Boodle feast at Blackbeard’s Seafood Island North Shore

In celebration of Mother’s Day today, we will spend the night with a boodle feast at Blackbeard’s Seafood Island North Shore or simply Seafood Island at SM Bay the Bay, Mall of Asia.

And another reason to hype up the evening is the birthday celebration of my youngest brother Choy who is in a two-week vacation (he is based in Singapore). This is his treat. Thanks bro!


the menu

This was their first time at Seafood Island. I’m pretty sure, this meal will not disappoint their cravings for superb grilled foods.

It’s Mother’s Day and as expected, all food establishments at SM MOA were jam packed. But my brother, a smart kid since birth, hehehe anticipated this matter, took an early reservation at Seafood Island and skimmed off the best spot to feel the breezy atmosphere of the sea. Luckily, we were near the bay.

The thirteen of us, happy souls indeed sat comfortably. The waiter approached us immediately and handed two menu books and so we scoured the list of dishes.

Seafood Island is well-known for its boodle feast with specialty dishes from different provinces in our country. These are Dagupan’s Pride, Boracay’s Feast, Magellan’s Landing, Davao Gulf, Palawan Shores, Mt. Apo, Vigan, Island Sinugba Espesyal, Garlic Seafood Delight and Meaty Madness for the meat lovers.

In about twenty minutes, two main courses were served. For our part, we ordered the boodle feast Mt. Apo. It consists of grilled liempo, inihaw na manok sa gata, grilled squid, kinilaw na tanigue, steamed crabs, imbao sa buco, steamed shrimps, fried tilapia and law-uy. Servings – 5 to 6 persons (P1,650).

448-Mt Apo

Mt. Apo

Choy ordered Tali Beach with the unique miniature raft and consists of grilled chicken, steamed white shrimps, crabs, grilled tahong, inasal big barbecue, grilled squid, grilled tomatoes, lato, watermelon, mango and steamed rice. Servings 5-6 persons (P1,345).

Tali Beach

the Tali Beach

Seafood Island is not limited to boodle feast only. They offer variety of dishes from appetizer, soups, rice, meat, veggies and even desserts. They also offer cocktails and beers. We anticipated in advance running out of food so we ordered Kinilaw na Tanguigue and Chopsuey.

Our drinks – mango shakes, pineapple juice and ice tea. Tap waters are served by the waiters upon request.


it’s US

It was a good idea to eat on banana leaf. And to make it more of a beach feel, we washed our hands in their wash area and eat on bare hands!  But others opted to use spoons and forks.

the kids

the little kids waiting for the Tali Beach

A health-conscious mom like me prefers munching grilled dishes rather than deep fried foods serve by fast food chains. This boodle feast is rather new for the kids, but surprisingly, they did not complain. They love the grilled chicken and the crab.

This is another wonderful gastronomic adventure with the family. Bonding, talking, laughing. The experience was great. Food was delectable. The kids love it. For me, Seafood Island is a food heaven.

448-choy and lyn

Thanks Bro for the treat… sa Uulitin! Hehehe!

The service was just fine despite the holiday. Wash area was clean. The ambiance was perfect.

I sure love to go back and we will try other boodle feast.

Contact Info:

  • Phone number – 02-8040130
  • Address: Building G, SM BY the Bay, Seaside Boulevard, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City

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