Singapore Day 3: Roaming Alone in the Amazing Gardens by the Bay

After an awesome nature getaway on a tiny island called Pulau Ubin, I boarded a bus going to Gardens by the Bay, a nature park spanning 101 hectares in reclaimed area. I will be exploring the amazing Gardens again and for the first time, I will visit the two cooled conservatories, the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome which I bought my tickets through Klook, a Hong Kong-based company that sells travel activities at lower prices.


My first visit to Gardens by the Bay with my family was night time and it was the last leg of our relentless foot navigation. Everyone was tired so we did not stroll around anymore. We sat on a concrete bench and was mesmerized looking at the gigantic Supertrees vividly lighted and colorful. It was a jaw-dropping sight that transported us to a magical kingdom. Then moment later, the Garden Rhapsody amazed us all.

I was curious what will I feel on my second visit to Gardens by the Bay thinking I was alone this time. Well, let us see.

Marina Bay Sands

The bus trip took me nearly 45 minutes in getting to the Gardens. What first greeted me was the stunning and luxurious integrating resort Marina Bay Sands looming above the water. The best few things to do inside is to explore around, watch the city view at the Skypark Observation Deck, to dine to any of its 80 restaurants and shop to its luxurious retail stores.


After taking a photo, it took me several minutes looking at the imposing structure with its mesmerizing waterfront view. I strolled inside after I had my fill of the Gardens at night and like the first time, I enjoyed window shopping. Truly, the experience inside the hotel was one of a kind.

Gardens by the Bay

It was daytime so I was able to see the beauty and charm of the Gardens which is said to be one of the world’s top 20 most checked-in place on Facebook. And again, I was captivated seeing the best of its horticulture and architectural design. It was so huge, clean and well-maintained. It consists of three waterfront gardens-Bay Central, Bay East and Bay South, to which the latter was the largest at 54 hectares.


The famous key attractions in the Gardens are the 18 Supertrees, two cooled conservatories (Cloud Forest and Flower Dome) and the OCBC Skyway not to mention the rich variety of horticultural gardens. It’s so nice to take a good walk on a sunny and pleasant day on the sprawling garden or sitting on the park. It was so wonderful to see the spectacular sunset nearing dark and at night, it’s amazing to see the magical world around the Supertree Grove.


I opted not to ride the mini-bus Garden Cruiser (S$5 per person) because I wanted to take a leisure walk to the different gardens before I go to the two conservatories.


Mid-Autumn Festival

I was glad that I chanced to see the yearly Mid-Autumn Festival celebration in Gardens by the Bay which will run from September 22 to October 8, 2017. The theme ‘Autumn Abundance’ showcases the bountiful harvest and good fortune where several glowing attractions were set for the delight of the visitors.

The attractions were:  The “Trail of Abundance”, a trail of adorable ants, the “Splendor of Blooms”, the lovely floating water lilies at the Dragonfly Lake, the “Flight of the Dragonflies”, a magical tunnel with big glowing dragonflies on top and the “Grains of Gold” a scene in a paddy field with two farmers and delightful glowing rice stalks.


But the most eye-catching for me is the “Water Prosperity” a colorful fishing village surrounded by carp lanterns. It was said to be the largest lantern set in the garden spanning 1,250 sq meter of Dragonfly Lake.

There are also dragonflies in Supertrees and Flower Dome had their glowing pumpkins.

Dragonfly and Kingfisher

I had a wonderful walk along the boardwalk beside a serene lake while being fascinated seeing the aquatic ecosystem. There is no entrance fee here and is open daily from 5:00 am to 2:00 pm.


Supertree Grove

I was delighted to see the gigantic Supertrees again dominating the Bay South Garden. Supertrees are gigantic tree-like structures built in the same design with heights range from 82 feet and 160 feet tall. It was inspired from an orchid that resembled Vanda or ‘Miss Joaquim’, the national flower or Singapore. It’s best to stay until night to witness the free show of captivating light and hear the immersive sound of Garden Rhapsody at 7:45 pm and 8:45 pm.


OCBC Skyway

An exciting activity in the 22-meter high Supertree Grove is walking along the 128-metre long aerial walkway to see the sprawling gardens and the Marina Bay Skyline. A dining outlet can be found atop the 160 ft Supertree.

But to my dismay, I missed the opportunity to float above the ground because I arrived at 8:35 pm (the last admission) coming from Flower Dome. I vowed myself I will walk in the Skyway in my next visit to Singapore.


Entrance fee:

  • Child: S$5.00 – 3 to 12 years old
  • Adult: S$8.00
  • Senior: S$8.00 – 60 years old and above

Silver Garden

Before I reach Flower Dome and Cloud Forest I passed by at Silver Garden and beside it where colorful hanging lanterns lined up beside the walkway. It was more delightful to see it at night because it was brightly lighted.


Floral Clock

One of the interesting featured sculptures in the Gardens is the seven-meter-wide Floral Clock which is located in the intersection between the Supertree Grove and the cooled conservatories. This beautiful Floral Clock is a gift from Swiss watchmaker Audemars Piquet to Singapore in celebration of the nation’s 50th year of independence. The clock was patterned on the Royal Oak wristwatch which combines the art of landscaping, clock making and botanical artistry.


The  tapisserie dial is filled of tropical plants in more than twenty varieties with colorful flowers and foliage. The only flowers I knew in the display were the Wishbone Flower and the Madagascar Periwinkle. Don’t miss to drop by here so you can see the largest floral clock in the Lion Country.

Cloud Forest

A very cool atmosphere gently welcomed me as I entered the Cloud Forest. I was mystified looking at the Cloud Mountain and the 30-meter man-made waterfall surrounded by diverse vegetation with lots of flowers, orchids, ferns and pitcher plants. The excitement began when I took the elevator and stopped at the first theme area which was the Lost World. Then I descended to the mist-filled Cloud Walk and Treetop Walk. The other attractions are Crystal Mountain and the Secret Garden.


Exploring the tropical highlands was like walking in an enchanted forest and I was amazed to see lots of plants and flowers in each themed area.

Read my full story here.

  • Opens daily from 9.00am – 9.00pm
  • Last ticket sale: 8.00pm
  • Last admission: 8.30pm

Flower Dome

I love flowers. Getting inside another cooled conservatory Flower Dome is just like entering a fairy-tale land where I reveled in captivation seeing exotic plants from five continents from Australia, South Africa, South America, California and the Mediterranean. Different flowers and plants were displayed in nine different gardens.


What amazed me much was the giant African Baobab, the largest tree in Flower Dome.


It amazed me to see for the first time an African Boabab Tree

Read my full story here.

  • Opens daily from 9.00am – 9.00pm
  • Last ticket sale: 8.00pm
  • Last admission: 8.30pm

Standard Rate:

  • Standard Flower Dome + Cloud Forest (Adult/Senior Citizen): S$28.00
  • Standard Flower Dome + Cloud Forest (Child-3-12 years old): S$15.00

Tickets can be bought at the Ticketing Hub from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm or near the entrance of OCBC Skyway.

If I will go back again to the Lion Country, I will not miss a visit to the Gardens because all the attractions are stunning and well worth a visit.

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