The artistic gardening and lovely flowers of Mount Costa in La Trinidad, Benguet

We will spend our Christmas in Baguio City and for our fifth time, we decided to skip visiting places we frequented in the past, except at PMA for some nostalgic feel and at Camp John Hay for coffee moment in the quaint old American bungalow of Starbucks Coffee. Guess where are we heading this time? It’s in Mount Costa! The newest attraction in the foggy land and the first stroll around garden of the North.


Mounta Costa or the so-called “The Green Living Room” is located in a mountain of Lamtang in Puguis, La Trinidad, Benguet. This 6-hectare garden was once a strawberry farm but was stopped due to pest infestation. Sometime in 2015, the land was developed and later was opened to the public on February 4, 2017. It is now a tourism landscape frequented by visitors who wanted to see something new.


The Inca Garden on Yellow Trail

What so special about this place is that it boasts of 12 uniquely designed themed gardens and 11 discoverable spots with paved or graveled walking trails, playground, park benches, ponds and lawns. The gardens are surrounded by clean, fresh mountain smell and tranquil ambiance.


Pao and Shen at the Inca Garden

What you will get

As you explore the gardens, you will be at peace walking in the trail. Your heart and mind will be filled with inner joy as you embrace the silence of the sound of nature. You may also enjoy seeing a hundred species of flora and fauna. There were lots of lovely flowers and what I love most was gazing at the pink petunias.

The Signature Gardens

There are 12 signature gardens in Mount Costa. Each has unique designs and features. Some were donned with beautiful flowers and plants. These are the Inca Garden, Bud Garden, Maze Garden, Formal Garden, Concentric Garden, Koru Garden, Outdoor Musical Garden, Enchanted Garden, Romeo & Juliet Garden, Zen Garden, Grid Garden and the Mirror Garden.


The Maze Garden

The Discoverable Spots

Mount Costa is not all about gardens in its entirety. There are 11 Discoverable Spots where your mind will be challenged to see and think why each sight was called that way. These are The Twig Art, Spectrum Garden, Land Art, Reflection Pond, Children’ Garden Space, Mini Bowl, Plant Stating Station, Chill Area, Al Fresco Dining Area, The Amphitheater and 7 Green Living Rooms.


The Twig Art on Blue trail

Visitor Center is near the main entrance where you will pay your ticket. There are four Food Kiosks inside and four Comfort Rooms.

The trek with nature

After paying for the entrance fee at the Visitor’s Center, we asked for a map and descended to the walking trail. There are two trails to follow, the Yellow Trail and the Blue Trail. Either way you will get to all the attractions. We decided first to hit the Yellow Trail and the trek officially started.


The beautiful trail going to The Formal Garden


Do not rush as you walk. Savor each moment in every garden and discoverable spots. Relax and allow nature to rejuvenate your spirit. There are benches to sit for a while in case you feel tired. If you are hungry there are Food Kiosks along the way. Eat, drink and rest.


one of the 7 Green Living Rooms

Children may take a break from gadgets as they play at the Children’s Garden Space where they can slide or climb and hang on bars. For the little ones, there’s the Toddler’s Place Space where they can play and slide too.


The Children’s Garden Space in Blue Trail

These are my personal favorite spots:

The Enchanted Garden amazed me of the mysterious floating leaves, stones and twigs. The Grid Garden reminded me of the Floral Clock in the Gardens by the Bay in Singapore only that the latter was round. Mirror Garden had some magical feel as we encircle it. The Zen Garden had its unique style because pebbles and rocks were used instead of water to create a garden. There was a wind chime at the corner. A lovely tune wafted in the air when the hanging metal tubes danced gracefully with the wind.


The hanging twigs at Enchanted Garden in Yellow Trail

The happy moment

One of the happy moments exploring in the gardens is the quality time spent with the whole family. It’s nice to walk in the beautiful trail, be amazed of the beautiful flowers, laughed and took lots of pictures with them. We were brought all together closer to nature. I could say, every garden and discoverable spot is an adventure itself!


the Reflection Pond in Yellow Trail

During our visit we chanced upon seeing workers tending the garden. They are not the typical dark-skinned gardener in appearance. I guess they are the officers or maybe the owners of Mount Costa, the people behind the artful landscape and majestic sights of this beautiful themed garden.


Did you know?
According to their website, the concepts and design of the gardens were through the artistic mind of Mr. Pat Acosta, one of the owners of Mount Costa which was once a strawberry farm.


Ticket Price:
Adults – Php350.00
Students (with valid ID) – Php250.00
Senior Citizens and PWDs – Php250.00
Children below 3 years old – free
Green Living Room rental – Php1,000 (ideal for groups who plan to spend their whole day in the garden, can accommodate 6 to 8 persons)


Operating Schedules:
Park Hours – 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
Days – 7 days a week
Opens on January 1, November 1 and December 25


Garden Policies:
  • It is advised to drink water before the trek.
  • Food and water are not allowed on the premises.
  • No picking of flowers, plants or rocks.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and clothes.
  • Wear sunglasses and hats.
  • Bring umbrella.
  • Smoking or vaping is not permitted anywhere in the gardens.
  • Do not step on flowerbed.
  • Dispose trash properly.
  • Bring insect repellent, recommended for children to prevent insect bite.
  • Pets are allowed inside the garden.
Contact Info:
9 Sunshine Movers Corporation
24 Naguilian Road, Baguio City 2600


In getting there:
Mount Costa is twenty minutes away from Baguio City. There are several routes in getting there. It may be through Naguilian Road, Tam Awan Village (Long Long Road) or La Trinidad. You may either take a taxi or ride a jeepney.
Know more about their route here:


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