All Hands Beach Resort: Must-visit beach in Subic Bay

My family wants to go to the beach before the year ends. A dear friend of mine recommended All Hands Beach in Subic. We seldom frequented beaches in this town because we prefer to swim in Batangas which is known for its sparkling white beaches and rich marine life. But to our surprise, we were mesmerized by the stillness, clean and clear waters of All Hands Beach. It is so safe to swim because the shoreline has gradual sloping depth. It has no adjacent residential areas and rivers that is why it is away from pollution. And with this, we want to go back!


this is the colorful beach area of All Hands Beach


All Hands Beach is one of the 3 swimming areas of the United States Navy when they operated their U.S. Naval Air Station at Subic Bay, namely Dungaree Beach, Officer’s Beach, and All Hands Beach. All Hands comes from the Navy term “all hands on deck” which means everyone on deck, all ranks on deck, everybody on deck.


kids and adults are enjoying the slide in this aqua inflatable

We left Manila at 6:00 am and had a stop-over in Shell of Asia along NLEX for breakfast and another in Puregold Subic Duty-Free to buy some grocery goodies. It was almost 11:00 am when we arrived in All Hands Beach. I was so glad because the sun was hovering in the sky, perfect for a happy beach escapade!

Shen is still enjoying the water till morning

Shen is still enjoying the water till morning

We paid for the Beach Package: SBMA entrance fee of Php150 and the beach bundle Php450 for a total of Php600. This is a sunrise to sunrise stay which includes free use of the aqua inflatables, bamboo huts & nipa sheds with ceiling fans, Wi-Fi, siesta beds, charcoal grillers, floaters, basketball court, and beach volleyball court. There is no room in this package, but we can sleep at open nipa cottages or in tents which has a designated area. We chose the latter.


time now to go home with another happy family beach getaway

Since it wasn’t a peak season yet, we were able to get nipa shed near the grilling area and comfort room. It has a provision for bags and other belongings in the ceiling and has a wide space to lay our sleeping bed.


the rooms

Bringing of food and water is allowed (no corkage fee). We brought rice, viands, and drinks. We ate our lunch by noon time and took a nap afterward. We dashed to the water late in the afternoon. Before dinner my hubby grilled pork liempo. After we ate, we packed up and went to the tent area and pitched our tents.


one of the cute cottages of the resort

Night swim

It was a wonderful night to stay in the water. It was warm, clear, and calm. It was so safe to swim because the water gets deeper gradually. We had a fun time sliding in the inflatables. When we got tired of sliding, we stayed in one inflatable and chatted with new friends. Because there was no one in the water anymore, we saw black fishes swarming near our area. But when we dashed to the water again, they swam away from us.


it was so nice to embrace the serenity of the beach at night

We were the only ones left on the beach so we exclusively owned it to ourselves until 10:00 pm. Near us was a lifeguard riding a kayak. Indeed it was so safe to swim even at night. It was so soothing to embrace the serenity of the place where we could see the sky full of stars. We had a great time and I wouldn’t trade the happiness I was feeling right at that moment because my family was enjoying it much.


We rinsed and changed to sleep wears. But we did not want to sleep yet. We went to Coffee Bar fronting the beach and ordered hot choco. But since it wasn’t available, we were served a Milo energy drink. While sipping this drink, we savored the moment by looking at the water which was illuminated by the beach lights. It was so relaxing. The soft sound of the friendly waves was soothing. Again, it was so wonderful to embrace the night time solitude with my family.


choco break after a fulfilling night swimming

Sleeping time

We were joining other groups in the tent area. It was so nice to meet new friends while we were pitching our tents. I was so excited to sleep again inside a tent near the beach. It’s good that it wasn’t hot inside because there were ceiling fans. We were told it was so safe to sleep in this area. But of course, it pays to be vigilant so we kept important belongings safe. And with that, we had a good night’s sleep.


the tent area in the morning

Mornings at All Hands

It’s time to pack up by 6:00 am. But Shen still wanted to swim. We ate our breakfast at our table and after we ate, Shen head off to the water and Pao played basketball. My hubby and I went for a morning walk along the shore. We were given until 9:00 am to fully enjoy our stay in All Hands Beach.


there goes the happy Banana boat ride

Happy Us

Though our stay was short, we fully enjoyed immersing ourselves in the water. Resort cleaners were visible everywhere that’s why all areas in this resort are clean and well-maintained from the comfort room, grilling areas, and the shoreline. They have a well- supply of bathroom tissues. With our worthy experience in this resort, we all want to go back!

here is the rate of the activities of the resort

here is the rate of the activities of the resort


1) The rooms are quite expensive that’s why we chose to sleep in a tent.
2) Infants are free of charge. Children above 3 years old are charged Php450.
3) They have a restaurant that serves Filipino cuisines.
4) There is an Anticipated Mass every 1st, 3rd, 4th Saturday at 7 pm and Healing Mass on every 2nd Saturday at 4 pm
5) No corkage fee for food and water.
6) No pets allowed.
7) No fishing.
8) This resort is also a nesting site for marine turtles from October to February.
9) The staff are nice, courteous, and friendly.
10) Comfort rooms are clean and with a pleasant smell.
11) Enjoy the resort’s water activities like Kayak, Banana Boat, Jetski, sliding on inflatables, and swimming.
12) Relax, enjoy your coffee, or chatting with your loved ones at the Coffee Bar which has free Wi-fi and is open 24 hours.
13) Glass-bottle beverages and electric cooking equipment are not allowed.

All Hands Beach is located between the Subic Bay International Airport and the Subic Container Terminal. This is accredited and recognized by the Department of Tourism of the Philippines.

Contact Info:

Landline: (047) 250 2270
Globe:  0917 457 3978
Smart:  0918 413 5251
Sun: 0922 826 2934
San Bernardo Road, Subic Bay Freeport Zone

See their Room Rates and accommodations here.

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