Side trip to Pililla Wind Farm in Rizal

Everyone was so eager glimpsing the gigantic wind turbines as we were approaching the Pililla Wind Farm. There were many vehicles occupying the ample parking lot when we arrived. We hastily hopped out from the van and passed several stores selling souvenir goodies, food and refreshments. There were many visitors taking photos with the wind turbines as their backdrop. By looking at them, I was sure of one thing, Pililla Wind Farm is now a prime tourist spot.


In just two hours from Manila, you will be in awe seeing the wind turbines atop the hills in Barangay Halayhayin in the Municipality of Pililla in Rizal province. This is a perfect side trip in getting to parts of Rizal and Laguna.

We’ve been to Bangui Windmill in Ilocos Norte but as of our visit, there were several rotor blades near the tourist area which were not moving. We were told they were for repair. If my kids missed that spectacular moving sight, here in Wind Farm they enjoyed looking up at the giant blades moving swiftly as it turns together with the pulsing sound that seemed like echoing everywhere.


This is my third encounter with the rotter blades but I still felt that bizarre sensation looking at them face to face. The incredible feat of engineering behind this power energy was amazing!


When you visit Pililla Wind Farm you will learn a lot of things. But first, let us know the reason why Pililla was chosen as the best spot for the wind farm.

According to Alternergy the power company that developed the renewable power project in the country, Pililla is part of a natural wind corridor created by the unique geographical features surrounding the lake. This also includes the tall mountains and its proximity to the sea. And based on average monthly wind speed data, Pililla’s windspeed can be as high as 36 km/h. That’s a lot of wind!


the breathtaking view of Laguna de Bay

Now I will share with you important facts so kindly read:

  • It is said to be the Luzon first based-farm outside Ilocos Norte.
  • There are 27 turbines in all.
  • Each turbine has three components, the tower, the nacelle or head and the rotor blades.
  • Each tower stands at 125 meters tall.
  • Each turbine generates 2 MW. Thus the Wind Farm produces 54 MW of electricity.
  • All components of the wind turbines are imported.
  • The Wind Farm is estimated to be able to generate almost 150 Gigawatt-hours (GWh) of electricity yearly. One GWh is equal to 1,000 MWh which in turn is equal to 1,000,000 kWh.
  • An average household in Metro Manila consumes around 200 to 300 kWh monthly. Meaning this wind farm can power almost 66,000 households continuously.
  • The host community also receives 1 centavo per kWh produced by the Wind Farm. This can be used to augment the community’s social needs like education, rural electrification, and health projects.
  • The local government also collects local tax to raise revenue and help upgrade the lives of all people in the municipality.
  • Wind Energy uses the natural power of planetary winds to make turbines spin. This means no fuel is burnt to produce electricity.
  • Electricity produced from wind farms is clean and natural.
  • The longer the rotor blades, the larger the swept area, the higher the wind energy produced.

After the learning and photo ops, we now bought souvenir goodies. Theirs were the same as what I bought in Bangui Windmill; the miniature wind farm, key chains, ref magnets except for the cute little musical house for my sweet little girl and the tree house.


at the Visitor Center where you will learn a lot about the Wind Farm

You do not have to travel for twelve hours in getting to Ilocos Norte just to see a windmill. Here’s the nearest one.

our souvenir of Pililla Wind Farm

our souvenir of Pililla Wind Farm

I was so happy that my hubby included the Pililla Wind Farm as a side trip in our wedding anniversary celebration at Bakasyunan Resort in Tanay. After our meaningful visit, we now head off to the said resort for a refreshing overnight family getaway.

In Getting There:

Through Public Transportation:

Ride a van in Star Mall in Mandaluyong near Shaw Blvd. MRT station and alight at Tanay Public Market with a fare of P70. From there ride a tricycle in getting to the wind farm. Fare is P300 one way only.

Through Private Car:

From EDSA, drive all the way to Manila East Road where you will pass by Cainta, Taytay, Angono, Binangonan, Cardona, Morong, Baras, Tanay then to Pililla. Remarkable landmark is Villa Lorenza Resort. After passing the resort turn left and head straight until you see the signboard Pililla Wind Farm. You are on the right track if you will see the wind turbines getting bigger and bigger as you get closer.

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