The Water Park of Antel Grand Village Clubhouse

For this Lenten season, we skipped the out-of-town getaway for we opted to stay indoors. But we are a family who loves to swim, so we can’t stop ourselves from escaping the scorching heat of summer. We were given a complimentary ticket to the Water Park of Antel Grand Village Clubhouse by my brother who purchased property there. So on Black Saturday, we went there to enjoy a whole day water fun.


the Beach Pool has its island tropical feel

Antel Grand Village

I had been to several subdivisions in various parts of Cavite during our tripping in search of a house and lot, and as I observed, Antel Grand Village is the grandest when in terms of recreation. It is an exclusive subdivision covering a total land area of 140 hectares and is divided into seven villages. As we roamed around, I was overwhelmed to see beautiful houses in various styles and colors. It was a serene community with a safe environment as it is being manned for 24-hour security.


after frolicking in the water, kids can play in the Children’s Playground

We also explored their clubhouse which features the Water Park, Gym, Ballroom, Day Care, Game Room, Aerobics Area, and Coffee Shop. For us, the tranquil feel of the swimming pools especially the Beach Pool beckoned a comeback, a one-day family getaway to be exact.

Water Park

The Water Park consists of 9 gazebos and 7 interconnected swimming pools: Lap pool, Beach Sand Pool with 2 slides, Children’s Pool, Fountain pool, Activity Game Pool, Party Pool, Spa Pool with 4 Message Beds and the Lap Pool.


it is so relaxing to idle away the time in the sunken benches

Food and drinks are allowed inside the Water Park so we bought our complete meal from rice, viands, fruits, and water.

The Fee

Since we had a complimentary ticket for the pool entrance we only paid for the gazebo. We arrived at almost 10:00 am, unfortunately, there are no available Sunbrella (the cheapest gazebo) anymore. But lucky for us, we got the last Luxu Tent (netted) or else we have nothing to place our stuff.

The Luxu tent was enough for a small to medium-size families. It has two soft-cushioned benches (perfect for a short nap) and a long center table. It is covered entirely with a net for protection against pesky flies and other insects. It was near the Beach Pool area.


our simple abode for the day – the netted Luxu tent

After fixing our things we changed into swimwear and initially took shower to the designated shower area. It was a downcast morning, but no matter how gloomy the weather is, we dashed excitedly towards the first pool, the Beach Pool.

The Beach Pool

This man-made white sand beach is dotted with palm trees giving you an island tropical feel. After an enjoyable swim, it’s nice to lay your backs in the beach lounger chair and relax. Aside from the pool, the kids will surely love getting back and forth to the two water slides.


Mama and Shen are ready now to swim!

Party Pool

As water babies, we tried to swim to all the pools, but we stayed most of the day in the Party Pool. The pool area was wide so we enjoyed wading on the water. It has an adjoining kiddie pool where we transferred from Party Pool to enjoy floating in our backs. It has beach lounger chairs immersing on the water where we stayed momentarily after swimming on Lap Pool. It has also a sunken bar where you can eat snacks and sip cool refreshing drinks.


the Party Pool – this is where we enjoyed wading on the clear and clean water

Pool Slides

The kids will surely love to frolic on the two slides and enjoy basking on sunshine. Our daughter Shen laughed with sheer delight as she slid several times, feeling like she was a child again.


Daddy and Shen enjoying the afternoon mood in the slides

Activity Game Pool

Kids and kids at heart will have a good time in the Activity Game Pool for it offers a water facility for creative games.

Kiddie Pool

It’s time for the kids to learn more to swim in the Kiddie Pool with parents spending quality time with them. It may be for kids to enjoy, but for the adult like us, we had an enormous fun transferring from the Party Pool to the Kiddie Pool if there are no kids around. Hahaha!


the Kiddie Pool

Lap Pool

The entire size of the Lap Pool is 25 meters long which is said to be half the size of the Olympic Pool. It was fun to do the swim laps but it was tiring especially for us because we are not professional swimmers.


for the swimming enthusiast, the Lap Pool is for you! This is for Pao, a swimmer for three years old …

Massage Pool Beds

These four massage beds are submerged on the water. It has water jets that will massage you as you lie on the bed. So if you are already tired of spending time swimming the whole day, spare some minutes to relax here. My hubby did!


relaxing time at the Message Bed

Our comments:

With its location in an exclusive subdivision, the Water Park is an ideal place for a family getaway because it is not crowded. The water isn’t formulated heavily with chlorine so it is so nice to swim under the water with eyes widely open. All pools are being cleaned on Mondays so expect that the water is clean and clear.


me, daddy, Kuya Pao, and Shen… having a good time in the Lap Pool

All amenities are good. Comfort rooms have lockers, benches, and faucets and showers in running water. There are several shower areas, so you do not need to go to the comfort room to take a shower before dashing into the water. The whole area is clean. So please be responsible to throw your waists to designated garbage bins.


  • The rate for the pool entrance and gazebos are quite pricey for non-member, but you could be assured that you will enjoy your time in the Water Park for it is not packed by people even on holidays.
  • Food and drinks are allowed inside the Water Park.
  • A glass and pointed and breakable objects are prohibited inside.
  • No bringing of rice cooker or casserole.
  • No cooking/no grilling.
  • No bringing of pets.
  • No overnight stay.
  • Closed on Monday.
  • Patrons must shower before entering the water.
  • Wear appropriate swim attire.
Pool Entrance
* Member fee – Adult – P100/Child below 3 ft – P75/Senior Citizen – P100
* Guest fee – Adult – P300/Child below 3 ft – P150/Senior Citizen – P250
Gazebos and Tents
* cheapest – Sunbrella – P500 for Member and P700 for Guest
* highest rate – Mactan – P1,700 for Member and P1,900 for Guest
Operating Hours:
Tuesday to Sunday – 9:00 am to 6:00 pm

Antel Grand Village

Location: Brgy. Bacao 2, General Trias, Cavite
Cavite Office: 046-686-3151
Globe: 0917-599-5129

Clubhouse contact numbers: +63-9351932053/ (0917) 866-8401 or (046) 686-8833.

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  1. Hi,

    Good morning! Thank you for the detailed information about the waterpark. I truly love this place :)
    I have been wanting to hold my daughter’s bday there ever since I first saw it last 2011. She will be turning 7 this year and her theme really coincides with the place. May I ask what are the procedures in renting the place/whole water park? Her bday is on Oct. Thank you very much :)


    • Hi lalaine,

      Kindly refer to my post, contact numbers are given there. Thank you for visiting my site.

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