Dfarm and Park in Masinloc, Zambales: Rainy but Happy

It was my post-birthday celebration and we are about to spend it in Armada Beach Resort on the island of Magalawa in Palauig, Zambales but typhoon Odette abruptly changed our plan. We were on our way to Subic Bay when Grace, the owner of the resort called us not to go to the island because the beach had gone dirty with seaweeds and branches of trees swarming the shore. My hubby hastily decided to proceed to DFarm and Park in Masinloc, still in the province of Zambales to continue our family getaway.


the tranquil and beautiful Infinity Pool overlooking Oyon Bay

DFarm and Park is a swimming pool resort perched on a hill overlooking the beautiful view of Oyon Bay and the West Philippine Sea. Aside from the view, the sunset will leave you breathless.

From the main highway, it was a bit challenging in getting to the resort because the-one way road was uphill and slippery. But when we reached DFarm we were hastily welcomed by its nature ambiance. The pathway as well as the garden is clean and well-maintained.


the happy us after a comfortable night stay and swimming activities

My hubby was already acquainted with Ms. Weng, the manager of DFarm because he had frequented staying in the resort because of their ongoing IT project in Masinloc Power Plant. When he called her for a room reservation, we were so lucky that we got the last cottage, the Guesthouse which is just enough to accommodate six to seven persons. We were so thankful to Ms. Weng for giving us a fair discount.


the Masinloc Power Plant and Oyon Bay as seen on Infinity Pool

The room wasn’t ready yet when we arrived. It was a bit early for check-in so we waited in the lounge area near the  Infinity Pool. From there, it was so soothing to see flowers, plants, the pool, and the scenic view of the Oyon Bay with the Masinloc Power Plant from afar. It was so tempting to swim right at that moment but we were all famished so we settled there for lunch.


One good thing about this resort is that food and water are allowed inside with no corkage fee. After eating and cleaning the table we all brought our stuff to the Guesthouse to rest.

The Guesthouse

The Guesthouse was a two-storey cottage with a foldable sofa, a single bed, and one double bed on the loft. It has a private bathroom, mini-refrigerator, and LED TV. Outside is a terrace with a table and a cemented bench. The Guesthouse was clean and had a homey feel.


this is where we stayed for the night

After we put our things orderly, we all set out for a swim. It was still raining but it was fun frolicking on the water.


the room on the second floor

The pools

Dfarm has several pools to enjoy with. These are the Infinity Pool, Adult Pool, Kiddie Pool, and three Private Villas where two of these have Infinity Pools, Adult Pool, and Kiddie Pool. What we enjoyed most was swimming in Infinity Pool 2. We almost had it all to ourselves for our first day. We had a great time immersing our bodies in the water while looking at the wondrous sight. I was glad there was no strong smell of chlorine. The kids love to frolic there.


we had a wonderful moment in this big and clean swimming pool

The Cottages

I was fascinated by looking at their cottages like the native Nipa Hut Payong and Bamboo Hut. Other cottages are the Gazebo with videoke, Hut in the Sky (where you could see the entire Oyon Bay), Seaview, Guesthouse, and the Tower.


this pool is for the kids to enjoy

Dinner Time

We still had viands for dinner at night but my hubby wanted charred meat so we grilled pork liempo, fish, and hotdogs. It was cold outside but it was so nice to eat our dinner on the terrace. Thank God there are no pesky mosquitoes outside considering there were lots of trees and plants everywhere.  We had a yummy dinner that we almost run out of rice.hahaha!


having lunch while the rain never stops

Since it was a cold night everyone chose to rest rather than swim. The kids and their lola stayed inside and watched tv. Me, my hubby, and Pao savored the relaxing moment on the porch chatting and laughing while sipping cans of San Mig apple. Later we had our coffee time.

From the long road trip to swimming, cooking, and all, our activities of the day were quite tiresome. But having quality time with my family, niece, and nephews did not wear me out. In fact, this getaway was worth spending. Later we all went to sleep happy and comfortably.


it was so nice to swim in the Infinity Pool while looking at the Oyon Bay

Good morning Masinloc

We awoke early hoping to see a beautiful and clear sky. Unfortunately, it was a downcast morning. But it did not dampen our moods. We took a morning quiet walk as we toured the whole resort. It was so refreshing to commune with nature. Later we went to the restaurant to order our breakfast. They offer home-cooked meals at an affordable rate.


The kids can’t wait anymore so they changed their nightdress to swimwear and dashed to the water excitedly!

By 8:00 am we all gathered on the terrace for breakfast. We had the traditional Filipino meal of tapsi with coffee and milo energy drinks. The food was served on time. The taste was just fine.

having fun time in the morning as the rain bade goodbye

having fun in the morning as the rain bade goodbye

The sky was cleared when we all went to Infinity Pool 2, our favorite pool. It was fun basking in the sunshine and again, we had the pool exclusively for us. Most of the guests were at the Adult Pool and the kids at the Kiddie Pool. The water babies had a wonderful time that we almost forgot we have to check out by 12:00 noon. Awwww bitin!

For our lunch, we ordered fried chicken and sinigang na baboy in the restaurant. It was delivered right on time. Sinigang was tasteful. Kids love the fried chicken that they ate by twos!


Honestly, this getaway was one of our happiest and memorable family escapades. We all had fun because all of us were swimmers and we love to swim, swim and swim! Though there were no slides (except for the Kiddie Pool) and diving board, the kids enjoyed it a lot. I was not a pool baby for I am a certified beach bum, but just like the kids, I had a great time too!

The reasons? The panoramic view in the Infinity pool, the tranquility, the nature ambiance, and the quality time I had with my loved ones.

The little store

There’s a little store near the Infinity Pool that sells basic goodies like biscuits, bottled water, shampoos, 3-in-1 coffee, shampoos, and soap. They sell beer too. But expect it to be higher than the regular price.


The staff

They are accommodating especially Ms. Weng who promptly attended to our needs through text or call. Even the gardeners are polite and respectful. Once I asked for something they responded quickly. But I noticed they have no lifeguard on duty. They should assign one in each pool to secure safety.

The food

The taste of the food was average and it was affordable. Either you dine in the restaurant or you may request your order to be delivered to your room at your desired time to eat. But do it early so they can serve it on time.

Contact Info:

Dfarm and Park
Km. 3 Baloganon, Masinloc, Zambales City

Contact Numbers:

Mobile Numbers: 0939-5386117
Jiji – 0922-8463865
Faye – 0922-8463852
Jing – 0922-8463851
Reggie – 0922-8463854
Shie – 0922-8463850

Please refer here in getting there.

Their website: http://www.dfarm.com.ph

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