Singapore Day 3: Roaming Alone in the Amazing Gardens by the Bay

After an awesome nature getaway on a tiny island called Pulau Ubin, I boarded a bus going to Gardens by the Bay, a nature park spanning 101 hectares in reclaimed area. I will be exploring the amazing Gardens again and for the first time, I will visit the two cooled conservatories, the Cloud Forest and Flower Dome which I bought my tickets through Klook, a Hong Kong-based company that sells travel activities at lower prices.

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Singapore Day 3: Flower Dome in Gardens by the Bay

Coming from an informative and exciting visit from Cloud Forest in Gardens by the Bay, I set off to the next cooled conservatory, the Flower Dome which will give me another dose of learning and feast of wonder to my eyes.

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Singapore Family Trip-Part 2: Visited 14 tourist spots in Day 2

It has been said, you will appreciate more of Singapore’s tourist attractions if you walk on foot. Though it may be tiring, but the sweat and foot ache will worth it.

This happened in our second day.

It is sometimes hard to start the day early if there are children in a trip. But surprisingly, all awoke early. We did not waste any time, we cooked for our breakfast, ate fast, took a bath and presto! We are set to a beautiful day for another fun-filled adventure! We were so excited as we got out of MaySprings Condominium with my generous brother (thanks again bro for the family treat) as our tour guide. 

These are the places we visited for our second day:

1) Suntec City Mall is the nearest mall to visit coming from Promenade MRT Station. This is connected to Suntec Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre. The mall is so big that it has several retail outlets, restaurants, food garden and the Sky Garden. Its famous attraction is the Fountain of Wealth located at the heart of the mall.


Located in 3 Temasek Boulevard with opening hours from 10am to 10pm.

2) Fountain of Wealth. A symbol of wealth and life, this fountain is located within the commercial center of Suntec City, one of the largest malls in Singapore. This is recognized in 1998 by Guinness Book of World Records as the World’s Largest.


The bronze ring of the fountain was so huge and we were captivated when a sudden gush of water sprouted from the ground. It was a child delight watching the water hovering above us. They say there is a laser performance between 8 pm to 9 pm. But since our visit is in broad delight, we did not witness this spectacular event. We just walked around the mini fountain and threw coins at the base for good luck.

3) Marina Square is located in 6 Raffles Boulevard and was few distance away from the Fountain of Wealth. Already famished from our walk, we decided to eat our lunch in The Gallerie, the food court located in the fourth level of Marina Square shopping mall. 


Since my brother’s wife and kids are not new to Singapore anymore, they ordered different meals from varied stalls. As for me and my family, we skipped eating noodles by this time. We want rice so we chose Roasted Delights and ordered roasted chicken with sweetened barbecue sauce. For the four of us, it costs SG$27. Our drinks were variety of juices ranging from SG$1.40 to SG$1.80.


It’s good that we came in before lunch time because the time we were about to finish, the food court was already packed, mostly employees working in the building. While munching our food, the nicest thing here in Marina Square is watching the breathtaking view of the Marina Bay Skyline as seen in the full glass wall.

4) The Esplanade or the Esplanade Theatres is located in Marina Bay, and again, was just few meters away from Marina Square. This 60,000 square metres performing arts center consists of a concert hall and a theatre.


In our way to Marina Bay Sands Hotel, we passed by The Esplanade. It was noon time and was flickering hot, so we went inside and sat near the concert hall. People were busy preparing materials which are obviously needed for an upcoming event. 

5) Marina Bay Sands – Your eyes will definitely get hooked looking at the imposing structure of Marina Bay Sands. This luxury five-star hotel is reported to be the most expensive hotel and casino resort in the world.


When you book a room at Marina Bay Sands, you will get free access to the Sands SkyPark and Banyan Tree Fitness Club. Not only that you will also enjoy swimming into the Infinity Pool which was considered the largest in the world. Sounds exciting right?

According to my brother, he was acquainted with a fellow Filipino working in this hotel. He was about to book us for a night, unfortunately, the hotel was fully booked within the span of our stay. Anyway, we had the opportunity to explore the hotel especially the Sands SkyPark Observation Deck.

6) Sands SkyPark Observation Deck is situated on the 57th floor of Marina Bay Sands. By standing at the deck, this magnificent structure will tour you around Singapore and see famous tourist spots.


Going up the deck thrilled me much. We were welcomed by a glass barrier surrounding the deck. Looking down was scary at first but you will get used to it when you see the stunning vista of Manila Bay, the Supertrees, Garden by the Bays and the Singapore Skyline. The other part of the deck was the Infinity pool.

the giant Infinity Pool in the world

the biggest Infinity Pool in the world is in Singapore

I will never ever leave Singapore without a visit to Skypark. It was a rewarding feeling being on top and it will worth your bucks!  

Opening Hours:

  • Monday to Thursday – 9:30 am to 10:00 pm
  • Friday to Sunday – 9:30 am to 11 pm

Ticket prices: Adult – SG$23, Children – SG$17 (2 to 12 years old), Senior Citizens – SG$20 (aged 65 years and above)

7) ArtScience Museum is located within the integrated resort in front of Marina Bay Sands. The ArtScience Gallery inside consists of three galleries, namely: Curiosity, Inspiration and Expression. 


Its fascinating architecture is its distinctive flower-shaped form referred to as “The Welcoming Hand of Singapore” with round base in the middle and ten extensions which were the fingers.

Maybe we can visit the museum in our next Singapore trip since it’s getting late in the afternoon.

 7) Helix Bridge – is a pedestrian state-of-the-art bridge in Marina Bay overlooking Singapore River. You see, it is much better to walk rather than ride the MRT going to Merlion Park because it is in walking that you will see more the beauty of Singapore.

walking in the Helix Bridge seems like we are entering another dimension

walking in the Helix Bridge seems like we are entering another dimension

I was impressed looking at the steel that made up a helix. Seemed like we were entering another dimension, a futuristic sci-fi world maybe. We enjoyed looking at the river, the sweeping view of the city and the people from all walks of life.

9) Singapore Flyer is the giant Ferris wheel of Singapore and also called observation wheel stands at 165 meters in height. This is open daily from 8:30 am to 10:30 pm.

I was wondering why our young buddies were not in the mood for a ride. So we kept moving until we reached the next attraction.


Ticket prices: Adult – SG$33, Children (3 to 12 years old) – SG$21, Senior SG$24

10) Youth Olympic Park - We finished crossing Helix Bridge and is now at the junctions of Raffles Avenue and Bayfront Bridge where we saw Youth Olympic Park. This park is said to be Singapore’s first art park. Tourists tend to take rest because this park offers shade from the heat of the sun. 


No entrance fee.

11) Makansutra Glutton Bay. There was the initial exhaustion walking from one spot to another, but then again, it was worth it. Now I know why our young buddies skipped riding the ferris wheel, because they were all hungry. Makansutra Glutton Bay had there right in time. My brother brought us here to taste Singapore’s local cuisine.



But from the eateries lined up there, a guy from Kin Aruy Thai Food offered us an affordable meal. We ordered street foods like green chicken curry, garlic fried pork, beef satay, grilled chicken wings and rice. Honestly, it was not as tasteful as what we had for Pinoy dish. Anyways, our tummies were filled to the brim.

12) Jubilee Bridge – is a bridge that links Merlion Park to the water promenade of The Esplanade. This was said to be built to give tribute to Mr. Lee Kuan Yew, the founding father of Singapore. 

13) Merlion Park – finally we sat foot at the most anticipated part of our tour, into the iconic symbol of Singapore and the major tourist spot in this country. We were so excited as we walked in the Jubilee Park seeing lots of people having good times with their photo ops. But I got more excited as we stood near the 8.6 meter tall statue, with a body of a fish, a head of a lion and with shooting water from its mouth.


Merlion Park is located at One Fullerton, near the Central Business District. No entrance fee.

Roaming around, we saw the Merlion Cub which stands at 2 meter only. Few people are visiting this spot. 

14) Gardens By the Bay – is nature park with gigantic tree-like structures covered by plants and illuminated by lights at night. The park consists of three waterfront gardens: Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden and Bay Central Garden.


It was already 8:15 pm when we reached this tourist attraction. We already missed the opportunity going up the bridge because it was already closed. Anyway, we frolicked the remaining hour roaming around, captivated by the colorful lights of the supertrees.

The skybridge was illuminated by lights and there were people walking, up above the ground! Later, we were amazed watching the Garden Rhapsody with its stunning colorful lights synchronizing to the music. It was so wonderful! 

We visited fourteen tourist spots within the day. Such is the advantage of walking, one sees so much more. 

I love it here! Tomorrow is another wonderful day for a family getaway.

We are going to Sentosa!  Yahoo!!! Thanks bro for the treat! Love you bro! Mwah! Mwah!