Malcapuya Island: The Last Invasion in Coron

Malcapuya Island is dubbed as the “Boracay of Palawan” and definitely one of the beautiful islands in the Calamian Group in Coron.


the beautiful Malcapuya Island

Malcapuya is our last destination in our Malcapuya Banana Loop (includes Bulog Dos and Banana Island) island hopping. As we were approaching, here goes again the adrenalin rush. The sand was glistening brightly. Among the three islands, Malcapuya has the longest stretch of beach. But they all have the same powdery creamy white sand and crystal-clear waters.


the breathtaking view at the top of the cliff

I stepped barefooted on the sand to feel its soft texture. I haven’t been to Boracay yet so I can’t compare its sand from here. But I guess it has same texture only that the sand here was creamy, not really white. The long stretch had livened up by palm trees and colorful flags warmly welcoming visitors like us.


Nanay Violeta, owner of Banana Island told us this island was already sold to Eddie Reyes who owned Boracay II. Indeed he was so lucky that he bought the island which sooner or later will be visited by more people as it was getting more popular. I was thankful to him that he was sharing this island to the people. This was more developed than Banana Island as it has more nipa hut cottages and packed by more people. There were party tents along the beachfront.  We saw a white beach house nestled on a hill.  Maybe it was for the owner.

After exploring the beachfront we headed to the other side of the island. It was secluded and surprisingly, sand was much finer than the beachfront. The view was more stunning. Water was so calm and the sound of the gentle waves was so soothing. We enjoyed walking around as we owned the place for few minutes, doing nothing but just savoring the tranquility.


having a good time at the cliff

We headed to the hill and stood in a view deck. The vast azure color of the water was breathtaking. Now I know why Malcapuya was a popular destination here in Coron.   Everywhere you go, the view will surely take your breath away.

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taking rest on our island hopping

We went back to the beachfront and waded on the water.  Our boatmen didn’t bother calling us, so kind of them for letting us consume our precious time swimming here and there. Exhausted, we took refuge on a party tent, sitting like a boss in a mono block. hahaha!

Every island has its own charm and enchantment. Now I know the reason why I loved Palawan so much.  And I’m sure; you will love this wonderful place too.


Boat Rental:  3 islands – Bulog Dos, Banana Island and Malcapuya Island – P3,500

Entrace fee:  P150/head

We indulged ourselves for a dinner treat in Kalamayan Grill to celebrate our last evening in Coron. Food was quite expensive but it was nothing compared to the wonderful adventure we had in this province. The interior ethnic design of the restaurant was so impressive. The chandelier was made of corals and empty bottles. It was a sumptuous dinner. Satisfied, we left the restaurant around 10 p.m.


the impressive bottled chandelier

Before we sleep, me and my hubby stayed a while at the little porch of the guest house. We watched peacefully the flickering lights above the sea and the horizon glistening with million stars. The night was cool, sea breeze was so wonderful. Wish we could stay more just like those foreigners in the guest house who fell in love with Palawan.

But luxury time had ended and we will go back to Manila to work the next day.

Our experience in Coron was truly unforgettable, a blessing indeed. And I could say, we were so lucky enough to explore one of our country’s dream destinations.

Till next time Palawan!

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