Paguriran Lake: In My Little Conquer

The nestled lagoon in the middle of an island, a natural sanctuary for giant seafaring turtles, fills with salt water during high tide.

This was the caption of March to April 2007 page of PNOC’s (Philippine National Oil Company) calendar with their theme, “Our Undiscovered Country” with the stunning picture of Paguriran Lake in Bacon, Sorsogon. Imagine an enclosed lagoon in the middle of an island? I jotted it down in my brown notebook and vowed myself to visit it in the future. Below the main picture were small pictures of Vera Falls which I visited last year (so thankful) and the other was Naghaso Boiling Lake (next target to explore), both were found in Albay.


the scenic view atop the jagged rocks

My hubby couldn’t be with us in a short vacation in our hometown in Albay because of his provincial project.  With our aunt, Tiya Glo and the rest of the family, we headed for a bus trip via Cagsawa. I highly recommend this bus line because of their unfailing good service, then and now.

My main agenda is to explore Paguriran Lake and check if it is okay for a family getaway. My hubby did not allow me to go there alone because of news of insurgencies to some part of Sorsogon, particularly in Bacon. But due to limited break from work I braved this opportunity. I promised him that I will be careful in my visit. When Tiya Glo (my buddy in my Vera Falls escapade) heard about my plan, she told me she wanted to go there too. And that started our exciting adventure.

9919Wednesday morning, we left Tabaco City at 8:25 am and arrived at Legazpi Jeepney Terminal at 10:08 through shuttle van (P50). Then we boarded a shuttle van going to Sorsogon City (P90). We patiently waited for almost an hour before we went off.  At Sorsogon Terminal we rode a jeepney bound to Sawanga, the last barangay in Bacon (P40).


the sign board

Bacon is a sleepy town. As we went along through a neatly paved road, my eyes enjoyed passing scenic views of lush vegetation. The tranquility was well-defined. I am a sleepy head but this journey awoke all my senses. I chatted with a fellow passenger who vigorously told us about the lake. When we were in Sawanga, I felt I was at the Eastern most end of Sorsogon. Half of the road was under construction. But the smart driver passed into the good side so we escaped from the dust. My seatmate told the driver to stop when we were in our destination. Travel time is 10:25 am to 11:40 am.


entrance to the other dimension

There was no signage going to the lagoon. We passed by a short dusty road and entered the fenced Paguriran Beach Resort. It had no summer crowd and few people were roaming in the area. We continue walking until finally we saw an islet facing an open sea. Surprisingly, there we saw large assembly of people submerged on a thigh-deep level water.


at Paguriran Beach Resort

My heart was pumping with excitement because any minute from now I’ll be seeing in person that wonderful picture I was dreaming on to explore. I’ve discovered there’s no need to ride a boat because it was so near at the beach area.  My auntie had already pulled out her camera and was grinning at me. So before we cross the water, we exchanged cameras and snapped our moment of memories.


sand bar submerged before 12 high noon

We folded our knee pants and we slowly traversed the shallow water which was so clear, warm and so calm. There were no rocks on the sea floor but it has occasional sea weeds. It was so nice walking on the creamy sand because it was very fine.

 As last this is it!

I was so thrilled seeing the lagoon surrounded by jagged rocks. And to my surprise, bathers were spread out in the aquamarine water. There was a diving area where boys frolicked in their jump to the water. Pao will surely enjoy this jump. There were teens having a good time as they swim in what seemed to be an opening to the other world.  It gives joy watching them immensely.

9965We clambered up the jagged rocks and there we saw the breathtaking view of the entire secluded lagoon. It was a wonderful sight to behold. We explored around. It was a delightful treat seeing the surrounding bay, the vast expanse of aquamarine water, the lush mangroves and the clear blue sky.


another day in wonder

I extended my two arms grasping the wind and yelled “This is life!” Hahaha!  I enjoyed so much taking pictures to my heart’s content. I promised myself, I will go back with my family. I want them to see this awesome spot and we will indulge in swimming activity.


the pararabas (Bicol term for lakwatsera)

I saw a teen-age boy jumped from one of the islets. He did it twice and later other teens joined him.  I took one shot of that boy in his candid move.


the jump!

Going back to the resort, my jaws dropped after seeing a glistening creamy white sand bar emerged in its full glory. I hastily removed my multi-strap sandal to feel its texture. It was so soft, almost comparable to Boracay. Amazing!  I imagine my little Shen making a sand castle and wading in the crystal clear water.


the amazing sand bar

We met the caretaker Lani Nogales and chatted with her for few minutes. She told us we were so lucky because we were able to see the lagoon on its best. There are days that it is filled with water, so disappointing to take pictures and is not ideal to swim. Another bonus point for us was the experience walking on the sand bar. She was so kind that she did not let us pay for the use of comfort room. She even toured me on cottages and rooms. In exchange with her kindness, we bought biscuits and soft drinks in her sari-sari store.

Parking fee as seen on picture below:

IMG_9990-640I strolled around and saw another resort. So after all, this is no longer an isolated or a dangerous place because of these mushroomed resorts fronting the islet. Paguriran Lake is now frequented by visitors so don’t be scared to explore.

I was thankful for this opportunity and to my “little conquer” to this awesome spot in our neighboring province. The sojourn had ended and we had fantastic and memorable photos to treasure. My admiration of how nature works and the discovery of same passion in capturing captivating moments are definitely a blessing and a wonderful experience to cherish.  I am hoping that I can go back with my family.

We left the resort at 1:30 pm.  We did not stay long as the last trip from the terminal of Sawanga going to Sorsogon is 4:30 pm.

See you again Paguriran Lake!


  • Lani Nogales’ contact number – 09296756325
  • Rate of Picnic Sheds – P200, P300 with videoke
  • Rate of Fan Room with comfort room – P700
  • No aircon room
  • It’s more convenient to bring private vehicle to lessen time trip.

In Getting There:

From Legazpi City, ride a van (P90) and alight at Sorsogon Terminal. From there board a jeepney with a sign board Sawanga (P40) the last barangay in Bacon and tell the driver to drop you off to Paguriran lake.

8 thoughts on “Paguriran Lake: In My Little Conquer

    • Hi diogines ducay,
      Your hometown is so beautiful that i wanted to go back and explore other exciting places…you may read Bulusan Lake and Rizal Beach in my site…thanks for visiting!

  1. Thanks for posting. I would love to visit the same place when I go home( hopefully soon). This is a wonderful post. Very clear and informative. Keep posting! Can’t wait for your next post.
    I like this site very much.

    • Hi Hayds,
      thank you for appreciating my site. I would love to travel with u there in the future with our families…just keep in touch!thanks for visiting!

    • hi pareng danny,

      punta kayo dito pareng dan, ang ganda ganda lalo n ang sand… pero dapat sa morning para low tide… enjoy!

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