Company outing at Morong Star Beach Resort, Morong, Bataan

Between Morong Star in Morong, Bataan and Puerto Marina in Pangasinan, the former was finally chosen by the majority for this year’s company outing of Finance and Admin Departments. The resort’s wide array of activities especially the Banana Boat was the reason behind its winning. And we’re so excited for that ride!


Since we are a big group, we took a promo package to cut the cost. This includes two air conditioned dorm-style rooms, one for the girls and the other is for the boys, five meals (2 snacks, dinner, breakfast and lunch), free access to swimming pool and beach, free use of videoke and with fun activities like biking, kayaking, zipline, banana bus and banana boat.


strolling around while waiting for our snack and for the others to arrive

After a four-hour travel time coming from Makati we arrived in Morong Star around 4:30 pm. We momentarily took rest in our room and by 5 pm we went to the canteen and ate our snack. Later we went for a refreshing walk along the shoreline. Morong Star had a long and wide stretch of gray but fine sand. Sea floor had no rocks. There was a gentle cool breeze that made it so delightful wading on the water as evening approaches.


it was so wonderful to walk in the sand accompanied by a cool breeze

An imminent downpour is about to happen so we went to the videoke bar and sang out load while others went into biking. Rain came after dinner. I did not join any activities anymore. I settled to bed and slept early.


during our breakfast

Morning Walk

I woke up by 5:30 am. With my SLR, I went to the beach to catch the sunrise.  But to my dismay, it was a downcast morning. I joined some of our boys in their morning walk along the shore. Along It was almost an hour when we decided to go back to eat our breakfast. After a hearty meal, I changed to swim wear and with the girls, we went to the assembly area for the most anticipated activity we are longing to do in Morong Star, it’s the ride in the Banana Boat! Yahoo!!!


this big but very tame dog had walked with us along the shoreline

The Activities:

The Banana Bus ride

It was so exciting and so much fun as we frolicked to the water riding the 14-seater Banana Bus ride. We were sailed fast by a speed boat and so we laughed and shouted with all our hearts out! The only drawback was the unstoppable splashing of water in my eyes that might drop me off if I lose my grip.


and here comes the most anticipated part in our outing :)

Lesson learned: Wear goggle.

The Banana Boat ride

The 10-seater Banana Boat was more exciting because it will drop the riders into the water. The dropping point was almost near the base. If only I knew exactly where it was, I should have tried this activity. Anyway, I had my second ride in the Banana Bus. There are no disturbing splashes now in my eyes because I wore my goggle.


I should have been here


For me, hovering above the sea was more exciting and with less fear rather than passing creeks or caverns with rocks and trees.



One of the activities in the resort that will whisk off stress is riding a kayak. The rider sits forward in a canoe-like boat using a short pole with a board blade and will paddle gracefully above the water.


Swimming Pool

We immersed our bodies into the pool to be relaxed and be refreshed.


Island Hopping

Island hopping is not included in the promo package but many of us want to explore nearby islands so we contacted boatmen to enjoy this activity. We first sat foot in the cave which was located in Bagac. It took us almost one hour before we reach our first destination. I wore my snorkel gear. There were few small fish under the water and lots of big and oblong stones.


The boys started jumping off from the cliff. I got so excited to do the same challenge that I never tried before. So I went also to the cliff amidst a strong current. When I stood at the edge and looked down at the water my knees started to quiver. Could I surpass my fear of heights?


its Niel who started the cliff jumping… and the best of all

I took a deep breath, placed my two hands above my breasts, and jumped bravely! Plak! I did a sky diving and fell swiftly to the water. It was a wrong and dangerous jump according to the boys, but no matter what I did, I was able to conquer my fear and tried this extreme activity while I still can.

Our second island hopping was in Punong Pandil. The island had fine texture of   creamy-white sand. It was so lovely and very nice backdrop for decent pictorial with nature. We did not snorkel anymore, we just walked around with of course, lots of picture taking to our heart’s content.


the charm and beauty of Punong Pandil

When we went back to the resort, I sweetly coerced Niel, the best cliff diver a while ago to teach me how to jump to deep water. We set off to the adult swimming pool and there he patiently taught me the trick. With patience and perseverance, I did it now properly! Yehey!  Thanks Niel.


need to perfect this shot again…

We ate our lunch and later we packed-up.

Adventure Park 

I was the last one to visit Adventure Park. The area was under renovation. The water below the mini-hanging bridge was murky. Hope they change it so it will become more presentable to hang out. Kids will surely enjoy playing with the little kubo with little slide, the climb in the rope and a visit to the mini-zoo.


inside the Adventure Park

We left the resort by 4 pm bringing our snack.

That ends our 2016 company outing!

If you are accustomed to beautiful beaches, this resort may not be of your choice. But for me, I find ways to enjoy my stay once I set foot in one place.

What made me happy here in Morong Star was my morning walk with the boys, my first cliff jumping, my first Banana Bus ride and our happy conversations inside our exotic van.

That made my stay worthy.

Morong Star is perfect to spend the holidays, company outing, team building or a family getaway.


Location: Sitio Panibatuhan, Morong, Bataan

Contact Numbers:  SUN: (0923) 735-6284 / (0922) 896-5490/SMART: (0939) 923-3084 / (0947) 933-2005 / GLOBE: (0906) 287-4687

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