Minor Climb No. 2: Mt. Pinatubo Challenge

At my age (yes, I’m 43!), a certified mom and definitely not a mountaineer, was a bit hesitant to join the Mt. Pinatubo challenge headed by my office mate Phil. But I’ve been waiting for this adventure for quite some time and I’m not getting any younger. With the encouragement of these two sporty girls, Joyce and Janice, I whisked off all the negative thoughts in my mind, took a one-week regular body workout, and braved this exciting getaway with my colleagues.

the beautiful crater of Mt. Pinatubo

the beautiful and serene crater of Mt. Pinatubo

The group Teamwalangiwanan was created and here are the wonderful people behind it: Phil, Joyce, Jobert, Nica, Ver, May-Anne, Rona, Debbie, Cha, and yours truly. We were all ten and to ensure safety, we were equally divided into two because the maximum capacity in the 4×4 jeep was seven only, five guests, driver, and trail guide.

teamwalangiwanan was created for this adventure

teamwalangiwanan was created for this adventure

The first hurdle in this activity was getting up at the bewitching hour of 1:30 am to meet the group by 2:30 am in McDonald’s Quezon Ave. Joyce, Rona, and I arrived just in time. We had a quick breakfast to fuel up our bodies for the long trek ahead. We boarded the van and by 3:00 am, we made our way to Sta. Juliana, Capas, Tarlac.

It was still dark when we arrived in front of the Tourism Office for the registration. Our driver Kuya Jerry, assisted us in signing a waiver. Forty years old and above need to undergo compulsory blood pressure checking before they can be allowed to the trek. I have no hypertension so I skipped blood pressure checking.

ready now for the start of the adventure

ready now for the start of the adventure

We headed to the waiting area for briefing and orientation by Ms. Sonia Bognot, the tour organizer. Later, one liter complimentary bottled waters were individually distributed to us. I was in the 9th group of 4×4 jeep with Joyce, Rona, Debbie, Ver, trail guide Vincent and Raymond our driver.

As soon as we enter the vast expanse of lahar valley, my spirit started soaring high. My heart was immensely jumping and shouting for joy.  It was so amazing exploring a new-found territory.

the start of adventure is here in the so-called lahar country

the start of the adventure is here in the so-called lahar country

We were laughing out loud like little kids as we were being jolted up and down, swayed from left to right. It was a bumpy fast ride and we have to hold on for dear life! Halfway, we hopped out from the vehicle for a photoshoot. There were small Aeta children here. When asked for picture taking, they smiled candidly in front of the camera. I was expecting that these kids will ask for money in exchange for what we asked for. But they never did.

me with these cute aeta children

me with these cute Aeta children

I can’t help to remember how the Aetas were left with almost nothing after the massive destruction of the 1991 eruption of Mt. Pinatubo which was dormant for 500 years. Now, Mt. Pinatubo is sleeping peacefully, no longer a threat to the nearby towns of Zambales, Pampanga, and Tarlac.  I admire those who survived it.

We went back to the 4×4 jeep and were able to conquer the rocky trail and strong streams running through the rocks. After half an hour, we finally reached the Base Camp. The 6 km, two-hour trek to the crater of Mt. Pinatubo will start here.

the first stream we crossed   coming from the Base Camp

the first stream we crossed coming from the Base Camp

The sun was shining radiantly, and fortunately, there was a breeze as we started walking by 7:50 am. I knew deep in my heart, I can make it. Mind over matter ika nga.  

Vincent was very helpful in leading the way. He even held our hands as we crossed streams with big stones aligned on them. If you are used to this kind of water crossing, you don’t need someone to hold your hand, as I did. An hour passed, it got hotter and hotter but thanks to the breeze for it gave us some cooling sensation which did not make the trek any harder.

start of exciting trek

start of the exciting trek

Looking around, all I saw were lahar, lahar-formed hills, stones, boulders, flowing streams. I was even more excited as we made it halfway. I was amused seeing a small stream where the flowing water was color yellow. According to one of the guides, it was sulfur. Amazing find, isn’t it?

nice to see sulfur along the way

nice to see sulfur along the way

Later we reached TJ Station (according to the guide), the actual Drop Point area. There were two kubos here, a bathroom, and the iconic welcome sign of Mt. Pinatubo… Your trek starts here… for young age: 15 minutes, middle age: 18 minutes, and Senior citizen:  20 minutes. Where do you belong?

After two hours of sweating, the trek will really start here? Hahaha!  We sat in the kubo and ate crackers. Some went to the bathroom. There were cold refreshments for sale but quite pricey (P100 per item).

more and more lahar-filled hills

more and more lahar-filled hills

Surprisingly, I still have the energy I need. Nobody pain yet, just a sweat. This is what I get from being a sporty mom. Thanks to our badminton and volleyball sports in the office. It made me active and energetic. After photo ops with the welcome sign, we headed now to the crater.

No more lahar this time. We entered a mini rainforest, with several small streams with very clear water and lots of rocks. Some of these rocks were so slippery. So beware! Thanks to the shades of the towering trees for it protected us from the sun.

We walked fast aiming for the 15-minute trek. But we could not overtake some trekkers on the steep trails who were walking so slowly. Then there was the flight of steps (79 steps based on my counting) and then the sign: “Welcome to Mt. Pinatubo!”  Yehey!  Finally, we’re here!

can't describe how it felt to see this wonderful creation... up close and personal

can’t describe how it felt to see this wonderful creation… up close and personal… taken from the photo den

It was so beautiful!  The crater full of turquoise water was picture-perfect and a sight to behold. I giggled, “Guys we are now inside a volcano!”  It’s my second time to see a crater, Taal Lake being first. And it was so amazingly wonderful!

We sat on the clean grass, took a moment of rest while savoring the clean and fresh air.  Later Rona, Phil, Jobert, Ver, and I went down to the crater. The others took a rest.

and so here we are inside a volcano!

and so here we are inside a volcano!

I was amazed even more as I soaked myself to the magnificent view that my eyes were feasting. Everywhere I look is a picture of tranquility. The lake was so clear. It was so inviting to swim. But swimming is now prohibited because of the previous accident that happened to an OFW who died of a heart attack in the water. Even boating is no longer allowed in the lake. Since we can’t enjoy water activity, we just captured the moment looking at the view.

Later we went up and settled for lunch. We sat comfortably under a shade of a tree and enjoyed munching our food.

a picture of beauty and tranquility

a picture of beauty and tranquility

We rested for about an hour. By 1:00 pm, we got up from our seats and had our last group picture in the photo den.

I was left behind savoring more the remaining minutes watching the beautiful crater. Refreshed and satisfied.

Going back was easy. We did it in one hour and thirty minutes only. Once again, the 4×4 jeep rove on the rocky and dusty roads and into riverbed crossing. Dust was flying freely in the air.

I just can’t sustain my appreciation for I was able to conquer the beautiful and magical Mt. Pinatubo. I thank the Lord for another exciting and unforgettable adventure that I will never ever forget for the rest of my life.

The reward was very promising. Better try it for yourself while you still can.

Special thanks to Majestic Mt. Pinatubo Tours. This tour includes van transfer from Quezon Ave. to Capas, Tarlac, and V.V., 4×4 jeep, packed lunch, local tour guide, entrance, and 1 liter bottled water.

Things to bring:

  1. Sun-block
  2. Cap
  3. Water
  4. Packed lunch (for those who are not availing a package tour)
  5. Arm warmer
  6. Jellyace, chocolate
  7. Camera
  8. Dust mask
  9. Big scarf
  10. Sunglasses
  11. Trekking stick may help
  12. Extra clothes
  13. Garbage bag
  14. Ballpen


  1. Wear a comfortable shirt, shorts,s or leggings (for girls).
  2. Multi-strap sandals (Sandugo or Tribu) or slippers are good for river crossing but your feet might get so dirty because of dust.
  3. Rubber shoes are just fine with socks. In my case, I wore Merrell waterproof shoes.
  4. Hydrate yourself with water so you will not get tired during the trek.
  5. There are no comfort rooms along the way, so better go to the bathroom in the waiting area before your trek. Bathrooms are found in the Drop Point area and in the crater lake park.
  6. Swimming and boating are not available this time.
  7. Forty years old and above need to undergo compulsory blood pressure checking.
  8. Leave no waste.

 In getting there through public transportation:

Board a bus in Manila or in Pasay (Victory Liner, Genesis, or Five Star) going to Baguio, Dagupan, Tarlac, or Urdaneta and alight at Capas, Tarlac. Board a tricycle in front of McDonald’s Capas and tell the driver to drop you in front of the Tourism Office in Sta. Juliana.

Sonia Bognot’s contact numbers: 09326094226 and 09186021943

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