Seafood delight at The Boiling Crab, Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas isn’t all about the glitz and glamour, the vibrant city lights, swanky casinos and hotels, and the like. It also offers an incredible dining experience. Our generous hosts for our vacation in the city, my niece Miko and husband Derick had toured us to exciting places, and at the same time, they brought us to some of its unique restaurant which includes a boiling seafood restaurant, The Boiling Crab.

the delicious

the delicious bag full of sweet shrimp boil

The Boiling Crab is a popular Louisiana-style Cajun seafood restaurant. It is famous for its fresh crabs, crawfish, and shrimps, steamed or boiled in the Cajun-style blend of spices. The restaurant started in a small town in Southern Texas in 2004. Through the passing of time, the family-style restaurant started to expand into branches bringing fun and taste of a backyard crab fest to the world.

happy dining together in Las Vegas

happy dining together in Las Vegas…thank you Mik and Derick for bringing us here

Coming from a noontime visit to Mandalay Bay Casino Hotel, we headed to our next destination, Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino. But along the way, Derick spotted The Boiling Crab and we veered to the resto’s parking area for an afternoon seafood treat. We were not famished yet for we had a heavy lunch at home but Derick wanted us to taste the seafood goodness of this restaurant.


When we stepped inside the restaurant it was full. We waited for about twenty minutes to be seated. It was just fine since we are used to long waiting in the Philippines. We were ushered to a long table by the handsome waiter. Yes, Americans are so cool and handsome! Haha!

The restaurant had a nautical theme. It was huge and packed by people who love to munch fresh seafood. Aside from the replica of a Lighthouse, there was the great white shark hanging on the ceiling and other sea display items near the comfort room. Another thing that caught my attention is the graffiti on the plank wood wall. I’m not sure if every guest is allowed to write or draw on it.


The waiter started off by covering the table with a white liner thick paper. We will not eat on white plates and we will not use a spoon or fork. We will eat on bare hands. Then we were given giant bibs to prevent our clothes from being messy. This is the uniqueness of The Boiling Crab. In the Philippines, we use banana leaves. Haha!

Shen loves the shrimp boil as well as the Cajun fries

Shen loves the shrimp boil as well as the Cajun fries

Our Food

Derick and Miko ordered Gumbo with rice, one of the bestsellers of the restaurant. For the kids, they had Cajun fries. We all washed our hands while waiting for the food to be served.

Cajun fries were first served on the table. It was hot and crunchy! It was meant for the kids but since all had each share, it ran out too fast. Haha! Derick ordered again for everyone’s delight. It was delicious no wonder we had three orders of it.

the Cajun fries.. everyone love it!

the Cajun fries.. everyone loves it!

Later, four plastic bags full of shrimp boil, smoked sausage, and seasoning were served. Since this is new to me, I excitedly opened it and bang! An aroma of garlic, butter, and spices filled the air. We had rice and dipping sauce of lemon pepper. Right away, everyone got busy peeling the shrimp which was seasoned well with the spicy Cajun sauce. It was sweet and deliciously boiled. The smoked sausage was tender and tastes good too. 

the bag

the bag

Everyone inside was busy peeling seafood. Indeed, we had a noisy but delightful afternoon meal. A heavy one indeed! It was fun sharing this kind of unique dining experience with the family while exchanging stories and eating with bare hands!

our afternoon seafood delight

our afternoon seafood delight

Eating shrimps leaves a bad odor in the hands even it is washed several times in a day. What we did, we squeezed lemons in our hands and it got the sauce and seafood smell off our hands easily.  

Aside from seafood they also offer beer and margarita for the happy hour.

immersing on a new dining style

immersing on a new dining style in “The Boiling Crab”

The Boiling Crab has a distinctive ambiance, sports TV, and best of all, has fresh and delicious food. Their service was fast and the staff was nice and friendly. The long wait was worth it. No wonder, Miko and her family are regular customers of this seafood restaurant.

satisfied customers... my sistah and our mom :)

satisfied customers… my sistah and our mom :)

If you are a seafood lover and want to immerse yourself in a new style of a dining experience, then The Boiling Crab is for you!

Address: 4025 S Decatur Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89103
Contact Number: (702) 386-0808
Monday to Friday: 3:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Saturday to Sunday: 12:00 pm to 10:00 pm

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