Early dinner at Apag Marangle, Pampanga

Our two-day sun and sand getaway at Nagsasa Cove in Zambales was indeed so refreshing. As we headed along Gapan Road in Pampanga, we searched for dining options somewhere in the city which is known for its sophisticated culinary work and exotic dish. By a stroke of luck, we stumbled upon this humble restaurant Apag Marangle which was beside the main highway in Sta. Barbara, Bacolor, Pampanga.


the big nipa hut that warmly greeted us

We parked our van in the spacious lot and were ushered by the waiter into the main restaurant. To our delight, a huge nipa hut perched in the middle of a fish pond warmly welcomed us. We walked down the aisle made entirely of bamboo. Wooden tables, chairs, and indoor plants were inviting us to sit comfortably, enjoy the view, and relax. Apag Marangle (hain sa bukid) made us feel a unique traditional ambiance.


Cozy ambiance, nature feel

We sat at the table overlooking the fishpond and nearby mini-farm. A moment later, the waiter gave us their unique menu in the form of a banana leaf. We noticed the menu is written in Kapangpangan. Apag Marangle is promoting its culture through the practice of its dialect.

Apag Marangle serves authentic Kapangpangan dish and they maintain their standard traditional way of cooking. Vegetables and ingredients come from the fresh produce harvested daily from Pampanga. This is what made them unique from other restaurants in the region.

Kumareng Rose, being a Kapangpangan and a superb cook, ordered the dishes we will surely love to eat. 


can’t wait to eat

While waiting for the food to be served, Pao, Shen, Abu, and I set off for a walk in the mini-farm. What we found were lemongrass and pandan. These organically grown plants are used as ingredients in Sale Manuk Lemon Grass Chicken soup, Lemon Grass Tea Herbal Tea, Pinaupong Manok, and stuffing for Lechon Belly.

We walked around and got even more delighted to witness the charm of rural life. We were amazed by washing our hands through a faucet connected to a big earthen jar (banga) in the wash area. This reminded me of my childhood days in my hometown in Albay where my Lola Ang stored mineral water in a banga fetched from a nearby spring. It was cold and refreshing to drink. DSC_2863

When we went back, the food was already set on the table. And here’s what we ordered.

Tidtad (P245) means chopped. Tidtad is their version of dinuguan, but instead of squeezing pork blood stew, they chop it. The solid chunks looked like pieces of liver.

DSC_2844Ningnang (Grilled) Hito (P255) is a much sought-after dish where a broiled catfish was grilled and complemented perfectly with unripe tamarind juice and fish paste. DSC_2852 Pepasingong Gule Ampong Taguito (P195) – steamed vegetables (eggplant, okra, kang kong, mustasa) with fermented shrimp/rice dip. DSC_2843 Ningnang Pusit (P210) – Grilled squid with a dipping sauce of soy sauce and calamansi. We sliced this into small chunks which made it easier to munch it.DSC_2845 Pepasingong Kangkong (P75) – steamed fresh kang kong with fish sauce. DSC_2840 Asado ng Ima Ku (P315) – traditional chicken and pork pot roast. Kids love this dish. DSC_2842

Garlic Rice (P185) is rice fried with olive oil, lots of garlic, and with toppings of toasted garlic


Tabang Talangka (P195) - a crab paste where we used it as tasty gravy in plain rice.

Pork Barbecue (P70)

6 cup plain rice (P210)

Sago’t Gulaman (P65)

DSC_2849 Fresh Buko (P75)

Bim was a fanatic of Kapangpangan cuisine so he ordered the exotic fried Chili Garlic Camaru or mole crickets blended with onion, garlic, and tomato. Out of curiosity, every one tasted it. Well, it was like a crispy dilis, it tastes good.


The service was moderately fast. The food was appealing and tasted really good. I guess this will be an early dinner. There’s no leftover on plates except for the fishbone.

It’s good that we passed by this restaurant and had a refreshing dining experience. Apag Marangle took us away from the city and let us feel the breeze of fresh air and a relaxing atmosphere. With the tranquility, rustic feel, and delectable food, we sure love to go back when another exciting North Luzon getaway comes again.

The next time you head to Pampanga dine at Apag Marangle and you will surely experience the best of Kapampangan cuisines and its unique farm-like dining ambiance like no other!


satisfied customers

Thank you to Sir Vhong Zapanta-Serillano, the General Manager of the restaurant for his warm accommodation.

Contact Details: 
Main branch -  Olongapo-Gapan Rd., Sta. Barbara, Bacolor, Pampanga, Philippines Contact No.: (+63 45) 436-1600, (+63 922) 888-0568 / 0922.888.0568 /(045)436 1600 
Other Branch:
Marquee Mall - Level 1, Marquee Park, Marquee Mall, Angeles City Pampanga Philippines Contact No.:  0925-8858979
Riverwalk Harbor Point Ayala Mall Subic Freeport Zone: Contact Nos: 0925.215.6122 / (047) 306.56.99

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  1. In behalf of our team APAG MARANGLE RESTAURANT I would like to thank SLIPPERSANDSHADES for dining with us. we hope to see you again guys! God bless and more travels to come! Have a nice day ahead!

    (Thank you very much!)

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