A taste of nachos at Army Navy Burger + Burrito Restaurant

Army Navy Burger + Burrito is a military-inspired restaurant that serves American and Mexican food. It is fast becoming a famous burger restaurant with several branches in Metro Manila and in provincial areas. And most of their branches are beside their sister restaurant which is the Yellow Cab Pizza.


the well-lighted Army Navy at night

After visiting a colleague who was now recuperating from thyroid operation in Makati Medical Center, I fetched my hubby in their office which was few blocks away only. It was Friday; time to unwind and time to stroll. And the nearest mall is Glorietta in Ayala Center.


the three Army Navy sauces

Since traffic was so heavy, we opted to take a walk. When we were at Valero Street we passed by at Chop Stop Restaurant and suddenly, I had this craving of their spaghetti. One step forward and we saw beside it, the well-lighted Army Navy Burger + Burrito restaurant.

We had been passing Army Navy in Glorietta for quite some, but tonight and out of curiosity, we decided to give it a shot. Though we were not hungry yet, we were tempted to try their burrito and nachos.

448-Inside Burrito

what’s inside chicken burrito?

There were few people inside the air-conditioned area when we got in. We chose the table near the counter that looked like a Quonset hut, a building design used by the U.S. army during World War II. They have a self-service system. My hubby walked over to the counter to place for our order.

But later, people were flocking inside so we decided to sit at the al fresco dining area to enjoy the night. Near the counter, we took three of their famous sauces, the chili verde, Tapatio hot sauce and chili rajo.

448-Soft Nachos

my favorite Nachos

While waiting for our meal, our eyes were looking in the interior which was designed like an army barracks. There were several posters with military trivia attached on the wall. But what was so appealing was their mission: Come in Hungry, Come out Happy.

We’ll let’s see if we will go home happy. Hehehe.

And so here’s our food.

For me. Chicken Burrito (P175), Cheese Quesadilla (P110), my favorite Nachos (P95) and Minute Maid drink (which I thought will be served in a glass).

448-burrito and quesadilla

Chicken Burrito and Cheese Quesadilla

My hubby’s. Crunchy Tacos (P160) and Minute Maid juice (P50).


the Crunchy Tacos

The Chicken Burrito was good though the flour tortilla was thicker (compared to Mexicali which was thin), with all that rice and little chicken. I sprinkled salsa in between bite. I was satiated fast that I gave my left over to my hubby.

Cheese Quesadilla was sliced into four. Its tortilla wrap was soft and was filled with cheese. I spread the white spicy garlic sauce and had a bite. Hmmm… Quite good.

My hubby enjoyed eating the Crunchy Tacos with two hard taco shells filled with meat, sweet salsa, tomato, onions, lettuce and cheese. I had a bite of it too. Yum yum!

We felt our tummies were over flowing but for our finale, we munched our favorite  Nachos with tortilla chips, jalapeno sauce, salsa, minced jalapeno, beef toppings and cheese. 

And so how’s the state? Yummy!


army plate

Of course we will not leave this resto with out take-out order for our home buddies. We had Crunchy Tacos and Nachos for our son, Cheese Quesadilla for our daughter and momsie.

Next time we will try their burger and Freedom Fries. But we will go back on empty stomachs so we could enjoy munching their foods with no force mode.

Quite pricey, but we went home with happy faces. Mission Accomplished? Yes!

They Deliver:  333-31-31

Contact Information:

  • Address:  Ground Floor, Centrum II Bldg., 150 Valero Street, Salcedo Village, Makati
  • Telephone Number: (02) 553-7920 to 21

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