Banana Island: Another Breathtaking Island To Explore in Coron

Banana Island is also known as Dicalabuan Island.This is our second destination coming from the unspoiled and amazing Bulog Dos Island. What first greeted us were the colorful flags along the long stretch of creamy white and powdery sand. The island has a touch of little development because it has several nipa huts, picnic tables and comfort rooms compared to Bulog Dos which was devoid of commercialism.


water of Banana Island is so clear and with lots of friendly little fishes

Nipa hut is half open, with bed and electric fan. There is no electricity on the island. A generator is being used to power up lights and fans at night. With the cool breeze coming from the sea, sleeping inside the hut offered a complete relaxation. There are lots of coconut trees around and hammocks for a comfortable nap. I was tempted to pick two big white clamps scattered on the sand. It’s color was comparable to a chalk.


We met the owner of the island, Nanay Violeta Gallego whom I guess was in her early sixties. According to her, Isla de Saging was the original name of Banana Island for it resembled the shape of this fruit if viewed from afar. She had a lot of buyers and offered her a tempting price but she declined the idea of selling the beautiful island which she bought for P35,000 only.


everywhere is a wonder

Later I asked her if we could have a photo together. She immediately removed her pony tail and strikes a sexy pose.Hahaha! Nice woman. We both laughed after our photo shoot. She urged us to explore the whole island to see its beauty. Nanay Violeta was good in entertaining guests.

kameng 4 sa dulo ng banana

kulitan time

My hubby, Froi and Marie hastily immersed themselves to the water and snorkel. Since we were in adventure, I decided to snorkel with no life jacket, only snorkel mask. I was a bit nervous of this idea for I am always equipped with safety provision. Swimming on the sea more than my height gives me a creep. But I really wanted to try this experience just like those foreigners whom we got acquainted in our Coron Loop yesterday.

And so I braved the water all alone. Yepee!


another wonderful spot for picture taking

The water was heavenly clear. Really clean. I got so excited as I mingled with those little fish with long pointed nose. I tried wading farther, but the sea floor sinks down quickly. We were warned before we leave the guest house by Ate Viring not to swim far because of the irregular formation of the sea floor of the island. But my buddies didn’t mind at all. I tried a bit deeper and teased those amazing fish. I was so overwhelmed for my wonderful underwater experience, and dear, with no life jacket. I told you I can do it. hehehe.


see how fine is the sand…

After this activity, we explored around. We discovered there were many amazing spots on the island. Later we had the place exclusively for us. And we enjoyed more taking pictures and walking on the shoreline.

Same with Bulog Dos, these two islands are perfect place for a total relaxation. What we missed out on this meaningful adventure is the sunset and sunrise experience for we only have one day island hopping tour.  I wanted to stay for few more hours, but the call from our boatmen forced us to leave the island.

We headed to our next destination, into the famous Malcapuya Island.


P200 – Entrance fee for two islands/no charge for picnic table

P1,000 – Overnight stay in nipa hut


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