Breathtaking Virgin Island in Cebu

We leaped out of bed as early as 5:00 am because my hubby and I were so excited for our island hopping to Virgin Island. And not only that, we will catch the sunrise. It was a cool refreshing morning as we walked on the shore of Budyong Beach Resort and a little later we stepped into our neighboring resort, the Kota Beach. The tide had just receded and what was left was the fragmenting sandy stretch. The creamy white sand was very fine. We had the beach all by ourselves.


Approaching Virgin Island

We sat on the sand watching the stillness of the water. The sight and the sound of the gentle waves were so soothing to the soul. After a while, the sun rose up into the horizon giving up its glorious golden hues. And its rays spilled gracefully into the water. What a spectacular reflection it was!


We went back to the resort to eat our breakfast.  By 8 a.m. we were fetched by our contact boatmen.  Fee-P1,000, inclusive of boat rental and entrance to the island.


The water was crystal clear and the sand was very fine

Virgin or Silion Island is a short thirty-five-minute boat ride away from the jump-off point in Barangay Talisay. I was too excited as we hopped out from the boat. The island’s shoreline is not as wide as that of Budyong but its creamy white sand was finer.

Slippers and Shades

Slippers and Shades on very fine creamy white sand

I was captivated looking at the water which was extremely clear.  Indeed, the island was a secluded beach with no posh facilities, no luxurious hotels, no restaurants, only shaded picnic tables, caretakers, and dogs who were not barking when we arrived.

Aside from our boatmen and caretakers, we were the only happy creatures on the shore. We took one picnic table, wore our snorkel gears, and off we rushed to the water. It wasn’t a colorful marine life under the water, but it had friendly small fish and little corals. We had a great time snorkeling around.

Our resting place for the day

Our resting place for the day

After this activity, we explored around. The caretakers did not collect table rent from us. They were happy people busy chatting with each other in one nipa hut. I thought we were the only visitors that time. We met again the jolly Japanese couple whom we shared a table with the other night in a small eatery near Sta. Fe market. They bought fresh fish and the caretakers will grill it for them.

So amazing!

So amazing!

We did not rinse after basking in the sun. Instead, we find pleasure laying our backs in little hammocks under the shade of coconut trees. What a perfect place to cool off as we enjoy the tranquil beauty of the island. Its natural charm refreshes us for choice. We had our little resting place with the view of the vast expanse of the sea. No maddening crowd, no noise, and no party life. This is one awesome moment we will never ever forget.


Thank You, Lord, for this awesome dream vacation. We vowed to go back with our kids in the future. We bade goodbye to the island by 11:00 am and prepared ourselves for our next stop, into Ogtong Cave Resort.

In getting there from Cebu City:

Take a taxi ride from Cebu City going to North Bus Terminal. Then board a Ceres Bus going to Hagnaya Port. Travel time will take 3 to 4 hours. Fare–PhP120. From Hagnaya Port take a Roro ferry ride (Island Shipping Corp). Travel time will take 1 hour & 15 minutes depending on weather conditions. Fare–Php170. There are trisikads in Sta. Fe port going to Barangay Talisay the jump-off point in going to the island. Boat rate – Ph1,000.






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