Singapore Day 4: One Sunny Afternoon at Siloso Beach in Sentosa Island

Singapore may lack natural resources but with the government’s brilliant mind they developed and created man-made attractions such as the beaches of Siloso, Palawan and Tanjong which attracted a massive influx of tourists every year. Each has different attractions, tone and charm. Among the three, Siloso Beach is the liveliest as it offers various sports activities and is home to the coolest bars and restaurants. This is the most well-loved by fun-loving people because the beach is alive from day till night.


The Sentosa Line

Lyn and I had already spent half of the day exploring Sentosa Island. After we ate our lunch we headed to Sentosa Line and boarded the cable car at Imbiah Lookout Station. From the top we saw the sea, the sand and dozens of attractions on Sentosa. Travel time was seven minutes only. It was fun riding the cable car. It wasn’t scary, it was so smooth and exciting. If I missed riding the cable car in Hong Kong (due to preventive maintenance) at least I did it here in Singapore. So happy me! ????


The Beach

The beach had soft and fine creamy sand. The wide stretch was clean, well-maintained and is good for walking or just lazing around. There were only few people at the Beach Station. We kept on walking until finally, we reached the central area of Siloso Beach and there we saw a large assembly of people. Some were swimming, others were lying on the sand and some were on bars and restaurants. Indeed, it was a busy beach.



Sports enthusiasts be it young or old, will surely love to frolic on exciting beach activities in Siloso Beach like skim-boarding, kayaking, cycling, rollerblading and volleyball.

Bars and Restaurants

There are several bars and restaurants along the beach and even themed bars with tempting menus to choose from. Siloso Beach is commercially appealing that’s why more people are attracted to spend the night in the coolest bars to drink, to laugh and have fun while enjoying the sweeping view of the sea.


With parties, music, lively bars and restaurants, Siloso is really alive and enticing!

The Small Islet

We crossed the floating bridge in getting to the islet. I noticed the water was clear until waist-deep level and got murky when we were halfway. The bridge is not recommended for elders if there are many people crossing the bridge because it swings and shakes.


Sparse trees dotted the islet with few people reveled in tranquility. It was so relaxing to stroll around because we were so close to nature. It was so quiet and peaceful. We were seeing ships not far away from us. We removed our shoes and walked on barefoot on the soft sand and later we waddled on clean and clear shallow water.


After we had our fill of the sights and serenity, we went back to the lively crowd and mingled with the locals and tourists. It was a sunny afternoon and it was so hot walking on the sand.


We went back to Imbiah Lookout Station and boarded the cable car again. We alighted at the Beach Station and took the Beach Tram.

Our next exciting destination is in Palawan Beach!

In getting there:

The fastest way in getting to the three beaches is to take the Sentosa Express from VivoCity level 3 and alight at Beach Station. From there, you may either take a walk or ride the Beach Tram. There are signboards that will help you get around the beaches. The green line goes to Siloso Beach while the blue line will take you to Palawan Beach and Tanjong Beach.


Same thing if you are already inside Sentosa Island, head to Beach Station, walk or ride the Beach Tram. But for more excitement and thrill, take the Sentosa Line cable car either at Merlion Station or Lookout Imbiah Station and alight at Siloso Point Station.

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