at Somerset Station.

As we head on, we saw a mobile ice cream vendor (our version of dirty ice cream in the Philippines). Each slice of ice cream was served with a piece of bread for SG$1.20. Available flavors were sweet corn, durian, chocolate, ripple, red bean. We chose mango flavor. It was so yummy and tastes so sweet.


get ready for some cold treat…

Allan bid good-bye before we reach the next MRT Station. We thanked him for spending his time with us and for the lunch treat. Bogs was left because he will accompany us to Clarke Quay for a night life getaway.

Getting to Clarke Quay

We boarded the Somerset MRT station (NS23) alighted at Dhoby Ghaut (NS24) then another ride going to Clarke Quay Station (NE5)Clarke Quay was a few-minute walk from the MRT.

The Singapore River was the primary attraction that will welcome tourists upon entering Clarke Quay. The river was brown but had no nasty stench that will make you sick. There you will see people sitting on the riverside and boats that cruise the entire length of the river.


waiting for the sun goes down at Clarke Quay

Along the riverbanks were the extreme rides like GX5 The Extreme Swing Singapore and G-Max Reverse Bungy. We halted for a moment and enjoyed watching the individual rides.


riders of GX5 Extreme Swing were getting ready to shout their lungs out

When my brother and Lyn spotted us they approached us at once. We were so glad to introduce Bogs to them and we set off inside the main bar area. I noticed Clarke Quay isn’t all about night life with bar hopping or bar clubbing. There are restaurants with attractive glass facade, some had classy feel and some had nice music. There were plenty of tourists walking around with SLRs hanging in front of their chests. I was one of them.


Clarke Quay is much livelier at night

I got so delighted seeing women dressed in a nice evening wear, seems like they were set to attend an elegant night party. Some were wearing “hot” and seductive dresses, others wore casual only.

We stumbled at Wings Bar. It was near the fountain, which was the center of Clarke Quay. My brother ordered bears, stakes and fries. I’m a moderate drinker and so my hubby. Two glasses of beers are enough for us. Pao, was not used to this also, one glass was enough for him and he settled the night playing with his cellphone. Choy, Bogs and my hubby were having great times with their lively and funny stories.


enjoying the night life

Clarke Quay got even livelier by 10 pm.  Everyone was so alive. But we have to go home now. Taxi fare is expensive so we will catch the last trip of MRT by 11 pm. Bogs and Choy paid for the beer and meal. Thank you guys for the treat! We set off and spent few more minutes strolling around.

The waterside restaurants were stunning. The Singapore River got more attractive because of colorful lights illuminating the water.


way home now guys

Clarke Quay has so much to offer and there are other places to explore, but time had run out. Just the same, I felt so elated because we visited another Singapore’s famous tourist spot.

Next destination – Into Singapore Zoo

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