Bon AppeTEA in Dasmariñas, Cavite

My hubby and I are regular Starbucks Coffee customers who would go there to while away time. Lately, we ventured out for something new. This time we tried the refreshing alternative to coffee which are the “milk teas”. After my follow-up check with my OB-Gyne, my hubby enjoined the whole family to taste the milk teas of Bon AppeTEA!


our choices of Milk Teas and Yakult Teas

As we entered Bon AppeTEA we were welcomed by the warm color green signage on the wall and the life-size standee of Arny Ross who happens to be the owner of the store (co-owned by Franklin Banogon). We knew this actress because he is my son’s school mate in college and one of the cool casts of GMA-7′s Bubble Gang.

The store had a tranquil, trendy and vibrant ambiance with several posters hanged on walls. There were the usual tables and chair on main area and near the glass wall. We preferred to occupy the Japanese-style dining area with small and low dining tables and soft-cushioned pillows.


nice area to chill with family and friends

After removing our shoes, we hurried off and sat comfortably on the wooden floor. There was a wall-mounted TV where everyone can watch a show while waiting for the food to be served. And there’s the soft melodic tune wafted across the small room.

There have been already a lot of milk tea shops that sprouted all over the metro, but this one has its unique coziness that will delight you to hang out while sipping your chosen milk teas.

The store offers a self-service system. Pao approached the service crew and asked for the menu. Aside from milk tea, which is their main product, they also offers frappes, ice coffee blends, hot drinks, fries, pastas, waffle sandwiches, nachos and rice meals. Indeed, they have different variety of menu. 


my family as we ventured out for a taste of Milk teas and Yakult teas

Since it was late afternoon (time for early dinner), we ordered pastas, rice meals and milk teas. Shen and I are frappe lovers but out of curiosity, we opted to order Yakult teas to quench our thirst.    

Bon AppeTEA offers add-ons like Pearl (Sago) for P15, Nata de Coco, Caramel Jelly, Coffee Jelly, Egg Pudding and Tri  Color Jelly for P20. We chose Pearl to make our drinks more delicious and refreshing.


Just like the other milk tea shops, the sugar level in Bon AppeTEA can be adjusted from 0% to 100% depending on the customer’s choice. For us, we did not want it to be sugar overload so we preferred it to be 50% only.

Our order:

Adobo Flakes (P129) and Nirvana Large Milk Tea (P100) for daddy.


Pesto with waffle sandwich (P129) and Kiwi Yakult extra Large (P120) with Pearl (P15) for me.


BBQ Medium (P85) with Caramel Hazelnut Milk Tea Extra Large (P120) for Pao.


Smoked Ham (P99) and Dutch Dreams Milk Tea Extra Large (P120) with Pearl (P150) for Coleen.


Carbonara with waffle sandwich (P119) and Cotton Candy Yakult Large (P100) with Pearl (P15) for Shen.


We also ordered large Cheese Fries (P95) while waiting for the main dish and drinks to be served.

Our food costs P1,261.00 only, so affordable for the five of us.

Food: Carbonara and Pesto were flavorful. The former was so creamy. As per my hubby, the Adobo Flakes is not as crunchy and excellent as what he always orders at Tapa King’s, but he likes it anyway. The shreds of meat were tender and had the right amount of saltiness. BBQ meat as per Pao was also tender and works well with its sweet sauce. They dipped it in vinegar. For Coleen, she likes the sweetness and tenderness of the Smoked Ham. 


Milk Teas: My hubby favored their best-selling Nirvana, a combination of Assam Black Tea & Wintermelon. Coleen likes her Caramel Hazelnut with Assam Black Tea, Caramel and Hazelnut. Pao had Dutch Dreams with Assam Black Tea and Dark Chocolate which he likes too. According to them, with its 50% sugar content, they are not so sweet but taste great. 


Yakult Teas. Yakult Teas are an easy choice for newbies especially for kids. But Shen did not like much the Cotton Candy because of its distinct taste. But she devoured the Carbonara happily. Mine’s choice, the Kiwi Yakult had its piquant taste of kiwi and the familiar smoothness of Yakult. They were not as tasty as the milk teas, but I guess if we made its sugar content 100% rather than 50% maybe it will taste better because of extra sweetness. Anyway, it was just fine, at least we had tried.


Shen is enjoying the ambiance while waiting for her Cotton Candy Yakult tea

Downside: The comfort room and the washer are on the ground floor of the building. So before you go up, make sure to go to the comfort room first so you will not be disturbed during the highlight of happy meal hours.

But they have a wall-mounted hand sanitizer near the cashier booth.

Service: Service is good. Staffs are courteous and friendly. Milk teas and Yakult teas were served just on time. For the food, the only delay is the Pesto.

The Verdict:

We are a family who loves to try new food and unique ambiance. Bon AppeTEA has its unique coziness that’s why we were so lucky that we had their Japanese-style like dining area all by ourselves for almost an hour. It was perfect for chilling with family or friends. But we compressed near the entrance when customers started to pour inside.


What I like in their drinks, it’s not over filled with ice compared to some milk teas I tried which worries me of having a sore throat. Their add-on pearl was so soft that we enjoyed munching it bit by bit. Next time we visit Bon AppeTEA, we will definitely try their other Milk teas and Yakult teas as well. Anyway, we are not afraid to explore on new things.

Bon AppeTEA has 20 branches in Luzon, 7 in Visayas and 8 in Mindanao, and still expanding.

Bon AppeTEA

Dasmarinas, Cavite (near Waltermart and Metrobank and before Swiss Resort)
2nd Floor Marushima Building, San Agustin 3
Dasmarinas, Cavite
Opening hours: 10:00 am to 12:00 midnight daily
((0917) 921-0478
Official website:
Facebook page: @bonappeteaph

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