A stress-free day at Villa Filomena Natural Spring Resort, Indang, Cavite

The advantage of soaking in a natural mineral spring is the absence of harmful chemical treatment or filtration. Swimmers can freely open their eyes under the water because there is no chlorine or peroxide that will cause irritation. This is the reason why we went back in a laid-back natural spring resort in Indang, Cavite to celebrate my daughter’s 11th birthday. We chose Villa Filomena Natural Spring Resort as suggested by my son who had a wonderful experience there with his classmates.


Cavite boasts of many resorts from beaches to swimming pools. The natural spring resorts are rarely visited before but are now attracting more visitors who love basking on water activities. We’ve been to Rio Villa Nuevo Mineral Wateral Resort also in Indang and had fun immersing our bodies in its cold and clear water.


the Children’s Pool and the cute open cottage

When we arrived at the spacious parking area of Villa Filomena we were welcomed by the resort’s signage and a nice garden view that hastily prompted us to take a family picture. Then we paid the entrance fee and cottage. After our wrists were stamped we brought all our stuff and headed inside.


picture taking first before getting into the entrance

The cottage we chose to stay for the day was a bit pricey (P2,000) but it was spacious. We were all eleven and all of us including our bags could fit in. After everything was settled, our little buddies changed their clothes into swim wear, applied sunblock lotion and excitedly dashed into the water.

the air-conditioned rooms

The elders, Mama, Nanay, Choy and Lyn took a momentary rest as they were sleepy from rising so early in preparing for our baon. My hubby and I went into grilling area and got busy grilling fish, pork liempo and hotdog.


the cute bahay kubo far from the pool area

And later, we all went to the water to have fun under the lovely sun!

The resort

Villa Filomena is bounded by nature and is mantled by the serene calmness, an idyllic getaway to unwind and avert the hectic pace of the city life. Indeed the tropical setting will whisk away stress, will relax a tired muscle and will rejuvenate a weary soul.

The swimming pool had three levels. The Children’s Pool is on top, the cleanest as it was the source of the continuous flow of running water. It was small and was intended for the little kids and toddlers only. It flowed gently to the two Adult Pools. The second level was four-feet deep and was packed by children and elders. The third level was ten-feet deep. Good swimmers stayed most of the time here as they enjoyed jumping and diving from the edge.


Shen the celebrant was so happy with her cousins, Isha, Ax and Magnus frolicking on the ten-feet deep level pool

The water from these swimming pools flowed into the river which was also clean but not as cold as it was not a spring water anymore.

There are slide and a Tarzan swing in the river. 


this is where we enjoyed a lot… in the Tarzan Swing…

I was so glad that our little buddies were good swimmers. Even Ax, the smallest among them was so confident diving to the ten-feet level. Their vacation in Singapore trained them to swim especially on deeper parts. They were so confident jumping from everywhere. They tried the slide too.

But the best I guess was frolicking on the Tarzan swing, which we (including me and Lyn) enjoyed most! It was fun doing it again and again! Haha!

The forest area

It was too inviting to go to the forest area so we went there to explore it. We passed by at several wooden cottages and the air-conditioned units. Then we crossed the bridge and started to walk uphill on stoned but slippery steps. We were able to see the whole resort when we were standing at the top of a hill. After few minutes of walking around, we went back to the pool and swim.


serene and calm spot which is along the way to the Forest area

Swimming is fun but it is tiring. And because it burns a lot of calories, our lunch was so heavy. In times like this, I skip thinking about gaining weight. It’s so fulfilling munching the grilled liempo and chicken adobo while swapping happy and funny stories.


our Bahay Kubo for the day

Simple joys shared with the whole family is a lot meaningful, something that money can’t buy. And today, I was so happy. Shen was much happier because she really loves to swim, swim and swim to her heart’s content.

By afternoon, Shen blew the candle and wished for her birthday. She and her cousins enjoyed much in this water getaway.  Kids by heart are always delighted when it comes to swimming activity.


Shen after blowing the candle…and her wish? trip to Korea… Oh no Daddy! Korea daw oh! Hahaha!

There was a noise of thunder and the horizon was getting dark by 4:00 pm. It seemed an imminent downpour is about to explode so we rinsed and later packed-up.

Julita’s Tapsilogan

Don’t worry if you do not have food because Julita’s Tapsilogan sells the traditional tapsi meal for P90 (tapsilogan, hamsilog, malingsilog, etc). They cook Pansit sa Bilao upon order that comes in three sizes, Small (P250), Medium (P350) and Large (P550). They also have burgers (from regular to special) and fresh fries.

Comfort Room and Shower Area

The spacious shower areas have flowing water. The cubicle is for changing clothes only. Their comfort rooms have pail and dipper with a working faucet.

The experience

Nothing beats the freshness and coolness of a natural spring resort. This water is very good not only for the kids but as well as to the elders also as it was free from harmful chemical. Our experience for the day was so good and was so refreshing. Definitely, we will go back in Indang for another water escapade.


  •  Food is allowed inside.
  • There are grilling areas near the swimming pools.
  • There is a store inside that sells basic goodies like shampoo, soaps, crackers, soft drinks.
  • There is small children’s playground for the little kids.
  • It’s best to come early especially on weekends as it is packed with visitors on these days.
  • Bring sunblock lotion as you will be exposed to the glaring sun.
  • There is no restriction on proper swimming attire.
  • There is an electric outlet in every cottage.

Operation Hours:

  • Day Swim – 7:00 am to 5:00 pm
  • Night Swim – 7:00 pm to 5:00 am

Entrance fee and Cottages: (from their website)


Adult - 120
Child - 80
Adult - 180
Child - 120

Good for 9 persons - 700
Good for 10 persons - 800

Kubo with Room
Good for 4 persons - 2500
Good for 8 persons - 4500
Open Cottage
Good for 10-12 persons - 400
Good for 15-20 persons - 600Big Kubo
Good for 45 persons - 4500
Good for 75 persons - 7500Tree House
Good for 4 persons - 2500


Zipline – P200
Paddle Boat – P100 for 30 minutes

Videoke – P800
Contact Info:
Address: Purok II, Kaytambong, Indang Cavite
Contact Numbers: (082) 295 2688/0997-424-8424

 In getting there through public transportation:

Ride a bus (Baas Express or Ferdinand Bus Lines) in Coastal Mall for Php75.00 then alight at Indang Market. Board a tricycle for Php13.00/head or P34.00 for special.

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