VIGAN: As we travel back in the past – Part II

After a two-hour nap in Mojica Residencia Hotel, everyone is ready to take a walk in the cobbled Calle Crisologo, the main attaction in Vigan.  And I am so excited to see the Spanish colonial architecture of Vigan.


It was Holy Thursday and as expected, Calle Crisologo has a huge crowd. We mingled with them and had fun looking at the old houses. Kalesa or the horse-driven carriage is the only vehicle allowed in the street.  There were lots of souvenirs stores side by side. Some of their items looked centuries old.

We were back in the old old time! And it was fun! Ahahaha!

Froi and Marie had already toured Vigan, so it was me and my family plus little Alvin will enjoy the Kalesa Ride.  It was a wonderful feeling riding again in a Kalesa.  Along the way, we saw some famous hotels, food chains and restos like Mcdo, Jollibbee, Mang Inasal, Greenwich, Red Ribbon, Hap Chan, Max’s, Cafe Leona, Tongson’s Royal Bibingka, Bigaa Gastro Pub and Mocha Blends.


so wonderful to ride a Kalesa again

First stop at St. Agustine Church, considered as the oldest church in Ilocos. Few distance away is the Sinking Bell Tower perched on a hill. It reminded me of Cagsawa Ruins in our hometown in Albay. We did some quiet walk and picture taking. It was getting dark so we opted to go back to Calle Crisologo.


St. Agustine Church



Sinking Bell Tower

Plaza Burgos – is located beside Cathedral of Vigan or St. Paul Cathedral Church.  Plaza Burgos was built in remembrance of the martyrdom of Fadre Jose P. Burgos. The plaza was small but well-lighted.  It is so nice to sit on concreted benches, to stroll around or play in the playground.   


Plaza Salcedo is located in front of St. Paul’s Cathedral.  Plaza Salcedo is named after the Spanish conquistador Juan de Salcedo who arrived in Vigan and established Villa Fernandina de Bigan in 1572. It’s highlight is the Dancing fountain show with synchronized music that started at 7 pm. It lasted for thirty minutes. Everyone of us enjoyed watching it. There are two shows on weekends, 7:00 and 8:00 pm and only one on weekdays (7:00 pm).


the lively and magnificent dancing fountain show


The Cathedral of Vigan (formerly known as St. Paul’s Cathedral) is located in front of Plaza Salcedo It is the city’s major church and has been a center of Roman Catholic devotion for centuries.  The cathedral has a Baroque architectural design. Its facade is not as impressive as the old colonial churches in other provinces, but you will admire its interior design.


St. Paul’s Cathedral

Kalesa fare – P150.  Parking space is beside Plaza Salcedo.

We had our dinner at Commida del norte Bistro Vigan but unfortunately, we had a bad experience in this resto.  It took more than one hour before the food was served and to our dismay, we had an incomplete order.  The waitress was so apologetic for the delay, but the manager (the lady on the counter) didn’t mind at all.  We’ve learned from the other guests, they too had the same experience. We left the resto hungry and disappointed.

Time check:  10:45 pm.  Thanks to Mocha Blends for extending their store hours. The staff were so accommodating and still smiling though they should close the store at 9 pm.  Everyone of us enjoyed our Mocha Blend Latte and Vanilla Latte frappes and Strawberry Smoothies.


before we retire for bed, we had a coffee break at Mocha Blends… the only open food establishment by 11 pm…

Ahhh thanks to the satisfying frappes, it cooled down our bad mood. There were few people strolling around.  The silence was hovering the cobbled street. We enjoyed much our evening walk in the famous Calle Crisologo late that night.

Looking at old abandoned colonial houses wasn’t scary. We were even hoping to see ghosts on open windows or ghosts that will walk beside us. But there was none…hahaha!

Good night Vigan!

 In getting there to Vigan:

1)  You may take a bus ride (Partas Bus, Dominion Bus and Aniceto Bus) through Manila-Vigan route.

2)  By plane, from Manila to Laoag City in Ilocos Norte.  Vigan can be reached by Partas Bus, Florida Bus or Farinas Bus in one and a half hour ride.

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