Moonlight Resort in Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

When my sister abroad went home for a one-month vacation with her family, she told me to look for a nice beach for a water escapade. My brother who is based in Singapore came home too for a five-day vacation. This is indeed an exciting reunion with my siblings especially with my sister who got so busy with her work since they migrated to California for almost three years now.

grainy sand makes the water clear... that is in  Laiya in San Juan, Batangas

grainy sand makes the water clear… that is in Laiya in San Juan, Batangas

My siblings want to spend one whole day with the whole gang to laze into the water and eat Filipino food they were craving abroad like grilled yellowfin tuna and pork liempo. Both of them wanted to swim in a nearby beach, two or three-hour trip only to avoid getting exhausted by travelling far. I highly recommended beaches in San Juan, Batangas knowing for its clear water compared to the other parts of the region.

I was thinking of going back to Villa Sulit in Baryo Hugom, but this time, I want to try beach resorts in Laiya. I searched in the internet and found the affordable Moonlight Beach Resort.

the little sari sari store in the resort

the little sari sari store in the resort

Laiya used to have best-secret beach resorts, but not anymore. It is now frequented by tourists because of its clean water and its proximity to Manila.

Since we were in a day tour only, we rented a van so all of us (14 to be exact) will fit in. We left our house in Pasay City around 5:30 a.m. and reached San Juan around 8 a.m. When we passed by the Municipal Tourism Reception Area, we were signaled to stop because we have to pay for the Php 20.00 compulsory ecological fee. We were not aware when was this imposed. Anyway, we did not complain, we have to abide with the rule.

Along the way we passed by Noren’z Lomi House just beside the main road. My siblings missed this Filipino dish which is authentic to eastern part of Batangas. This is what we had for our breakfast complemented with Gardenia bread and coffee for the elders, milo for the kids, others water only. It was served in a big bowl (Php80.00 only) enough to satiate three or four people. Burp!

had lomi for our breakfast

lomi for our breakfast

Thanks to waze apps for we found the resort in its exact location. The access to Moonlight Beach Resort was through MCRC Resort so we have to pay for the passway fee of Php150. Should the guests decline to stay in the resort, passway fee will be returned to them. We parked our van and hastily looked the beach area. It’s good that everybody liked the beach. We chose the big wooden cottage in the beachfront (Php3,000.00) and brought all our stuff inside.

our cute cottage for the day

our cute cottage for the day

We started grilling our food. The kids applied sun blocks and ran to the water right away. My niece Rion who grew up in California was not used to beach swimming. She was so cute and adorable when she went back with a sad face. According to her, the water was salty and the wave scared her to swim. She complained, “it was so dangerous.” But since all her cousins were frolicking in the water, she joined them again. For the second time, she did not want to get out from there anymore. Funny kid. Hahaha!

the nipa huts in the beachfront

the nipa huts in the beachfront

Lunch time

Surprisingly, the kids feasted on grilled Tuna with dipping sauce of soy sauce and a pinch of calamansi. I just love it too. There were also Hotdogs and Relyenong Bangus. I ate with bare hands and consumed more than a cup of rice. No diet this time please!  Our desserts were banana and watermelon.

"It's fun in here," Rion  uttered happily as she dashed to the water for the second time.

“It’s fun in here,” Rion uttered happily as she waded on the water for the second time.

It should have been raining now because it was already month of June. But it was still hot as summer and we did not mind soaking our bodies into the water amidst the scorching heat of the sun.

It’s good that I brought our snorkel gears. We enjoyed watching those transparent fishes swimming playfully under the water.

looking forward for another family beach getaway with the whole gang

looking forward for another family beach getaway with the whole gang

It was a non-stop water fun and by 3 pm, we ate a hearty snack, Pansit bihon and egg sandwich. Then we dashed into the water again. 

It was a fun-filled day. Rion and all the kids savored the moment swimming and playing to the water. Everyone was happy. Refreshed and satisfied we left the resort by 5 pm.

Rate of Cottages:

  • Small Nipa – P2,000 – 4 to 12 persons
  • Kubo Style – P3,000 – 10 to 15 persons
  • Pavilion – P4,500 – 20 to 25 persons


  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Island Hopping
  • Volleyball
  • Videoke
  • Banana Boat


  • No Entrance fee
  • No corkage fee
  • There is a small sari-sari store near the information area

 Contact Info:

Moonlight Resort has two owners. We stayed in the resort owned by Johnny and Gerlin Garcia

  • Address:  Sitio Balakbakan, Brgy. Laiya Aplaya, San Juan, Batangas
  • Contact Number:  Kuya Henry – 09089385945; 09217297162; 09177362942 . Telephone Number – 425-3415
  • Wesite:

The other resort:

  • Contact Numbers: 0920-2215493 (Smart); 0916-6719833 (Globe) -Tel. No. 02-710-5663
  • Website:
  • E-mail:

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