Ogtong Cave Resort: Radiantly Beautiful

Ogtong Cave Resort is one of the beautiful white sand beaches in Bantayan Island, Cebu. It is located in Pooc, Sta. Fe and is owned by Sta. Fe Beach Club.


overlooking the vast expanse of aquamarine water

We did not spend our two-day stay in Budyong Beach Resort alone. Eddie, the resort’s caretaker was so accommodating in helping us how to go to our desired places to explore. In our island hopping this morning he referred a boatman that brought us to the awesome Virgin Island. It has crystal clear water and fine creamy white sand. We did not want to leave the island, but we have to move on to Ogtong Cave Resort for another paradise escape by afternoon so we rushed off to Budyong for a lunch break.

this way

my hubby and the motorbike we rented…taken before we turn left to the resort

There are motorbikes for rent in the resort with standard rate of P250. Eddie gave us their best motorbike and off we went to Ogtong Cave Resort.  We bought two liters of gasoline in a little sari sari store along the way to fuel up the vehicle..


stunning view from the cliff

Going to Ogtong Cave Resort was accessible because of directional signage coming from the main high way.  It was a stifling afternoon but we didn’t mind the scorching heat of the sun because after all we are on a full blast beach escapade. We paid P100/head for the entrance fee.  After we parked the motorbike we did a little foot navigation. The place was really cozy. The sprawling complex had well-maintained grass and lovely little gardens. Rooms were beautiful but rates were above the average budget. Garden Villa and Row House had the lowest rate, each for P3,200/day. They have restaurant and souvenir store near the main entrance.

scary cave

the creepy entrance to the cave

We were so excited to see the natural underground cave which is the most visited spot in the resort. It was a bit eerie going down the cavern which looked like a concealed hole, dark and quiet. But the initial fear had vanished as soon as we were nearing the main pool because the water was now illuminated by the natural brightness coming from the sun. Surprisingly, water was so clear and cool.  It was then we saw lots of people soaking in the water with noise of their laughter and conversations. But soon they all went up.


the crystal clear water of Ogtong Cave Resort

My hubby and I were left and we savored the moment dipping in the brackish water. I didn’t explore inside because I was afraid to go that far.  My hubby walked a little farther, nothing more to see he went back and we swam together. Still thirsty for water activity, we headed to the swimming pool and again, we waded on the water.

twin coconut

the well-maintained garden

Our last spot to conquer was the beach. We walked in a nice grassy walkway, passed by cute little gardens, nice cozy rooms and from the cliff we saw the glistening vast expanse of aqua blue sea. It was a breathtaking sight to behold. We didn’t swim anymore as we went to the shoreline. We just frolicked walking barefooted on the creamy white sand. We did not stay long for it was so hot. We headed back to the cliff hiding under a coconut tree and refreshed ourselves by just watching the little paradise we owned by that very moment.

two of us

There are days that the cave is not open for public swimming. We were so lucky because we were able to use all their facilities that day. Indeed so lucky to experience it all.

In getting there from Cebu City:

Take a taxi ride from Cebu City going to North Bus Terminal. Then board a Ceres Bus going to Hagnaya Port. Travel time will take 3 to 4 hours. Fare–PhP120.  From Hagnaya Port take a Roro ferry ride (Island Shipping Corp). Travel time will take 1 hour & 15 minutes depending on weather condition. Fare–Php170. There are trisikads in Sta. Fe port going to the resort. Fare – Php25 to Php50.












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