The Beauty of Sipalay City

This is the continuation of our four-day trip in Negros Island.

Coming from a wonderful visit in Bais City and the Manjuyod White Sandbar, we now set off to Sipalay City, “the Jewel of the Sugar Island”. Home to numerous dive sites, pristine beaches, shipwreck and islets that resembled Hundred Islands of Pangasinan, Sipalay City is definitely an emerging tourist destination and is another priceless gem in the province.


The long trip to Sipalay City

We missed the Ceres Liner bus that goes directly to Sipalay in Dumaguete City terminal at 1:00 pm. What we did, we boarded the bus to Bayawan and transferred in Hinobaan. Unfortunately (again!), we missed the 6:00 pm last trip in Sipalay. 

I was glad that prior to our road trip, our tour guide Roland Dequiña for our Sipalay trip (he is a co-member of DIY Travel Philippines) texted me that he will fetch us in the terminal in case we miss the last trip in Sipalay. To which he did. Thank you Roland.

We arrived at around 7:30 pm in the city. 


the Ceres Liner bus terminal in Hinobaan

The journey was loooong, tiring and splattered with a bit of misfortune. But just like what I always tell to myself, “misadventures are always part of a momentous trip”.

We invited Roland for a late dinner at Sipalay’s Jewel’s Pizza & Seafood Restaurant. After a hearty meal, he brought us to his recommended inn, the Sealey’s Inn for our overnight stay. We paid him P300 for the trip. It was an affordable fare compared to P500 being charged by other tricycle drivers in Hinobaan bus terminal.


with Roland Dequiña our tour guide for our Sipalay trip… thanks bro for the ride

Sealey’s Inn

There are many inns and lodges in Sipalay with affordable rates. Sealey’s Inn was near the city proper and at the beach. We paid P1,000 for the air-conditioned Double Room, with one double bed, private bathroom, towels, toiletries, cable TV and wifi. The room was enough for a couple. It was clean and homey but the wi-fi connection was slow.


What I like at Sealey’s Inn? Aside from its cheap rate and location, I love the ambiance outside the room because of the mini-garden with huts, table and chairs where guests can dine or just sit a while to idle away the time.


We woke up early and took a morning and quiet walk along the shore. After having our fill of the view and the locals we went back to the hotel to eat breakfast. Kuya Rolly cooked the traditional tapsi meal with 3-in-1 coffee each. Our food costs P170 only.


By 7:00 am Ronald fetched us and we head off excitedly to our half day Sipalay tour.

Contact Info:

J.P. Alejano Street, Brgy. 2, Sipalay City, Negros Occidental (located at the back of Holy rosary Academy)
Contact Nos.0935-968-3274/0946-092-1827
Facebook page: @sealey89


our local tour guide, Kuya Roland Dequino, he is so accommodating and a good photographer…

The tourist spots

There are at least ten famous tourist spots to visit in Sipalay but since we will only spend half of the day in this beautiful city, we only picked the top three which are frequented by visitors. Mode of transportation for the city tour is the tricycle, the cheapest and most convenient.

And so here we are with our Sipalay City tour.


Undoubtedly, Perth Paradise Resort is the top tourist attraction in Sipalay City because of its impressive cliff view. This is the reason why I was so eager to see the resort. It was a ten-minute drive from the city proper. The challenging part in getting there was the journey to the rough and bumpy road. They call it the “the abortion road” which is not safe for pregnant woman if she will be riding a tricycle. But I was hoping that this road is already pave few years from now, since this resort is now attracting an influx of visitors already.


The awesome view

Indeed the view in the infinity pool was really amazing. It’s good that we came so early because the pool was not packed by bathers yet. We came there with only three girls having fun in their morning photo ops.

But the pool wasn’t big as I expected. It cannot accommodate a large assembly of bathers. Before it gets crowded, we hastily dipped into the water and found so much delight watching the view. I never imagine that Siplay has these amazing islets which look like Hershey’s chocolate from afar.


It’s not only the view that is worth visiting in this resort but its serene feel. After we took a bath, we went down in the floating cottage and had fun taking photos there.

Aside from the infinity pool, the resort offers water activities like:

  • Kayak – P250.00
  • Island hopping – P1,500 – 5 persons / P2,000 – 10 persons
  • Snorkeling – P250.00
  • Scuba Diving – P1,600.00
  • Floating Cottage – P700.00

Contact Info:

Entrance Fee: P80 – for adults and children
Infinity Pool – P100 – until 10:00 pm only
Brgy. 4, Sitio Sambulawan, Sipalay City 6113
Contact Number: 0946-0590076
FB page:  @perthparadiseph


Another interesting tourist site to visit in Sipalay is Tinagong Dagat. Just like Perth Paradise, this is also accessible coming from the main road. What I love about this place is the initial thrill in crossing the wooden bridge and then the longest hanging bridge with concrete support. It was fun walking there for I love hanging bridges.


While crossing the second bridge, our eyes feasted to the awesome view of the literally “hidden sea” enclosed by islets covered with verdant vegetation. Below were shallow waters with seaweeds. It was clear but is not suitable for swimming.

In getting to the peak we have to climb the 123 steps.  For a trekker like me, going up was easy but for those who are not, it may wear out a bit. But don’t worry, because halfway there was a viewing area where you can initially take pictures of the view. Or you can stop a while and sit on benches before you continue to walk uphill.


the entrance to the hanging bridge with my hubby

The wondrous sight could be best viewed at the peak. The air was so fresh and the view was simply amazing. The hanging bridge connecting the islets is the most photographed spot in Tinagong Dagat. At least I have it now. And I was so happy.

We stayed for several minutes there, so excited capturing the moment. Ronald was so accommodating and he knew well where he could find the right moment to press the shutter. When we went down it was then that we explored the resort and was impressed how they came up with this beautiful island resort which is so relaxing to spend a day or two with family, colleagues or friends.


the other side view taken from the viewing area halfway to the peak

Contact Info:

Entrance fee: P30 – children and adult 
Room rate: P,1650 – good for 4 persons, P200 in excess
Contact Numbers: 09301181593/09184771412/09087897370
No. 4, Poblacion, Sipalay City, Negros Occidental


This is the last leg of our Sipalay tour. Coming from Tinagong Dagat it took us forty five minutes in getting to Barangay Nauhan the jump off point in getting to the beach.


it was so nice to hang around in this area while looking at the blue sea

We hired a banca for P500.00. The boat ride was a bit bumpy but it was just fine because travel time took us fifteen minutes only.


this is the boat that carried us off to Sugar Beach for P500 back and forth fare

Sugar Beach had a brown sand but its texture wasn’t as fine as the sugar and gets darker when wet. The beach had a wide stretch dotted with coconut trees and other trees making it more tropical. The presence of the islets added a dramatic backdrop for picture taking.


Takatuka Lodge one of the attractive resorts in Sugar Beach

As we walked around, we found out that the resort is not crowded. Thanks to the trees for providing us shades that we were able to stroll and visited some resorts. Then later we lay in the hammocks near the shore and immersed ourselves to the beauty of the place huddling the tranquility and the gentle world of the sea.


Sugar Beach has several resorts available and they also offer water activities like island hopping, scuba diving and paddle boarding.

Contact Info:

Entrance fee: Free 
Boat fare – Php500 
Sugar Beach, Sipalay City, Negros Occidental

Our visit was short but sweet. I have to be thankful that we were able to see the beauty of Sipalay which is now frequented by tourists.

Right after our Sipalay City, we head off to Bacolod City for the last place to explore in our Negros Island tour.


  • Sipalay can be explored either by land trip or island hopping. In our case we hired a tricycle because we have no plan to snorkel or visit the other beaches.
  • Tricycle is the most convenient and easiest mode of transportation in Sipalay.
  • If you want to explore the city, I suggest that you contact a tour guide (preferably a tricycle driver) so you may pay less because going to one place may cost you around P400 to P500. But with a tour guide, you may pay only P1,000 for half day tour (3 places) and P1,200 for whole day tour (6 places).
  • If you are planning to visit Sipalay, I highly recommend local tour guide Roland Dequino. He is not only a photographer but he will recommend the best places to explore in the city. His contact number is 09489358749.

 In getting to Sipalay:

There are daily flights from Manila to two entry points in getting to Sipalay, either in Bacolod or Dumaguete via Philippine Airlines and Cebu Pacific.

From Bacolod Airport:

From the airport ride a van (P150) that will take you to Ceres Liner – South Terminal and board a bus going to Sipalay City. Travel time is 5 hours. From Sipalay bus station, ride a tricycle that will take you to your inn or lodge.

From Dumaguete City Airport:

From the airport ride a tricycle to Dumaguete Ceres Terminal in Barangay Calindagan  and board the bus that goes directly to Sipalay at 1:00 pm. In case you miss it, board the bus that goes to Bayawan then transfer to Hinobaan and lastly in Sipalay. Travel time is 5 hours.

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