Patungan Cove in Maragondon, Cavite

Patungan Cove is privately owned and we were so lucky that we had the opportunity to soak up the sun in this resort which is less crowd and teeming with tranquility. The cove is located in Sta. Mercedes (Patungan) at the farthest end of Maragondon, Cavite.


the cove during twelve high noon

Part of our excitement in getting there was setting foot in Kaybiang Tunnel, the new 300-meter tunnel and the so-called Ternate-Nasugbu Road which connects Cavite and Batangas.  We stopped beside the highway and had picture taking.

The well-paved road from Kaybiang Tunnel leads us to a breath taking vista.  Again, we had a pit stop beside the highway and watched the vast expanse of sparkling blue water.  Wow! It was so fascinating.  Again, time to own our snapshots of this jaw-dropping scenery.


take a look at the monolith of Pico de Loro

Then we head off to our destination. There was no signage along the way, no people to ask to. We saw a small road which we thought will lead us to the right path. By a stroke of luck, we did. There were security guards at the entrance and we were signaled to stop. I asked them in a humble tone, “Sir is it possible if we could swim?”  It took twenty minutes before we were given a “pass.”  We were told to look for Dhags Mojica and there we set off happily and excitedly.


cottages at P500 each

Barangay Sta. Mercedes is a laid-back community where fishing is one of their sources of living. This barangay abounds with wooden houses and wooden fences, evidence of a simple and tranquil provincial life. I never thought that Cavite which is now booming because of urban development (with sprouting subdivisions and commercial centers) still has this kind of community.

Barangay Sta. Mercedes is far from downtown, better yet, far from civilization. So far away from monster modernization. Taking a vacation with kind-hearted people and beautiful sea view will surely take your stress away from your system!  I just love it here!


the rough road in Patungan is now a private road

Dhags Mojica wasn’t there when we reached the resort area. We were entertained by Charmaine and showed us the cottages, Php300-small cottage and Php500 the bigger one and in the beach front. Of course we want to have the best spot to stay for the day so we chose the latter. Surprisingly, the resort had no entrance fee. After thanking Charmaine, we put our stuff into the table, ran to the sea and waded happily in the water. What a perfect escape from the heat of summer.


look how fine the sand is

Just like Katungkulan Beach Resort, the sand in  Patungan Cove was gray and very fine. Indeed, we enjoyed walking on bare foot. It was just fine playing with the buffeting waves because the water was shallow. My hubby and Pao had fun swimming farther and playing like children with the waves.

Patungan Cove seemed like an exclusive resort because it has no summer crowd. The community was clean. And the people were so nice and friendly.


its not pristine white sand beach, but sand is fine and no rocks or stones on sea floor

It was a beautiful day to chill. Allow me to say it again, I love this place. Though the resort is devoid of posh facilities, everyone of us enjoyed a lot. I was so thankful to those bikers in Katungkulan Beach Resort for telling us about Patungan Cove. We discovered another beach resort and had an unforgettable experience away from the busy scene of crowded beaches near Manila.


our cute little Vienna took care of our cottage while we were soaking on waters

This place is a good side trip after a trek to the monolith of Pico de Loro.  But as of this time, it was so chaotic to go inside Patungan Cove because this is privately owned.

It was a stoke of luck for discovering a beautiful beach like this which is seldom visited by beach goers.

So thankful, really!

20 thoughts on “Patungan Cove in Maragondon, Cavite

  1. Great review!

    Do you happen to remember the contact person there? We are planning for an overnight stay this coming long weekend.

    We are around 25 pax of 4-5 families.

    Any leads will be appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Chris,

      Sorry for the very late reply. Out contact person is Kuya Dhags Mojica with cp no. 09308975690. I can’t assure you if you will be allowed to enter Patungan Cove for this is now privately owned. But try your luck. Like we did.

      Thanks for visiting!

        • Hi jaymie clidoro,

          Sorry po, I forgot the name of the owner. May resort naman po sila pero mahirap pumasok kasi privately owned.

          • may nabasa din po kase akong isang blog about sa patungan din last june 30, 2015 lng sila nagpunta tas nagreply ako sabi niya public owned naman daw po sya :3 nalilito ako kung anong paniniwalaan ko haha

          • Hi jaymie clidoro,
            Base po kasi sa last year na nagpunta kame sa Patungan Cove ang sabi ng contact person namin is privately owned na nga daw po ang resort. Pero kung me kakilala sa loob papapasukin naman ng mga security guards sa entrance.
            Thanks for visiting my site.

          • Hi jaymie clidoro,

            Ang contact person po namin ay si Kuya Dhags Mojica, try ninyo po ang number na ito – +639308975690. I hope reachable pa po ang number niya but in case hindi na, puwede pa naman kayo pumunta sa resort sabihin ninyo lang kakilala ninyo si Kuya Dhags.

  2. Hi po.

    tinry ko pong tawagan yung contact number na binigay mo pero hindi na po nagriring ask ko lang po sa if may iba pang contact details. thanks!

    • Hi jemmae balais,
      Private property na po ang Patungan Cove kung wala po kayong contact sa loob ay hindi po kayo makakapasok.

    • Hi Harlene Gloriani,
      Here’s the contact number po ng marine base – 09054613766 and 09167336307

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